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Best of New York 2021

Reintroducing a 36-year-old New York magazine franchise.
  1. A Rare Brooklyn Townhouse Listing: Unrenovated, Unstaged, and Filled to the Brim “Literal crime scene” or just someone’s messy home? Either way, it will sell.
  2. The Green New Deal for Public Schools Goes Way Beyond Classrooms Including fruit trees, solar panels, lead-free pipes, and community-resiliency centers.
  3. The Nightmarish Subway Floods in China Could Be Our Future Is this what commuting under climate change will look like?
  4. The Seed Collector Who Roams the City’s Marshes Patrick Over works to conserve New York’s native plants.
  5. Inside a 22-Person Pandemic Pod in a Hudson Valley Hotel “The inn was a boat. And then it became a life raft.”
  6. A Super-Streetery Comes to Koreatown Maiden Korea riffs on Seoul’s street-food stalls.
  7. The Look Book Goes to a Dimes Square Clothing Rack Trying on Armani pants and rare Tiffany & Co. caps at Chad Senzel’s vintage pop-up, which appears most Saturdays at Canal and Ludlow Streets.
  8. ‘I Saw My Best Friend, All Covered in Black, and Her Face Was Red With Blood’ After the LAPD fireworks explosion, this South L.A. resident is demanding answers.
  9. The Brooklyn Skyline Is About to Change Forever with 9 DeKalb Everything we know about the borough’s first supertall.
  10. Are We Ever Going to Get a Place to Sit Down in Moynihan Station? The corporation behind the Penn Station expansion says more seating is coming.
  11. Bensonhurst Went Berserk Yesterday After Italy’s Football Win Pictures from the celebration on 18th Avenue.
  12. Even a Starchitect’s Homeless Housing Project Won’t Sway Venice Beach NIMBYs “What they are working towards is a de facto gated beach community.”
  13. Subway Flooding Is Here to Stay During intense rainfall in the city, water can end up just about anywhere.
  14. Subway Geysers and Jet Skis: See the Flooded Mess of Yesterday’s Storm The deluge is the latest preview of what climate change has in store for New York.
  15. Apartment Hunting With a Criminal Past Is Nearly Impossible Three New Yorkers talk about trying to find a place to live after prison.
  16. The Look Book Goes to a Financial District Dig Inn Workers who have gone back into the office — and some who never left — stopped by to pick up their Friday lunch.
  17. The Man Behind L.A.’s Megamansions Ramtin Ray Nosrati is a developer for our new Gilded Age.
  18. Developers Will Finally Have to Assess Who Gets Displaced by Rezonings New legislation will require racial-equity reports for many major developments.
  19. Twilight of the Liveaboards A renovation that’s also an eviction looms at the 79th Street Boat Basin.
  20. The Subway Booth Cash Clash A new federal bill could force attendants to accept dollars and cents.
  21. The Bronx Could Get a Salsa Museum in the Kingsbridge Armory The borough, where the genre was born, would be a perfect home.
  22. La Central May Be the Best Affordable Housing Your Taxes Can Buy And that’s a problem.
  23. How India Walton Convinced Buffalo Voters They Wanted Police Reform The socialist mayoral candidate didn’t run a “defund” campaign, but that’s the direction she’ll take the department.
  24. No, You Can’t Recycle a Bowling Ball (But People Sure Keep Trying) The hard truth is these things are going to live longer than we are.
  25. Hell by the Sea What it’s like on the pile that was once Champlain Towers South.
  26. The Rent Guidelines Board Kind of Approved a Rent Hike, and Everybody Hates It Rents will remain frozen for the first six months, and then go up by 1.5 percent in the second half of a one-year lease.
  27. It’s Time for New York City to Bring Back SROs A solution to high rents, empty hotels, and the homelessness crisis.
  28. Meet the Frontline Defender of Section 8 Renters Angela Stovall is the city worker hundreds of New Yorkers turn to when they’re blocked from seeing apartments.
  29. Richmond’s Confederate Monuments, One Year Later Protests brought down most of the statues on Monument Avenue — except Robert E. Lee’s.
  30. What Would It Take to Strip New York City of Slaveholders’ Names? They’re everywhere, from streets to schools, and there’s a lot of red tape involved in changing that.
  31. The Look Book Goes to Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market Locals and out-of-towners alike shop for custom dresses, crystals, and mud cloth at the daily African crafts and textiles market.
  32. City Council Candidate Jaslin Kaur Interviews Her Cabdriver Father The candidate and her father talk about the medallion crisis that inspired her run and her platform to improve conditions for all drivers.
  33. What Is Going On in Washington Square Park? A 48-hour diary of a ten-acre park where everything in the city seems to be happening at once.
  34. Restaurants May Finally Get Relief From Grubhub and Uber’s Automatic Sign-ups Delivery services routinely add restaurants to their apps without asking them. Legislators want to make that illegal.
  35. The American Dream Mall Is Ridiculous Yet Not Ridiculous Enough They’ve stripped the dazzle paint from Xanadu.
  36. The Homeless-to-Hotels Program Is Ending, and Nobody’s Ready Advocates fear mass eviction; hoteliers say their businesses are still in crisis.
  37. Eric Adams Gave a Tour of His Apartment; Everyone’s Still Asking Where He Lives It’s a lived-in apartment. That much is clear.
  38. Helmet Laws Are Not What New York City Cyclists Need Right Now Elected officials keep proposing more rules for bicycles and scooters instead of fixing streets.
  39. A Slice of the Sky The supertall 111 West 57th is what the ruling class builds for itself.
  40. The Lower East Side Seniors Who Organized Their Own T’ai Chi Class “T’ai chi helps with memory,” one says. “It’s important, at our age, to keep our minds alert.”
  41. 20 New Yorkers (From Fran Lebowitz to Ron Kim) On Ranking The Mayoral Candidates Fran Lebowitz, Ron Kim, Chelsea Manning, and more weigh in on the mayoral primary candidates.
  42. An Epic New York City Reopening Concert Is Coming to Central Park Who’ll headline? Who cares: We’ll be there.
  43. After MoMA, the Black Reconstruction Collective Plots Its Future in Architecture Its members talk institutional change, practicing refusal, and what comes next.
  44. Weeknight Parties, Weekend Clampdowns, and Angry Neighbors in Washington Square Monday through Thursday, the revelry goes on.
  45. Why Your Uber Ride Is Suddenly Costing a Fortune Driver shortage, customer surplus, and harsh financial reality.
  46. Get Ready for Flat-Rat Summer Rodents and cars do not mix.
  47. Look! Books! The Tired Old Mid-Manhattan Library Gets a Sharp New Renovation An understated top-to-bottom rehab puts open access — and open books — front and center (and a café on the roof).
  48. Buildings Want to Require Vaccinations. The Doormen’s Union Says No. The union, along with many buildings, are encouraging doormen to get the jab. But requiring it for the job is where it draws the line.
  49. The Free Food Pantry Gets the Subscription Box Treatment Wellfare is delivering jackfruit chips, grass-fed turkey jerky sticks, and other snacks and drinks to NYCHA residents in Williamsburg and Bushwick.
  50. Co-working Is Back, But This Time It’s Really Boring Commercial real-estate developers are plowing money in new, utilitarian shared office spaces.
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