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Will Train Daddy Finally Get Us High-Speed Rail?

Andy Byford is joining Amtrak to oversee the system’s high-speed network.
  1. Pickleball Will Soon Swallow Central Park Whole From April to October, Wollman Rink will be taken over by 14 pickleball courts.
  2. Los Angeles’s Metro Is Using Classical Music as a Weapon The loud volume is part of the agency’s effort to push unhoused people off the system.
  3. Why Is NYC’s New Tourism Logo Shouting at Me? It doesn’t say ‘Welcome,’ it yells “STOP.”
  4. ‘The Floor Just Dropped and Then Started Bouncing’ Talking to someone inside One Vanderbilt when the 93-story midtown tower began to shake.
  5. What Does the Mayor Have Against Windows? Natural daylight is not the enemy of affordable housing.
  6. ‘We ♥ NYC’ Is Here. Why? No one asked for this.
  7. Tenants of New York’s Worst Landlords Already Knew Signature Bank Would Fail The bank’s model incentivized eviction and neglect. Something had to give.
  8. They Wanted a Backyard. Now They Hate It. Outdoor space was the city renters’ pandemic dream. Then came the rats.
  9. The Look Book Goes to a Cool-Kid Bowling Tournament Nolita Dirtbag, a niche Instagram meme account, played host at the Gutter, where teams representing Noah, Shy’s Burgers, and Sinclair faced off.
  10. The Mushroom-Zombie Mall From The Last of Us Is Getting Redeveloped Yes to Walmart; no to apocalyptic cordyceps.
  11. The La Guardia AirTrain Is Dead. Now What? It’s a bus lane to the airport for now, and maybe a hard-to-build subway extension in the far, far future.
  12. The 9 Best Architecture, Design, and Urbanism Books Out This Spring Including a compendium of Milton Glaser’s illustrations and a delightful collection of underground weed ads.
  13. Elon Musk Is Building a Montessori The Boring Company’s Texas preschool will educate the children of the hard-core.
  14. The New Taxi Commissioner Is Doing an Undercover-Boss Thing And if you manage to hail David Do, the ride is free.
  15. Donald Trump Wants to Build a City “Freedom Cities” and the rise of conspiracy urbanism.
  16. The Brooklyn Democratic Party Is Being Sued by Its Landlord Over a broken lease and $82,000 in back rent.
  17. City to Tom Ford: Don’t Move That Door The Landmarks Preservation Commission decides his Paul Rudolph–designed house will keep its deep vestibule. Sidewalk urinators can rest easy.
  18. What If We Made It Easier for Renters to Buy Their Buildings? A new bill in Albany, the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, would give them time and funding to be the first in line.
  19. What the Prospect Park Loop Really Needs Competitive cyclists must be banned from public space and possibly the entire city.
  20. Dumbo Is Displeased With Its Giant New Building “Olympia looks like a cruise ship. Meanwhile it’s literally positioned next to one of the greatest landmarks in all of the United States.”
  21. Eric Adams Wants to Fight Shoplifting With Mask-Lifting “Do not allow people to enter the store without taking off their face mask.”
  22. Is a Coney Island Casino a Good Idea? Could be a recipe for job growth, could be the next Atlantic City dead zone.
  23. The Look Book Goes to Housing Works Cannabis Co A Friday afternoon in line at New York City’s first legal recreational-weed dispensary.
  24. Will You Get a 212? They’re finally handing them out again. With a little luck, you could be one of the elite several million.
  25. Everything We Know About Ron DeSantis’s Disney Takeover “There’s a new sheriff in town,” the governor announced this week.
  26. Williamsburg Is Entering Its Fifth Avenue Era Chanel Beauty is opening on North 6th, down the street from Bottega and Hermès pop-ups.
  27. The Modular Public Toilets Are Coming A city-run pilot will roll out five prefab kiosks — one for each borough.
  28. A Brief History of Elon Musk’s Master Plans Part 1 was a practical post-gasoline vision, Part Deux was more like rambly billionaire futurism, and Part 3 arrives next week.
  29. There’s a War Going on in Your Local Buy Nothing Group Behind that free Ikea bookshelf, splinter groups are breaking away from the founders’ vision of a “gifting economy.”
  30. The Bronx Children’s Museum Is Just Antic Enough Like a peek into a happy kid’s brain.
  31. Listening In on Line at Glossier Opening day at its new Soho flagship.
  32. It’s Been a Tumultuous Two Weeks for Flaco The Eurasian eagle-owl has survived a vandalized enclosure, life as a celebrity, and a new diet of free-range rats.
  33. O’Flaherty’s Is Back, This Time With Tubs of Vaseline The East Village gallery inaugurated its new space with naked men sculpting themselves into a messy copy of a Greek statue.
  34. MoMA’s ‘Architecture Now’ Exists in Some Other New York One that has fewer impediments and more money.
  35. New York City Finally Has a Public-Realm Czar Ya-Ting Liu, a former transit advocate, will work on projects like Open Restaurants and the pedestrianization of Fifth Avenue.
  36. Did Tesla Just Admit Its Self-Driving Feature Is Dangerous? The company is issuing a 300,000-vehicle voluntary recall in the form of a mass software update.
  37. Police Crashes Cost New Yorkers a Lot of Money And the growing number of NYPD SUVs on the road isn’t helping.
  38. The Look Book Goes to EMS Training The FDNY’s newest emergency medical technicians gathered for their final day of instruction at Fort Totten.
  39. What Is Going On in East Palestine, Ohio? Parsing the most reliable information circulating about the catastrophic train derailment.
  40. Eric Adams Will Pay $300 for His Rats The mayor needs to bin his recyclables.
  41. The Manhattan Parents Who Won’t Let Their Teens Outside Alone Mom does drop-off, a sitter does pickup. An Uber takes care of the rest.
  42. A Whale Beaches in the Rockaways Why are so many leviathans washing up on the shore?
  43. City Austerity Has Come for the Herman Miller Desk Chair As Adams pushes for budget cuts, lawmakers are singling out a contract with the Aeron-famous furniture company.
  44. Why It Costs So Much to Build Our Subways An NYU study finds that most of the overspending isn’t where you think it is.
  45. Elon Musk Is Building a Neighborhood Project Amazing is the company town reimagined!
  46. Ekene Ijeoma Has Removed All Bad Design From His Life (Except for Streets) The artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  47. Welcome to the Neighborhood™ A couple has announced plans to move up to 1,000 like-minded people into their corner of Bushwick.
  48. A Fight About Putin’s Reach Erupts at the Cooper Union A show about a century-old Soviet school is at the heart of a debate over academic freedom and the school’s relationship to its Ukrainian neighbors.
  49. Will a Casino Finally ‘Tame’ Times Square? The developer promises a massive, 13-block security operation, care of Bill Bratton.
  50. Good Luck Switching to an Induction Stove in the City The process, as it turns out, is a gauntlet.
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