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Now That an Urban Planner Is on the City Council, Can She Help Fix Los Angeles?

Nithya Raman is calling for systemic change — including breaking up her own district.
  1. Trump Keeps Talking About ‘Tiny Windows,’ And No One Knows What He Means Make fenestration great again?
  2. Two New Office Buildings Open, When Nobody’s Going to the Office Millions of new square feet. Pretty good architecture. Is anyone going to rent it?
  3. Where Could the City Squeeze New Housing Into Soho? The exclusive neighborhood could see thousands of new apartments — some of them “affordable” — if the city gets its way.
  4. It Came From New York Disco. The freak show. Neoconservatism. Q-tips. They all started in the world’s most creative, inventive city.
  5. First Look: New York’s Digital Subway Map Comes Alive Today And, almost incidentally, it resolves a five-decade fight for graphics supremacy.
  6. Another Challenge to Evictions Pause Fails, Van Halen Avenue, and Other News Here’s what’s going on around town this week.
  7. This Spring, We All Drove Much Less. Yet Traffic Deaths Went Up. Why? The lure of the open street.
  8. The Look Book Goes to a Bed-Stuy Stoop Sale Organized by a fashion editor and a photographer, a sale where passersby picked up a snakeskin hat, white leather bell-bottoms, and a pink kimono.
  9. The Next Mayor’s Next City Bill de Blasio’s successor will get the chance to make New York life easier, nicer, and fairer — or just keep us going the way we were before.
  10. Theo Henderson Influences L.A. City Policy. For 7 Years, He’s Lived in the Park. His podcast, We the Unhoused, is made from wherever he can charge up his phone.
  11. How 50 New York Buildings Scored on Their Energy-Efficiency Report Cards And, yes, they will have to post them in their lobbies.
  12. When NIMBY Met MAGA on the Upper West Side A group of liberal residents wanted to oust hundreds of homeless men from a local hotel. Then Tucker Carlson took up their cause.
  13. The Ooh-La-La Fake Feminism of That Big Naked Medusa Statue By the Courthouses It’ll certainly co-star in endless selfies.
  14. The Panic Attack of New York’s Power Brokers The city’s “permanent government” has always built its way out of crisis. But what if it can’t?
  15. Heshy Tischler Wants to Be Borough Park’s Donald Trump Orthodox Brooklyn’s most visible agitator, shortly before his arrest this past weekend: “You just wait for round two.”
  16. Governor Cuomo’s ‘Moratorium’ on Evictions Won’t Really Stop Evictions It’s “still full of loopholes,” as one lawyer put it.
  17. The Industry City Megadevelopment That Wasn’t, and How the Deal Fell Apart Developers pulled the plug on a major rezoning, and the implications could be felt across the city.
  18. How Do We Create an RBG Memorial That Isn’t Terrible? As Governor Cuomo calls for a Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue in Brooklyn, we asked people with arts-commission experience where the pitfalls lie.
  19. LACMA’s Past Is Demolished Without a Plan for Its Future The museum bulldozed its old campus without a clear plan for its replacement. Does it owe L.A. one?
  20. New Yorkers Step in to Keep City Parks From Turning Into ‘Junkyards’ The city is neglecting its parks in the pandemic, just when we need them most.
  21. Wildfires on West Coast Have People Obsessing Over Air-Quality Apps “I just caught myself cheering at a 142 after a day of 160s.”
  22. ‘We Bike Too’: A New NYC Club of Black and Brown Cyclists Takes the Streets The Good Company Bike Club rides for equity, inclusion, and change—but most of all, for fun
  23. No, the Pandemic Is Not Emptying Out America’s Cities Despite what cable news is saying every day, a mass migration to the suburbs isn’t happening.
  24. Scavengers Unearth Buried History — and Maybe Radiation — at Dead Horse Bay “It’s the closest you can come to time travel.”
  25. New Yorkers Are Using a 1930s-Era Tactic to Stop Evictions Amid waning protections for renters and unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, eviction defense is poised for a resurgence.
  26. The Surprisingly Innovative Design of New York’s Streeteries Give people room to create, and things start to get interesting.
  27. The Porch Puzzle On the front porch, the desire to be neighborly butts up against the desire to be left alone.
  28. How Coronavirus Is Impacting the Housing Market The economy is grinding to a halt. Will the housing market follow?
  29. 10 NYC Tenants’ Rights Your Landlord Doesn’t Want You to Know These are some of the most crucial tenants’ rights every New York City renter should know.
  30. The Homeownership Obsession How buying homes became a part of the American dream — and also a nightmare.
  31. What if You Could Walk to the Airport? There’s a difference between an airport terminal that radiates civic virtue and one that’s a true public space.
  32. Evictionland More and more Americans experience eviction, and gentrification is partly to blame.
  33. Mansplaining the City Why are men driving the conversation about the future of our neighborhoods?