Maybe Manhattan Needed a Beach

The Gansevoort Peninsula is a sweet, sandy little respite.
  1. What Was Trump Tower? His co-star, his political launch pad, his longest-term companion.
  2. Scenes From a Flooded New York Subway evacuations, school day chaos, a missing mayor, and at least one fugitive sea lion.
  3. How to Fake-Own the New Yorker Hotel A fraudster got himself a rent-stabilized lease at the Hell’s Kitchen landmark. Then he tried to take it over.
  4. A $50,000 Permit May Have Killed the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade But there may still be hope for your bichon frise dressed as Oppenheimer.
  5. Light-Drenched Offices Fill the Shell of Domino Sugar A refinery with a dirty past, spotlessly reimagined.
  6. Eric Adams’s Big Housing Plan Is 100 Small Ideas in a Trenchcoat A lot of them are good. But can he push them through neighborhood resistance?
  7. Listening In At News Corp A few hours after the news broke that Rupert Murdoch would be stepping down.
  8. Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Golf-Infused’ Midtown Bar An entire block filled with golf simulators and New York’s largest indoor TV.
  9. Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World Was in Queens A museum to a cultural legend emphasizes his unpretentious life at home.
  10. Zombie Renovations Are Coming Landlords are claiming that work completed decades ago is grounds to take a building out of rent regulation. What’s a tenant supposed to do?
  11. A Brief Oral History of a Muddy Burning Man “We were teasing this camp of furries next to us all week long. Turns out they saved our lives.”
  12. Need Housing? Need a Rail Line? Stack Them Up. Studio V’s proposal for a Borough Park rail cut.
  13. The Trashy, Freaky, DIY East Village Scene That Birthed Modern Drag Where RuPaul, Lady Bunny, and Lypsinka got their start.
  14. New York City’s 15,000 (and Counting) Private Pools Over the past 50 years, developers have been on a pool-construction spree while the city has built just a handful.
  15. Ask an Airbnb Host If You Can Rent Their Apartment With a little convincing, that soon-to-be de-listed garden unit could be yours.
  16. 4 Precarious Plots on Fifth Avenue A construction project has become a nightmare for the neighbors.
  17. The Look Book Goes to the U.S. Open We chatted with tennisgoers at the American Express Fan Experience tent.
  18. Airbnb Hosts Are Feeling Abandoned As the city prepares to crack down on short-term rentals, the hosts say the company is out of its depth.
  19. 8 Especially Excellent New Shops The best of the many stores that have popped up around the city lately.
  20. VanMoofers After the Bankruptcy Will the Dutch e-bike’s acquisition by a new company be enough to restore riders’ faith?
  21. Inside the City’s Gleaming New Performance Cube The Perelman Performing Arts Center is a standout at the reconstructed World Trade Center site. Will people come?
  22. The Look Book Goes to East Hampton Library’s Authors Night More than 2,000 people showed up at the annual fundraiser to meet everyone from Misty Copeland to Robert Caro.
  23. Atelier Jolie Has Been Defaced The former Basquiat studio turned Angelina Jolie concept project has been painted pink.
  24. It’s Not a Chess Club. It’s Club Chess. The game of kings has become an unlikely downtown craze.
  25. ‘Just Befriend the Doorman and Don’t Arouse Suspicion’ E-bike riders are sneaking past their buildings’ bans with flattery (and sometimes deception).
  26. How Fort Greene Park Got Fenced In To maintain its grass, my local park was carved up by wooden posts and caution tape.
  27. What If Wind Turbines Got a Makeover? From Western New York to Ocean City, New Jersey, fights against wind farms often begin with how they look.
  28. Is There a Serial Killer Stalking the Brooklyn Mirage? Or maybe this EDM club is just too big and messy.
  29. New York Is Overrun by Rats and Feral Cats And yet.
  30. A Treatment Program Kept Binzai From Killing Himself, But Now It’s in Peril A staff and funding shortage threatens the future of a mental-health lifeline for Chinese immigrants.
  31. Noise Horror Stories From Our Readers Readers respond to Curbed’s Noise Week.
  32. Why Subway Surfers Find It So Hard to Quit After four surfing deaths this year, Michael stopped. But so many kids he knows are still chasing the high.
  33. They Tried to Make a ‘New Hamptons’ The New York Post chose the unsuspecting town of Atlantic Beach.
  34. The Candy Sellers The lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  35. Vlogging and Rapping Through the Kai Cenat Giveaway in Union Square “I already knew it was going to be chaos because his fan group is just too strong.”
  36. Redesigning the Siren What if the piercing sound of emergency vehicles was replaced by something else altogether?
  37. A Woman Screaming Blood of Christ and 5 a.m. Construction Six noise horror stories.
  38. The Noise Next Door Tyquan Pleasant knocked on his neighbor’s door to ask her to stop the ear-shattering music and banging. Shaun Pyles heard a threat.
  39. What’s That New Glass Building Attached to the Old Met Life Tower? One Madison Avenue will house offices for IBM and a Daniel Boulud steakhouse.
  40. Arline Bronzaft Will Talk to Your Noisy Neighbor “I deal with sex. I deal with crime. It goes beyond noise.”
  41. Rudy Giuliani Is Selling His Upper East Side Co-op The corner three-bedroom has lots of original details if a buyer can get past the fact that it was once raided by the FBI.
  42. Voguing Through the Pain at O’Shae Sibley’s Memorial Hundreds gathered at the vigil for the dancer, whose killing has been charged as a hate crime.
  43. Barely Surviving the Sounds of New York City Hyperacusis is a rare medical condition that can make ordinary noises painful. Rarer still — having it and living in Manhattan.
  44. A Basement Housing Bill Killed by Conspiracists Huntington seemed poised to legalize ADUs. Then things got weird.
  45. The Last Painted Doors of Ridgewood Faux wood graining is an architectural quirk of the neighborhood. And a dying trade.
  46. The Most Instagrammed Bench in Brooklyn Dumbo’s highly photogenic intersection at Water and Washington gets seating designed by Bjarke Ingels.
  47. The Two Newest Luxury Towers Are a Mood Charcoal and bronze dominate at Brooklyn’s tallest building and Adjaye’s latest.
  48. The Look Book Goes to the Blade Aqua Lounge Passengers were on their way to the Hamptons, via helicopter and seaplane, for a long weekend.
  49. ‘We Can’t Sleep Because of the Worry’ Overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel, where hundreds of migrants are still waiting for somewhere to go.
  50. What Dan Doctoroff Built Under Mayor Bloomberg, the power broker remade the city with astonishing speed. Now, as New York is again mired in crisis, he faces his own.
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