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How New York Ruined Its Summer Vacation

Options include: Floral displays, TikTok influencers, and Alan Dershowitz.
  1. This Woman Is TikTok’s No. 1 Spotted-Lanternfly Influencer Someone has to do it.
  2. Rat Infestation? Leaky Ceiling? Good Luck in Court Tenants say judges are taking too long to order landlord repairs since the pandemic began.
  3. At Last, Congestion Pricing Fee Previews Some numbers to fuel the battle.
  4. ‘They’re Destroying an Artists’ Block’: Locals on the Vornado Penn Station Plan A furrier, a circus school, and other shops on the big changes coming to their block.
  5. Westworld Has Become West Side World Present-day New York, with a few digital additions, was perfectly suitable as a dystopian set.
  6. Magda Sawon Is Always Too Early The co-founder of Postmasters Gallery answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  7. Training the Next Generation of Shop Owners Is Key to Chinatown’s Survival Takeaways from a new report on the pandemic impact and future of the neighborhood.
  8. The Department of Sanitation Has an Oddly Excellent TikTok It’s full of googly-eyed snowplow trucks and earnest charm.
  9. Eric Adams vs. New York’s Greatest Boat Ride Pay the Staten Island Ferry staff, please.
  10. It’s Hot Garbage Month Curbed looks at the curb.
  11. Eastern Parkway Was Never Meant to Be a Highway The case for making the street more like the pleasure road Frederick Law Olmsted intended.
  12. What If We Stole the West Side Highway for Bikes? Closing down a car lane, adding a bike lane.
  13. Chella Man Wants to Redesign Headphones As Armor The artist and activist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  14. Never Look at Someone While They’re Locking Their Bike They are vulnerable. And sweaty.
  15. Rat Dinnertime May Be Pushed Back by 4 Hours What is this, Europe?
  16. It’s Actually Good News That Google Bought the Thompson Center Helmut Jahn’s iconic Chicago building now has a chance at being preserved.
  17. Get In, Losers, We’re Moving to Montague Street The block is heating up.
  18. Waterline Square Is Better Than We Had a Right to Expect The last piece of Riverside South clicks into place.
  19. Why Is It So Hard to Buy a Copy of the Times? Once ubiquitous, now surprisingly tough to find.
  20. Qualeasha Wood Wants to Get Crab Legs With Cardi B. The textile artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  21. All These Sharks Is Actually Good News A shark expert explains.
  22. A Bike Lane Built for a Car Crash Why did L.A.’s 6th Street Bridge turn into just another altar to the automobile?
  23. The French-Bulldog Drama That You Needed The situation has spiraled.
  24. The Weed Merchants of Washington Square Park “We try to keep this very professional, seven days a week, as a business.”
  25. We’ve Surrendered the Subway to the Flood The water is winning.
  26. What to Do With a Crumbling Church West Park Presbyterian wants to demolish its deteriorating landmark building. We asked an architecture firm for a plan to keep it standing.
  27. Design Gallerist Jean Lin Used to Bedazzle Skullcaps for J. Lo The owner of Colony answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  28. The Second Amendment Takes Aim At the First It’s shutting down New Yorkers’ right to public space.
  29. 52 Empty School Buses Drove to Ted Cruz’s House The mobile memorial is visiting NRA-funded politicians to remind them of the 4,368 U.S. children murdered by gun violence since 2020.
  30. Defending a Soho Abortion Clinic How one reproductive rights collective directly confronts the religious anti-abortion group trying to interrupt Planned Parenthood
  31. Caroline Calloway’s ‘$3,000’ ‘Murano-Glass’ Chandelier Is Probably Neither “Murano”? Maybe no.
  32. Storming the Hamptons A weekend of protests, featuring private planes and bewildered J.Crew customers.
  33. At 90, James Wines Never Goes a Day Without Drawing The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  34. NYCHA Delays E-Bike Ban As Delivery Workers Push Back “You are forcing them to choose between their work and their home.”
  35. The Look Book Goes to a Manhattan Yacht Party On a recent Saturday night, guests left Pier 40 for Pure on the Hudson, an annual all-white-outfit-themed dinner cruise and dance party.
  36. The NYPD Changed Its Fitness-Test Requirements And some cops are upset about it.
  37. Why Is No One Talking About This Bike Lane in Westworld? I need people to be talking about it.
  38. Fleet of Tiny Street Sweepers Coming to a Bike Lane Near You Cute.
  39. The Lobby Newsstand Could be the Future of Abortion People lease federal land to sell chips and drill for oil. Why not a clinic?
  40. Obama Blames Liberal NIMBYs for the Housing Crisis Too At the American Institute of Architects’ 2022 convention, he criticized “bipartisan resistance” to affordable, mixed-income housing.
  41. Inside Olympic Tower, Where Foreign Billionaires Have Long Flocked The midtown high-rise is ideal for those who’d rather not do much of anything themselves.
  42. Walking the Mall With Alexandra Lange The architecture critic and Meet Me by the Fountain author sizes up her local food court.
  43. Ruoyi Jiang Hates the Lower East Side’s Bad Public Art The founder of Chop Suey Club answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  44. Eric Adams Tracks Homeless Encampments on a Google Doc It’s his “system,” and he gets mad when police don’t use it.
  45. The Look Book Goes to a WNBA Game On a recent Sunday at Barclays Center, we spoke to fans moments after the Chicago Sky beat the New York Liberty.
  46. Dario Calmese Misses His Jean Paul Gaultier Corset The artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  47. Can Dumbo’s Selfie Street Handle Another Attraction? Performance artists and TikTok influencers will have to learn to share the cobblestones.
  48. Hoboken Hasn’t Had a Traffic Death in 4 Years. What’s It Doing Right? For starters: Street corners rebuilt for visibility, and decisive politicians.
  49. The Weed World Trucks Are Apparently Terrible at Parking According to this week’s impound rate.
  50. How I Found the New Roof Park at Pier 57 The city’s newest public park tries to be everything at once and ends up feeling like a private space.
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