What You Need to Know Now About the Upper West Side Homeless-Shelters Saga

The latest: A judge ruled that the city is allowed to transfer the over 200 Lucerne Hotel residents to the Radisson in the Financial District.
  1. New York’s Approval System for New Building Is a Recipe for Mediocrity In Gowanus, we’re dredging for an idea everyone can live with.
  2. The Remaining Rockettes on Their Spectacular-less Christmas “Our kick lines look the same, but we are doing them socially distanced.”
  3. From Community Organizer to the Ultimate Insider Kathy Wylde, the longtime head of the Partnership for New York City, has a message for today’s young socialists.
  4. The Look Book Goes to The Chelsea Flea After a nearly nine-month closure, the 44-year-old market is back.
  5. For Millions Facing Eviction, There’s a Lot Riding on Trump’s Lame-Duck Period Just one more thing to worry about before January 20th.
  6. Developer Honors Dorothy Parker With Building She Would Have Been Evicted From Builders seldom make passes at writers’ broke asses.
  7. Should Parking Snitches Get Riches? A new bill would give New Yorkers a 25 percent cut of fines for tattling on illegally parked cars.
  8. Nobody Wants to Buy Trump’s D.C. Hotel No one wants to buy a hotel right now, and especially not this one.
  9. Curfews Will Do Almost Nothing to Stop the Spread of COVID The virus doesn’t know what time of day it is.
  10. Will You Someday Want to Live on Rikers Island? Once new jails rise elsewhere, the island could become a built-from-scratch neighborhood.
  11. How Do You Chop 20 Stories Off a Too-Tall Building? The tower at 200 Amsterdam may have to come partway down.
  12. The MTA Has a Non-Choice: Risk the Health of New Yorkers or Lose Tons of Money Mostly empty trains allow safe distancing, and cost billions.
  13. It’s Not Your Imagination: Manhattan Rents Really Have Fallen a Lot And it’s likely to continue for a while.
  14. Why Did Rockaway’s Community Fridge Get Dragged out to Sea? A mutual-aid mystery.
  15. A Crane Picked Up Another Crane and Put It On Top of Tiffany & Co. A real-life Tonka moment.
  16. Flowers Win Over Towers (for Now) in Shade Lawsuit A judge has paused plans for two 39-story buildings that would starve the Brooklyn Botanic Garden of sunlight.
  17. A Pandemic Winter Is Coming to New York, and It’s Going to Be Unimaginably Hard During the last surge, New Yorkers could at least spend a lot of time outdoors.
  18. Staten Island’s Ballpark Is Too Nice to Go to Waste The Staten Island Yankees are no more. Here’s hoping their ballpark survives.
  19. What America’s First Ad Hoc COVID Memorials Look Like From white flags in D.C. to red felt roses in Los Angeles.
  20. Only 15,000 People Met New York’s Criteria for Rent Relief More than 1.3 million New Yorkers statewide are at risk of eviction.
  21. Perking Up the Plywood: Artists Get Their Hands on the City’s Streeteries From mirror mosaics to sprawling murals.
  22. Will Queens Activists Flush Yet Another Luxury Development? There’s a new fight over a swath of undeveloped waterfront land in Flushing.
  23. California’s Gas-Car Ban Could Go Nationwide — But Still Doesn’t Go Far Enough It’ll take more leverage than even one huge state can apply, and it has to happen much faster than 2035.
  24. South Brooklyn Is on the Verge of Electing a QAnon Supporter A follower of the feverish conspiracy theory QAnon is currently leading an Assembly race for a historically blue seat in South Brooklyn.
  25. An Architecture Critic Looks at Four Seasons Total Landscaping It’s the perfect backdrop: Trump’s political run, begun on a golden escalator, ends in a razor-wire parking lot next to a sex shop.
  26. The MTA Needs Saving, But Can Joe Biden Be Its Savior? It needs a federal bailout, but a Republican Senate would make that harder.
  27. Uber and Lyft Just Bought a Law in California The companies spent $200 million to pass Proposition 22, which establishes gig-economy drivers as a new employment class.
  28. 11 NYC Infrastructure Projects a Biden Administration Should Fund Amtrak is just the beginning.
  29. In the Midst of All This, Cuomo Put Out Another Eviction Order What better time to drop an executive order affecting thousands of eviction cases than Election Night?
  30. Your Anti-Anxiety Recommendation Today Is Watching a Guy Unclog Storm Drains Feel your agitation disappear down the pipes.
  31. New York City’s New Congressional Class Really Believes in Affordable Housing Expect plenty of new bills aimed at making renting in the city less painful.
  32. An Architecture Critic Just Won a State Senate Seat in Pennsylvania The DSA’s Nikil Saval, former editor-in-chief of n+1, knows his cities.
  33. How Joe Biden Can Be the Amtrak President New York Needs Start with a new Hudson River tunnel and build from there.
  34. To Board Up or Not to Board Up: Soho Small-Business Owners Face Election Day “Once burned, twice wary,” says one owner.
  35. The Look Book Goes to the Polls Election workers ushered in hundreds of early voters to the Barclays Center.
  36. Cities Are Preparing for Election Night Protests With Curfews and Plywood Boarding up windows, locking down, and anticipating an unsettled outcome.
  37. Is It Really an Open-Air Restaurant If It Has Walls and a Roof? And other questions about winterized streeteries, answered.
  38. Are Any Small Shop-Owners Excited About the New ‘Streetail’ Program? Some are more skeptical than others.
  39. Astor Hair Is Closing, Rat-Skeleton Rain, and Other News The important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  40. I Waited So Long for This Target Store to Open That I Don’t Want It Anymore It took over a decade for L.A. to pave a strip mall and put up a parking lot.
  41. Are There Really Billions of Dollars in Sandy Aid to Help NYCHA Fight COVID? Turns out the money is spoken for and is being spent on a fairly inflexible schedule.
  42. Your Latest Nightmare: How Does a Sidewalk Just Collapse and Swallow a Guy Up? Oh, great.
  43. The Look Book Goes to the Hudson Yards Equinox Where members were working out on treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines under a tent.
  44. The Most Notorious Property-Tax Underpayers in California Proposition 15, which would level the field, is a 50-50 shot to pass on Election Day.
  45. Manhattan Rents Drop, Stray Pig Busts Into a Brooklyn Backyard, and Other News The important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  46. Stoop-to-Stoop: A Week of Curbside Finds From a Stooping Pro “I was looking for a cup of coffee, but instead stumbled upon this really nice desk.”
  47. Trump Keeps Talking About ‘Tiny Windows,’ And No One Knows What He Means Make fenestration great again?
  48. Two New Office Buildings Open, When Nobody’s Going to the Office Millions of new square feet. Pretty good architecture. Is anyone going to rent it?
  49. Where Could the City Squeeze New Housing Into Soho? The exclusive neighborhood could see thousands of new apartments — some of them “affordable” — if the city gets its way.
  50. It Came From New York Disco. The freak show. Neoconservatism. Q-tips. They all started in the world’s most creative, inventive city.
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