Is New York’s Crypto-Mining Moratorium the Start of a Trend?

The two-year ban is the first of its kind, possibly not the last.
  1. The Look Book Goes to Kathy Hochul’s Election Night Party The governor and fellow New York Democrats hosted a crowd of hundreds at Capitale as the midterm results came in.
  2. The Six-Way Race for One New York Casino License And a closer look at the Hudson Yards option.
  3. The Upper East Side Is Thrilled at Barnes & Noble’s Return Which tells us something about what a neighborhood needs (besides books).
  4. The Great G-Wagen Sell-Off A looming recession and a crypto crash seem to be driving many to offload their status-symbol SUVs at deep discounts.
  5. GM Is Fixing Busted Teslas Now About 11,000 of them so far, according to GM’s president.
  6. There Is Too Much Weed Stockpiled in New York Right Now Cannabis farmers say they’re struggling to keep their crops fresh while retail licenses get off the ground.
  7. The University of California Strike Has Been 50 Years in the Making An obscure 1978 property-tax law helps explain why nearly 50,000 grad workers walked out.
  8. What Happens When You House More Than 1,000 Refugees on a Cruise Ship? Lessons for New York from Rotterdam’s six-month experiment.
  9. Listening In Outside the Spence School Parents were highly concerned about RSV, Thanksgiving plans, and after-school activities.
  10. When Caves Were Avant-Garde Architecture At the Noguchi Museum, the joys (and damp) of living below grade.
  11. A Sealed-Up Midtown Arcade Opens Back Up to the City With a lush new Snøhetta-designed garden, 550 Madison finally has an exceptional privately owned public space.
  12. Out of Horror, Beauty: A Visit to the New Sandy Hook Memorial “It was worth the wait.”
  13. The Many Intrigues of the Hamptons’ Most Secretive Island A new documentary short explores the mysteries of Gardiner’s Island — and the family behind it.
  14. Eric Adams Closes His Big Tent on Randall’s Island Migrants are moving to hotels, which is what many advocates asked for in the first place.
  15. Can Transit Ambassadors Make the Subway Safer Just by Being There? Los Angeles and other cities are trying to find out if better customer service offers an alternative to policing.
  16. Norman Foster’s Skyscrapers Are Perfect for the City That Just Disappeared An impeccable space for office work arrives with everything—except a guarantee of office work.
  17. The Look Book Goes to a Democratic-Socialist Convention In a church on the Upper East Side, the NYC-DSA recently gathered to decide on its plans for 2023.
  18. The Democrats’ Election Night Party in Chinatown Was Actually Fun “NY Dems get down! Put that on the record!”
  19. Listening In Outside Twitter’s New York Office A few days after layoffs began.
  20. What Neighborhoods Went for Lee Zeldin? A micro-breakdown of Tuesday night’s results.
  21. The Embattled Women of the FDNY The FDNY’s first woman commissioner puts its gender gap in relief.
  22. Stephen Burks Wants to Finish a 20-Year-Old Conversation With Fran Lebowitz The industrial designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  23. The Jersey City Realtor Who Wishes There Were More Condos “We currently have nothing for people to buy, whatsoever. But there’s plenty more room to develop.”
  24. Seoul’s Itaewon Nightlife District Was Built for Tragedy A decade of unchecked development crowded the already narrow alleys where more than 150 people were killed on Halloween weekend.
  25. There’s a Campaign-Sign War Happening in Brooklyn According to at least three people.
  26. The Department of Buildings Seems Like a Mess Right Now The Buildings commissioner was just interviewed in relation to an illegal gambling investigation, and that’s just the half of it.
  27. Keeping It Weird at 550 Madison The former AT&T/Sony tower gets a few of its spikier details sanded off but retains a lot of its Johnsonian strangeness.
  28. Why One Chinatown Mini-mall Languishes While Another Thrives On East Broadway, one shopping center has become an art-and-fashion destination. It isn’t just the cheap rent.
  29. Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Ferry May Be Full of Asbestos and Roaches According to its former captain.
  30. David Korins Keeps a Hand-Drawn Sketch by Alexander Hamilton in His Closet The creative director of Beetlejuice and Hamilton answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  31. ‘Once I Decorate a House, It Becomes a Competition on the Block’ Talking to the man who makes the Upper East Side’s Halloween extravaganzas.
  32. The Look Book Goes to a Dinner at MoMA PS1 For three nights, the popular Bed-Stuy Nigerian restaurant Dept of Culture Brooklyn took up residence at the Queens museum.
  33. Mike Davis Was Right About the fires in Malibu, the hostile approach to urban planning, the inequality crushing Los Angeles.
  34. New York Is Not the Country’s Top Rat City We’re No. 2.
  35. Listening In at the New York Film Festival The Eavesdropper hung around outside Lincoln Center.
  36. The Driving Instructor to New York’s Teen Elite “If these walls could talk in this car, oh my God.”
  37. The MTA Is ‘Completely Obsessed’ With Reopening Its Bathrooms Starting with just eight, to be exact.
  38. Wet Leaves Are the Enemy of the Suburban Commuter But laser trains could be the solution.
  39. Rosalie Genevro Wants to Redesign the City’s Diners and Coffee Shops The outgoing executive director of the Architectural League answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  40. Plywood Gourmet How thousands of restaurants speedily, messily, and probably permanently took over the street.
  41. The Last-Ditch Effort to Save the United Order of Tents’ Bed-Stuy Headquarters A bureaucratic hurdle over tax and vacancy laws threatens the survival of this Black history site.
  42. Listening In at Goldman Sachs Well, just outside their lobby. In our new series, The Eavesdropper, we visit ultraspecific spots to see what people are chattering about.
  43. The Randalls Island Migrant Shelter Is Looking a Lot Less Temporary “There is no limit to how long people that are seeking asylum can stay in this facility.”
  44. ‘I Didn’t Pick This Height’ A review of the FAA’s extremely lively public-comment period on airplane-seat dimensions.
  45. Everywhere and Nowhere All at Once at BravoCon Thousands of fans descended on Manhattan for BravoCon, but they could have been anywhere else.
  46. The Billionaire Behind New York’s Most Luxe Hotel Vladislav Doronin’s ambitious, contentious journey from Leningrad to Aman New York.
  47. There Are So Many Good New Stores in New York Over the last few months, there’s been an influx of especially-excellent spots.
  48. Joyce Szuflita Is Brooklyn’s School-Admissions Whisperer “No, shut up. Shut up and listen to me. You’re not going to get everything you need to know.”
  49. Mario Gooden Holds On to All of His Early Mac Computers The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  50. The Look Book Goes to Gramercy Park Hotel’s Liquidation Sale Those nostalgic for the hotel’s glory days fought over Champagne buckets and beds at its monthlong “everything must go” sale.
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