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Will Train Daddy Finally Get Us High-Speed Rail?

Andy Byford is joining Amtrak to oversee the system’s high-speed network.
  1. Good Luck Switching to an Induction Stove in the City The process, as it turns out, is a gauntlet.
  2. Not in Steph Curry’s Backyard Another famous resident of Atherton, California — the country’s wealthiest Zip Code — has some concerns about multifamily zoning.
  3. The Look Book Goes to Tatiana A recent Wednesday night at chef Kwame Onwuachi’s consistently booked Lincoln Center restaurant.
  4. Delancey Is Getting a Desperately Needed ‘Road Diet’ To the tune of $21 million in federal funds.
  5. Why Is the Floor of the Oculus Already Crumbling? Seven years in, the marble slabs are chipping and flaking. It didn’t have to be this way.
  6. L.A.’s ‘Green Alley’ Experiments Are Working The city’s efforts to become flood- and drought-resilient are ready to be scaled up.
  7. To Dream of Pickleball City The sport’s die-hard fans are fighting for courts they can call their own.
  8. The Bean, Once Half, Is Now Whole Four years later, Anish Kapoor’s legume at 56 Leonard is complete.
  9. Does New York’s Chinatown Really Need an Arch? Hochul has granted the money to build one, but younger residents ask whether the money would be better spent on other community needs.
  10. Clearing Vendors From the Brooklyn Bridge Won’t Solve Its Overcrowding Problem The bridge deserves a more comprehensive plan.
  11. The NYCHA Chair Position Is Likely Getting a $255,000 Pay Cut Good-bye, inflated salary, and good luck with all the repairs and back rent.
  12. Julia Fox Gave a ‘Maximum Transparency’ Tour of Her Apartment We also have a hallway where “nothing happens.”
  13. The Tiny Newspapers at War in the West Village Featuring alleged graphic-design theft, 9/11 truthers, and Sarah Jessica Parker.
  14. ‘Use That Time As a Meditation Time’: The MTA’s New, Very Long Escalator Ten stories down into the new Grand Central Madison terminal.
  15. An EV in Every Driveway Is an Environmental Disaster We can’t lithium mine our way out of climate crisis.
  16. What George Santos Was Really Like as a Roommate “He was home all day.”
  17. The Upper West Side’s Zone of Pedestrian Death The area around 96th Street is dangerous. And it’s hardly the worst in town.
  18. How a Rikers Unit That Protects Trans Women Fell Apart A decade ago, New York set out to lead the nation in efforts to support incarcerated trans people. Now they are stranded in all-male housing units.
  19. Working for New York City When Everyone Else Is Leaving Empty cubicles, giant caseloads that leave low-income tenants without rent aid, and “no end in sight.”
  20. The Problem With Boston’s MLK Memorial Isn’t That It Looks Like a Penis It’s how it reminds us of how little Boston — and other cities — have advanced the civil-rights leader’s racial-justice agenda.
  21. There Are Dolphins in the Bronx River Maybe you don’t want to swim there, but the Parks Department says it’s good news.
  22. One Way to a Better City: Ask Disabled People to Design It Wouldn’t everyone fare a little better if (to take just one example) airport luggage-screening counters were lower?
  23. A Queens Co-Op Full of Electricians It remains basically as it was imagined in 1949: a surprisingly affordable city-within-a-city.
  24. The Look Book Goes to a Samoyed Meetup For eight years, NYC Samoyeds has arranged regular park gatherings for owners of the cheerful Siberian breed.
  25. Here’s Why Everything at Walgreens Is Suddenly Behind Plastic The recent spike in shoplifting is both overblown and real. And almost everyone is profiting from it (including you).
  26. The Mammoth Bone Hunters of the East River “We were looking for the big boys and the small stuff, too,” says one fossil hunter. “Any kind of bones.”
  27. Al Roker Is at War With His Tesla He can’t get in, and he can’t get out.
  28. Get Ready to Be Propanefluenced It’s more than HGTV hosts. Meet the #vanlife, #cottagecore, and #milkmaid influencers boosting liquefied petroleum gas.
  29. The East Village Standoff I Missed In 1995, I was oblivious to the drama in my neighborhood. Today, the East Village squatters’ battle for their houses is at the center of my novel.
  30. How Did a Plastic Box Come to Symbolize Everything Wrong with Retail? The Keeper’s unlikely journey from record stores to guarding Spam at your pharmacy.
  31. California’s Lost Trees After the current storms end, the state will face a new challenge: restoring an already diminished urban canopy.
  32. 24 Hours in the Life of a Discarded Christmas Tree The end of Christmas doesn’t mean the end of your tree.
  33. ‘We Were Killing Them With These Little Pitchforks’ Talking to Matt Deodato, rat specialist.
  34. Two Supportive-Housing Projects Make the Case for Building Many More They’re cheaper than the alternatives, acceptable to the neighbors, and successful among people who were living on the street.
  35. Listening in at Goldman Sachs Again Hours after the largest round of layoffs since the financial crisis began.
  36. Bolsonaro’s Mob Targeted a Modernist Masterpiece In attacking Brasilia, the Oscar Niemeyer–designed capital, rioters carried out a familiar far-right agenda.
  37. Are Gas Stoves the New Cigarettes? A federal ban may be in the cards.
  38. Why Can’t We Figure Out Where Politicians Live? Lester Chang and George Santos are just the latest.
  39. The Look Book Goes to Julie Macklowe’s Birthday Party To celebrate her 45th, the socialite threw a 600-person “Leather and Lingerie” bash at Cipriani’s Club Musica.
  40. An Office Is Wherever We Decide It Is A new book chronicles employers’, architects’, and employees’ relentless reinvention of the workplace.
  41. Eric Adams Has More Rats Even his patented rat bucket didn’t solve the problem.
  42. The Package Pickup Business Coming to the Bodega Near You Frustrated by package thefts, New Yorkers are turning to a growing list of startups and lockers to hold their online orders.
  43. The MetroCard’s 28 Years As a Blank Canvas As the clock runs down on this ubiquitous object, a collector walks us through its many variations.
  44. Deeda Blair’s Work-From-Home Uniform Is the Same Jacket in Six Colors The style icon and medical philanthropist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  45. The Weed Bodega Was Beautiful While It Lasted The city’s first legal storefront is coming and its deranged predecessors are about to be regulated out of existence.
  46. The Would-Be Salt Kings of New York City Talking to Joe Bucci Jr. and Joe Bucci Sr.
  47. Curbed’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2022 They included bitter real-estate feuds, our deep dive into trash, and a report from Caroline Calloway’s drawn-out good-bye to the city.
  48. Riding Around Tompkins Square Park With the Citi Bike Boyz Jerome Peel will jump over anything with the 45-pound clunker.
  49. Did New York Miss Its Moment To Turn Hotels Into Housing? “It’s hard to look at the timing of these programs and say that it was treated as an emergency.”
  50. Make 2023 the Year of the Bus Cori Bush’s first-of-its-kind BRT bill is a start.
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