Obama Blames Liberal NIMBYs for the Housing Crisis Too

At the American Institute of Architects’ 2022 convention, he criticized “bipartisan resistance” to affordable, mixed-income housing.
  1. Inside Olympic Tower, Where Foreign Billionaires Have Long Flocked The midtown high-rise is ideal for those who’d rather not do much of anything themselves.
  2. Walking the Mall With Alexandra Lange The architecture critic and Meet Me by the Fountain author sizes up her local food court.
  3. Ruoyi Jiang Hates the Lower East Side’s Bad Public Art The founder of Chop Suey Club answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  4. Eric Adams Tracks Homeless Encampments on a Google Doc It’s his “system,” and he gets mad when police don’t use it.
  5. The Look Book Goes to a WNBA Game On a recent Sunday at Barclays Center, we spoke to fans moments after the Chicago Sky beat the New York Liberty.
  6. Dario Calmese Misses His Jean Paul Gaultier Corset The artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  7. Can Dumbo’s Selfie Street Handle Another Attraction? Performance artists and TikTok influencers will have to learn to share the cobblestones.
  8. Hoboken Hasn’t Had a Traffic Death in 4 Years. What’s It Doing Right? For starters: Street corners rebuilt for visibility, and decisive politicians.
  9. The Weed World Trucks Are Apparently Terrible at Parking According to this week’s impound rate.
  10. How I Found the New Roof Park at Pier 57 The city’s newest public park tries to be everything at once and ends up feeling like a private space.
  11. The 3-Day Return to Office Is, So Far, a Dud Hybrid work is supposed to be the future of the office. Except a lot of people just don’t like it.
  12. Cars Stuck Like the Suez Canal but in the Bronx.
  13. Google Maps Renamed Bedford Avenue ‘Maple Avenue’ But they’re trying to fix it.
  14. What a Wood Boat and a Concrete Chaise Reveal About the African Diaspora A sculpture exhibition at Brooklyn Bridge Park explores modern Black identity.
  15. Laura Raicovich Thinks Museums Should Have Fewer Shows a Year The writer and curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  16. Outsourcing Public Bathrooms to Starbucks Maybe Wasn’t the Best Idea What Howard Schultz giveth, Howard Schultz may taketh away.
  17. The Morgan Library’s Gilded Age Garden Gets a Glow-up A restoration that looks as rich as it should.
  18. Somehow, the Rental Market Is Only Getting Worse Prepare for a hellish summer.
  19. The Look Book Goes to a Marc Jacobs Sample Sale Shoppers waited for hours — and in some cases bought spots at the front of the line — in hope of snagging their desired designs for less.
  20. The Talented Security Guards of the Met They’re enforcers, tour guides, artists.
  21. For Fire Victims, a Year of Bedbugs, Mold, and Takeout at the Airway Inn The Jackson Heights tenants displaced by a major building fire are still waiting to return home.
  22. Two Upscale Developments Offer Two Divergent Futures for the South Bronx Brookfield’s Bankside looks to Manhattan; the all-affordable Peninsula aims to raise the standard for locals.
  23. A Graphic Designer (and Mets Fan) Is Keeping Shea Stadium’s Neon Alive Next stop: Citi Field?
  24. Signe Nielsen Thinks 5G Towers Will Be a ‘Horrible Imposition’ on Our Streets The landscape architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  25. We Already Turned Schools Into Fortresses Kids are dying anyway.
  26. The Pro-Gun, Anti-Door Party After Uvalde, Republicans turn to a bizarre talking point about school safety.
  27. The Strange Case of the Mayor, a Bishop, and the Alleged Q Train Shooter Fraudulent car loans are also tangentially involved.
  28. The Look Book Goes to the Brooklyn Mirage At the season opening of the East Williamsburg venue, ravers braved heavy winds and rain to dance under a new 200-foot-wide video screen.
  29. What’s a Bicycle For? A new book digs into our ambivalent relationship with life on two wheels.
  30. The Apartment Mayor Is the Roommate Who Never Leaves These long-term tenants can set your rent and tell you how long the buzzer’s really been broken.
  31. Solar Panels Are Coming to Ikea Luckily, you don’t have to put them together yourself.
  32. The Homeless Shelter Bearing Alex Trebek’s Name Is Finally Open The Jeopardy! host was a generous and outspoken advocate for more housing.
  33. We Buy Baby Formula! A long-running black market bursts into the open.
  34. Rockin’ Out With the Mayor and ‘Late-Night Dorinda’ at the New Hard Rock Hotel Don’t expect Sid and Nancy; it’s pretty swanky.
  35. You Won’t Have the Cube to Push Around Anymore For now.
  36. The 18th Century’s Surround-Sound Machine Inside the organ at St. Bartholomew’s.
  37. Mayor’s Office Proposes Emailing Your Landlord to Solve Housing Discrimination Just ask them nicely.
  38. The Williamsburg Building That Painted Over Basquiat Were the residents of a former factory on South 11th Street living in the “Sistine Chapel” of SAMO graffiti?
  39. The Look Book Goes to a Harlem Gospel Concert An afternoon of music and soul food at Glendale Baptist Church.
  40. The City’s First Mass-Timber Condos Are Now for Sale Designed by Mesh Architectures, 670 Union almost didn’t happen.
  41. Could the USPS Become the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider? If Roe falls, the beleaguered federal agency may eclipse the clinic.
  42. Deborah Berke Wants to Live in the 79th Street Boat Basin The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  43. Cheap Meat or Luxury Rentals? Inside the Fight at Western Beef A son’s plan to upscale the grocery’s real-estate empire is reined in by his father.
  44. Women to Get Museum of Ice Cream Treatment At last.
  45. The Worst Career Advice Lynn Yaeger Ever Got Was ‘Try to Look Normal’ The fashion writer and editor answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  46. Artist Sam Van Aken Wants You to Taste Governors Island–Grown Apples “I’m hoping you bite into something and you’re like, Why have I been kept from this? What sort of compromised existence have I been living?
  47. The Good-Luck-With-That Pandemic The city has moved on. The rest is a little puzzle for you to solve.
  48. The Houseboat That Is a Brooklyn Assembly District A political mystery floats on the Red Hook channel.
  49. The Look Book Goes to an NYPD Boxing Match On a recent Friday night in Flushing, Smoker Talk convened for its first NYC indoor boxing event since COVID.
  50. Ifeoma Ebo Wants Eric Adams to Appoint a Public Realm Czar The urban designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
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