the unhoused

The Homeless Shelter Bearing Alex Trebek’s Name Is Finally Open

The Jeopardy! host was a generous and outspoken advocate for more housing.
  1. We Buy Baby Formula! A long-running black market bursts into the open.
  2. Rockin’ Out With the Mayor and ‘Late-Night Dorinda’ at the New Hard Rock Hotel Don’t expect Sid and Nancy; it’s pretty swanky.
  3. You Won’t Have the Cube to Push Around Anymore For now.
  4. The 18th Century’s Surround-Sound Machine Inside the organ at St. Bartholomew’s.
  5. Mayor’s Office Proposes Emailing Your Landlord to Solve Housing Discrimination Just ask them nicely.
  6. The Williamsburg Building That Painted Over Basquiat Were the residents of a former factory on South 11th Street living in the “Sistine Chapel” of SAMO graffiti?
  7. The Look Book Goes to a Harlem Gospel Concert An afternoon of music and soul food at Glendale Baptist Church.
  8. The City’s First Mass-Timber Condos Are Now for Sale Designed by Mesh Architectures, 670 Union almost didn’t happen.
  9. Could the USPS Become the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider? If Roe falls, the beleaguered federal agency may eclipse the clinic.
  10. Deborah Berke Wants to Live in the 79th Street Boat Basin The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  11. Cheap Meat or Luxury Rentals? Inside the Fight at Western Beef A son’s plan to upscale the grocery’s real-estate empire is reined in by his father.
  12. Women to Get Museum of Ice Cream Treatment At last.
  13. The Worst Career Advice Lynn Yaeger Ever Got Was ‘Try to Look Normal’ The fashion writer and editor answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  14. Artist Sam Van Aken Wants You to Taste Governors Island–Grown Apples “I’m hoping you bite into something and you’re like, Why have I been kept from this? What sort of compromised existence have I been living?
  15. The Good-Luck-With-That Pandemic The city has moved on. The rest is a little puzzle for you to solve.
  16. The Houseboat That Is a Brooklyn Assembly District A political mystery floats on the Red Hook channel.
  17. The Look Book Goes to an NYPD Boxing Match On a recent Friday night in Flushing, Smoker Talk convened for its first NYC indoor boxing event since COVID.
  18. Ifeoma Ebo Wants Eric Adams to Appoint a Public Realm Czar The urban designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  19. Who’s Afraid of the Subway? Riding every line in the days after the Sunset Park shooting.
  20. I Was a Teenage Subway Terror Now I’m the elder on the subway, praying that the band of teens next to me on the platform doesn’t get in the same car.
  21. How Will New York Remember the Subway Shooter? The city is lousy with people who do horrible things and pass into legend.
  22. The Subway Is New York’s Safety Net It’s not merely a picture of who any of us might become but of who we are right now.
  23. How to Get to the Closest Weed Dispensaries in New Jersey on Public Transit Hypothetically.
  24. Audrey Gelman’s Reactionary Little English Village Fantasy On Barrow’s Green, the fictional heart of her new country store.
  25. Lincoln Center Resets Itself as a Cultural Town Square for Spring Quinceañeras, dance parties, and underground jazz will animate the plaza, but will that energy extend past Labor Day?
  26. The Doormen of Park Avenue Got Their Deal “I don’t think anybody is going to get their own mail.”
  27. Justin Garrett Moore Gets Inspired by Watching Judge Judy Yell at People The urban designer and architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  28. What If the Office Isn’t the Problem? The debate taking place right now isn’t exactly where the worker is being called back — but to what.
  29. The One-Page Guide to Flying Private-ish In recent years, a handful of new companies have launched with “semi-private flights.”
  30. The Look Book Goes to Herbert Von King Park On the first 70-degree day of the year, we joined sunbathers at the century-old Brooklyn park and community space.
  31. ‘That’s the Guy’ Talking to Saifee Hardware manager Francisco Puebla about helping to bring in alleged subway shooter Frank R. James.
  32. Are These the Metal Detectors Eric Adams Is Talking About? It’s honestly hard to tell.
  33. The Case Against Bail Reform Was Always a Tabloid Mirage For the rollback to succeed, New Yorkers would have to be made to feel afraid of where they live.
  34. Suchi Reddy Lives Happily in Her 375-Square-Foot Micro-Apartment The architect and artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  35. Fare-Evasion Arrests Are Back With a Vengeance Eric Adams’s subway crackdown has arrived.
  36. A Community’s History in Four Buildings The key landmarks of the Ukrainian East Village, including Veselka’s candy shop days.
  37. ‘The World Was Ukrainian’ A stubborn and surprising immigrant enclave, hiding in plain sight on the Lower East Side.
  38. What the Little Ukraine Neighbors Remember Fourteen recollections of hot beeswax, scouting, smuggling, and resurrections.
  39. A Basquiat Family Reunion The artist’s sisters have put on an exhibition of his work to remind the world where he came from — and have a party.
  40. A Forgotten Crime on East 6th Street In 1938, a kidnapping and murder played out at Ukrainian Hall.
  41. Trust Me, To-Go Drinks Will Solve Everything What budget problems?
  42. The Invisible Scrubbers at the Bottom of the Gowanus In the “black mayonnaise,” a microscopic community has learned how to break down the toxic sludge.
  43. Have You Seen Jemima Kirke’s Cat? Her Nextdoor post about Mr. Chips is a suspenseful novella.
  44. The 8-Hour Standoff Against a Homeless-Encampment Sweep in the East Village Seven people were arrested after protesting the removal of the tents near Tompkins Square Park.
  45. A Streets Plan That’s Really a Time Machine NYC’s City Council wants you to get everywhere faster.
  46. Denis Woychuk’s Favorite Spots in Ukrainian Village Vegan pizzas, a barman’s bar, and plenty of borscht.
  47. Greenpoint’s Newest Superfund Site Is Very Residential But that doesn’t mean anyone has to move.
  48. Whose Broken Pole Is This? An epic tour through city agencies and utility companies about a pole that could (probably) fall over.
  49. The Bizarre Drama Over Clinton Hill’s New Sex Shop I did not expect allegations of paid protesters to be part of this.
  50. Glenn Adamson Is Still Drinking From the Mug He Got at His First Job The design historian and curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
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