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Storied and Sordid: The History of Jeffrey Epstein’s Just-Sold Mansion

Whoever bought it will be only the second real occupant.
  1. Wait Long Enough and Almost Anything Shows Up on Facebook’s Buy Nothing Groups Are you decluttering, recluttering, or both?
  2. The Look Book Goes to S&T Auto Body A Friday morning at the 46-year-old car-repair shop in the Bronx’s Little Italy.
  3. 6 Knicks Fans Describe What the First Game Back Was Like “I came home and said to my wife, ‘I had three and a half hours of feeling normal.’”
  4. How We’ll Be Able to Hear Live Music This Summer Lincoln Center and other institutions embrace the distanced outdoor concert.
  5. Pearl River Mart Isn’t Closing After All The new Soho location will be its sixth in 50 years.
  6. The Other Side of Rent Debt: Five Small-Time Landlords Who Are Stuck “The building will still be standing, but I won’t be.”
  7. Awol Erizku Brings His Afrocentric Symbolic Universe to NYC’s Bus Shelters Courtesy of a new Public Art Fund exhibition.
  8. A Vegan Community Fridge at a Boxing Gym? No drinking raw eggs here.
  9. Would You Want to Live in a Mid-Century Office Tower on East 38th Street? We asked an architectural firm to game out a (theoretical) conversion.
  10. Why Did Texas’s Energy Grid Fail So Spectacularly? Bad weather and bad policy.
  11. The High-Tech Upgrades of the Pandemic Office Are Mostly for Show Thermal scanners, UV lights, and fewer grout lines won’t save us.
  12. Maya Wiley, the Crisis Candidate She believes a traumatized city deserves a progressive mayor — and she is certain she’d be better at it than her former boss Bill de Blasio.
  13. The Look Book Goes to Junior Rangers Practice On a Saturday morning at the Learn to Play program at Prospect Park, where children 10 and under were slip-sliding on the ice.
  14. A Q.A. Q&A: Quemuel Arroyo, the MTA’s New Accessibility Chief The agency’s first CAO says he hears a lot of support within the MTA, but “I need to make a cultural shift here.”
  15. Cuomo Will Allow 4,000 Sports Fans Per Night to Expose Themselves to COVID Basketball and hockey will return, with masks and required tests.
  16. Change Is Coming to the McGraw-Hill Building’s Fantastic Deco Lobby. Or Is It? Preservationists sound the alarm; architects swear they’re not trashing a treasure.
  17. Here’s a Handsome Solution to New York’s Bike-Parking Crisis Oonee’s pods can securely store seven bikes in one car’s worth of parking.
  18. Could the Florida Water-Supply Hacking Happen in New York City? Good news: There are a lot of checks and tests that go on here. But that doesn’t mean we’re careful enough.
  19. Scott Stringer Has Big Ideas About Your Street And your sidewalk, and your commute. A first look at his comprehensive transit plan.
  20. The MTA Put Back the Benches at the 23rd Street Station The tweet about removing them to deter homeless people was, apparently, “in error.”
  21. Trump’s D.C. Hotel Wants to Charge QAnon Supporters $1,745 for a Room Will they pay? Depends on what Q says.
  22. Murals on 9 City Buildings Will Help You Process Your Pandemic Feelings “How we’re experiencing this time is something we’ll be unpacking for years to come.”
  23. If Your City Were Really Dying, You Probably Wouldn’t Know Visiting Annalee Newitz’s Four Lost Cities.
  24. I Cannot Decide If I Love or Hate This Sink-Reviews TikTok Sink Reviews, reviewed.
  25. Here’s Everyone Running for New York City Mayor (So Far) Forty plus and counting.
  26. What Are Those Purple Pantries Popping Up Around Central Brooklyn? “There’s joy in fruit snacks. There’s joy in the little things.”
  27. The Look Book Goes to a 24/7 Vaccination Center We chatted with people who got late-night appointments — between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. — at 125 Worth Street.
  28. The Tower Replacing the Grand Hyatt Is an Absolute Behemoth One more big shadow over Grand Central.
  29. GRT Architects Designs Streeteries That Can Outlast the Pandemic Outdoor dining spaces at Cote, Don Angie, and Quality Eats demonstrate how the firm is experimenting.
  30. The Nightmare Share She posted an ad for a roommate. What’s the worst that could happen?
  31. Turns Out Robinhood, Wall Street’s Nemesis, Wants to Move to New York After a year of explosive growth, Robinhood needs more office space.
  32. How to Vaccinate Everybody: The Same Way the Census Counts Us Get close to the ground, and the job gets done more equitably.
  33. Even Before COVID, Superstar Cities Were Shrinking In London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York, the population is steady or falling. But that doesn’t mean they’re in trouble.
  34. Lawsuit Against Zoom Meetings Could Derail the Gowanus Rezoning (and Much More) The challenge, if successful, could create a legal opening to stall developments.
  35. Barge Full of Gowanus Sludge Sinks Into Gowanus Sludge Toxic material dredged up from the canal is now at the bottom of the nearby bay.
  36. Trump-Branded Buildings in Manhattan Have Lost 21 Percent of Their Value An indication that the gold-plated name has become a toxic asset.
  37. What Does Polly Trottenberg’s NYC DOT Tell Us About What She’ll Do in D.C.? Trottenberg moved the needle forward on street safety, but some say she could have done more.
  38. The MTA Has a New Citywide Memorial for Its Workers Lost to COVID-19 “It’s so important for New Yorkers to understand the price that has been paid by so many.”
  39. Upper East Siders Embrace a Homeless Shelter, Unlike Their Crosstown Neighbors “No fanfare, no problem. The men can stay,” said one local official.
  40. Huh, the Port Authority Bus Terminal Could Get Less Bad Opening in 2031 (est.).
  41. Thousands in Rent Debt, No End In Sight: Five New Yorkers’ Stories “I feel like if COVID doesn’t kill me, the stress will.”
  42. On an LES Block, One’s Got to Go: Streeteries, Construction, or Cars Guess which one the DOT picked.
  43. New Union Square Plan Takes Over Streets to Make a Bigger, Greener Park The $100M proposal would make the area more pedestrian-friendly.
  44. John Wilson’s Favorite Spots in Ridgewood Chicken pupusas, a special occasion strip club, and a used bookstore with great coffee.
  45. Is a High Line Extension Really What We Need on the Far West Side? Even if improving pedestrian access is the point, levitating over the city is not the solution.
  46. Looks Like the Rich Aren’t Abandoning New York After All High-end Manhattan apartments are finally moving again.
  47. A Look Inside the New Uber Eats–Funded Streeteries in Harlem Local designers and artists teamed up to create custom structures for six Black-owned businesses.
  48. The Look Book Goes to Grand Central Terminal On a much quieter than usual morning, we spoke to commuters, and even a few tourists, who were passing through.
  49. Andrew Yang, Who Is Absolutely a New Yorker, Went to His New York Deli “I love bodegas.”
  50. Being a Trump Is a Liability Now – Even If You’ve Sued Donald Fred Trump III was asked to leave his position at Cushman & Wakefield.
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