1. coworking
    Who Is Even Renting Space in WeWork Right Now?We spoke to five New Yorkers who are.
  2. spooky
    We Spoke to the NYC Woman Who Found a Whole Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror“I was kind of expecting there to be somebody.”
  3. brick and mortar
    Pearl River Mart Isn’t Closing After AllThe new Soho location will be its sixth in 50 years.
  4. plant based
    A Vegan Community Fridge at a Boxing Gym?No drinking raw eggs here.
  5. license to fill
    4 NYC Street Food Vendors on Finally Getting a Shot at Their Own PermitEven the waiting list to get one has been closed since 2007.
  6. hudson riviera
    There’s Going to Be a Beach in New York’s Meatpacking DistrictSunbathing at the end of Gansevoort, coming 2023.
  7. the new wfh
    There’s a New Bidding War For the Studio Next DoorWell-off New Yorkers covet an office down the hall.
  8. evictions
    Thousands in Rent Debt, No End In Sight: Five New Yorkers’ Stories“I feel like if COVID doesn’t kill me, the stress will.”
  9. street fights
    On an LES Block, One’s Got to Go: Streeteries, Construction, or CarsGuess which one the DOT picked.
  10. public space
    New Union Square Plan Takes Over Streets to Make a Bigger, Greener ParkThe $100M proposal would make the area more pedestrian-friendly.
  11. streeteries
    A Look Inside the New Uber Eats–Funded Streeteries in HarlemLocal designers and artists teamed up to create custom structures for six Black-owned businesses.
  12. streeteries
    This NYC Streetery is Going to Clobber BicyclistsIts many doors open directly into a bike lane.
  13. streeteries
    Industry City Has the Biggest Streetery YetHow will they keep it warm?
  14. the group portrait
    Los Deliveristas Unidos, the Essential Workers of TakeoutOrganizing the delivery workers who keep much of the city fed.
  15. it’s cold inside
    New York Kids Will Be Shivering In Class All WinterWindows open, pencils up.
  16. vacancies
    Spite-Watching the Rent Fall on Your Old NYC ApartmentSomeone else is going to get it for less, dammit.
  17. public art watch
    At Inwood’s Dyckman Farmhouse, an Illuminating Reminder From Artist Reggie BlackThree blunt words about slavery in New York.
  18. relief
    New York Needs a Place to Pee in Public So BadIt’s a decades-long problem.
  19. streeteries
    Oh, Great: The Wind Flipped a Streetery Into the Middle of First AvenueThis doesn’t bode well for the winter, does it?
  20. street fights
    People in COVID Testing Lines Are Turning on Each OtherLine-cutters, it turns out, aren’t treated kindly by those waiting six hours for a nose swab.
  21. cityscape
    What You Need to Know Now About the Upper West Side Homeless-Shelters SagaThe latest: A judge ruled that the city is allowed to transfer the over 200 Lucerne Hotel residents to the Radisson in the Financial District.
  22. the people’s princess
    That Time I Walked Princess Diana Through the Henry Street Settlement in 1989“I didn’t get a chance to be nervous.”
  23. taking a cut
    Howard Wolfson Among the (Unlikely) Investors Keeping Astor Hair OpenThe 75-year-old barbershop will no longer be family run.
  24. ho ho ho
    The Rockefeller Center Tree Is Just Fine. It Starts Out This Way Every Year.In previous years, it was just as janky-looking till the lights went on.
  25. best of craigslist
    The Viral Pig Ad Is Fake. The Couch Is Real. We Spoke to Both Creators.A visit to “liminal space” Craigslist.
  26. streeteries
    What Happens When Snowplows Meet StreeteriesRestaurateurs brace for the bleak winter ahead.
  27. the cityscape
    Meet NYC’s First Professional Streetery BuildersOutdoor dining isn’t going anywhere, so construction firms are getting in on the action.
  28. neighborhood news
    Waiting for the Amtrak President, Covid on Staten Island, and Other NewsWeekly roundup of the important — and unimportant — NYC news you should know about from this week.
  29. streeteries
    Is It Really an Open-Air Restaurant If It Has Walls and a Roof?And other questions about winterized streeteries, answered.
  30. neighborhood news
    Astor Hair Is Closing, Rat-Skeleton Rain, and Other NewsThe important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  31. neighborhood news
    Manhattan Rents Drop, Stray Pig Busts Into a Brooklyn Backyard, and Other NewsThe important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  32. streeteries
    Inside the Bubbles: Everything You Need to Know About Those Plastic Dining TentsDo they count as outdoor dining?
  33. neighborhood news
    Another Challenge to Evictions Pause Fails, Van Halen Avenue, and Other NewsHere’s what’s going on around town this week.
  34. problem solving
    Renegotiating Your Rent (Or Finding a Better Deal)Tips from experts and tenants on how to upgrade or renegotiate the terms of your lease.
  35. the real estate
    A Stucco Mansion in Prospect Park South With Two Balconies and a Cutting GardenThe historic residence is one-third neo-Tudor, one-third Colonial Revival, and one-third Spanish mission.