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Best of New York 2021

Reintroducing a 36-year-old New York magazine franchise.
  1. Move Over, Fake Vaxx Card — Here Comes an Anti-Vaxx Business Directory A new website is crowdsourcing businesses that are flouting the mandate — and New York has the most.
  2. A Landscape Architect Who Loves Ruins and Hates Ruin Porn Julie Bargmann just won the first $100,000 Cornelia Hahn Oberlander prize.
  3. The Look Book Goes to an Animal-Blessing Ceremony At the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights, pet owners brought their animals for an annual blessing.
  4. A Bookstore in a Bus in the Bronx Readers now boarding at Bronx Bound Books.
  5. What It Takes to Give David Geffen Hall a New Sound A look inside the New York Philharmonic’s home, en route to its new (and, fingers crossed, better) acoustics.
  6. The COVID-19 Hotel Scheme That Took NYC For $400,000 Five-star rooms for $50, booked through Facebook and paid with Cash App.
  7. Is a Woman Randomly Punching People at the West 4th Street Station? TikTok certainly thinks so.
  8. See the Translucent Marble Façade Go Up at the WTC Perelman Arts Center It’s better than the Beinecke!
  9. Trying to Untangle the Princeton Architecture Department Drama Paging Sandra Oh.
  10. Most Storefront Rents in New York Are As High As Ever Apart from the super-luxury corridors, last year barely made a dent.
  11. Alexandra Kleeman’s Favorite Spots in Staten Island A restaurant with a New England-like view, the world’s best artichokes, and a tugboat parking lot.
  12. Dispatch From Deadly Rikers Island: “It Looks Like a Slave Ship in There.” Detainees, correction officers and officials talk about the jail’s new state of emergency.
  13. Marchers Attack Coronavirus Testing Station in Union Square The anti-vaccine-mandate protest went from the Department of Education to the Australian Consulate.
  14. The Candy-Colored Tudors and Mini Mediterranean Palaces of Queens ‘All the Queens Houses’ shows the most diverse borough’s most diverse residences.
  15. This Is the OMNY Card, and You Might Be Able to Buy One Today But not in the subway (yet).
  16. New York Went From Worst to Best At Handing Out Rent Relief There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Governor Kathy Hochul deserves credit for getting us this far.
  17. With Google Moving In, Hudson Square Is Trying to Spruce Up the Place The neighborhood is now a major tech hub, so it should probably be connected to the rest of the city.
  18. Manhattan West Is (a Little Bit) What Hudson Yards Should Have Been It’s still a corporate simulacrum of a city, but given the history of such gestures, it’s surprising they got it anywhere close to right.
  19. It’s Time to Let the Elizabeth Street Garden Go It may be a pretty oasis, but we as a city are desperate for affordable housing.
  20. The Look Book Goes to Chess in the Park At the tournament, which is held yearly near Bethesda Fountain, more than 700 children (and a few adults) faced off over six rounds of rapid chess.
  21. The Nation’s Monuments Are Male, Pale, and Stale A new audit makes the case for a more fluid landscape of public memory.
  22. P.S. 705’s Welcome Committee The teachers who turned the school-drop-off line into a shindig.
  23. East River Park Activists Chain Themselves to Tree, Make Weirdly Modest Demand Really, they just want to ask questions.
  24. You Can No Longer Stay in an East Village Van for $97 a Night The red Econoline and six others listed on Airbnb have been impounded.
  25. The Very Tiny Fight Over a Midtown Park’s Locked Garden Can one determined person continue to keep the public out of a public park?
  26. Maybe Forcing City Workers Back to the Office Wasn’t the Best Idea Civil servants are now looking for new jobs en masse.
  27. It Just Keeps Getting Worse for 432 Park A new lawsuit seems likely to spoil sales at the Billionaires’ Row tower.
  28. As a Delivery Worker, I Still Want More From the New Delivery-App Bills They’re a good start, but they won’t apply to all restaurants, for starters.
  29. A New Arts Compound in East Williamsburg That Draws You In The Amant arts center faces the city with severity but aims to cosset visitors.
  30. The Street Fight Is Back Everybody wants a piece of your block, and it’s going to take a lot more than planters and metal barricades to resolve who gets what.
  31. What It’s Like at Rikers, According to People Who Just Got Out “They’re not feeding people, there’s no water, no showers, no phone calls.”
  32. Is Brian Benjamin the Person Who Can Turn NYCHA Around? Among advocates, there is cautious optimism.
  33. Climate Change Is Putting More Poop in New York’s Waters A crappy side effect of all this rain.
  34. I Wish I Liked the New Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane More A hard-won symbolic victory that’s a baby step.
  35. Continuum’s Towers Were Nixed by the City. So the Developer Is Suing. The Botanic Garden fight may go another round.
  36. The Look Book Goes to the Obama Portraits During a preview party at the Brooklyn Museum, guests got an early look at Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald’s presidential portraits.
  37. The Lower East Side Tailor to the Scene Clients have generally found Ramon Tailor through word of mouth. Now — suddenly — there are lines out the door for his custom pants.
  38. How Clean Is the Air in Your Classroom? Your Theater? It’s Not Easy to Find Out There’s little transparency about what we breathe inside big congregate spaces.
  39. We’re Falling Short on Even the Simplest Fix for Storm Flooding Plugged-up drains should be the most straightforward problem to solve, and the city can’t keep up.
  40. Revolt of the Delivery Workers Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by police. The city’s 65,000 bikers have only themselves to count on.
  41. La Revuelta de los Repartidores Robados, apuñalados, golpeados, con mala paga y demasiado trabajo. Ya están hartos.
  42. Visiting the Visitors: Photographs at the 9/11 Memorial Some tourists are more respectful than others.
  43. If You’re Worried About Mold After the Flooding, Get In Line “You don’t have enough pumps, you don’t have enough dehumidifiers, you don’t have enough fans.”
  44. The Leaning Tower of Seaport May Finally Break Its Bad Luck But it’s still tilting ever so slightly to the north.
  45. The World Trade Center, Before, During, and After Remembering architect Minoru Yamasaki through the afterlife of his most famous buildings.
  46. In the Vanderveer Projects, Michael K. Williams Was Another Kind of Star “He was someone who never forgot the hood. He used his influence as much as possible to lift up people beyond him.”
  47. Scenes from Ida’s Chaotic, Tragic Night in New York City The bus driver stuck in raw sewage, a delivery worker who biked through a foot of water, and other stories from the flood.
  48. Those Flooded Basement Apartments are a Deadly Part of the Housing Crisis The most dangerous place to be last night was on the ground floor.
  49. The FDR Drive, Swamped Last Night, Is Full of Abandoned Cars Today Tow trucks are trying to clear the road.
  50. The Look Book Goes to Margaritaville We chatted with guests at the newly opened outpost of the hotel chain, which sits right between the Times Square subway station and Port Authority.
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