1. hot garbage
    The Department of Sanitation Has an Oddly Excellent TikTokIt’s full of googly-eyed snowplow trucks and earnest charm.
  2. reviews
    Let’s Take a Closer Look at Armie Hammer’s Time-shares, Shall We?The décor casts a threatening aura.
  3. celebrity real estate
    Why Do the Men of SNL Live in Such Horrifying Apartments?Live from New York … wow, this is kind of a dump, huh?
  4. branding
    Disney Comes for the West Elm ParentsFor the discerning buyer who wants every surface in the house covered in Mickey merch … but in a classy way.
  5. whaaa?
    Meet Rampage, the Threatening Little Monster Targeting Vaccine-Hesitant BoomersThe almost confoundingly aggressive cartoon looks like he crawled out of an Eric Carle book.