Wait Long Enough and Almost Anything Shows Up on Facebook’s Buy Nothing Groups

Are you decluttering, recluttering, or both?
  1. A Lox on Both Your Houses: Jerry Nadler Brought a Zabar’s Bag to the Impeachment He’s on the Upper West Side of the aisle.
  2. City Cancels the Wollman Rink Contract That Built Trump’s Myth The rink was a minor success that Trump blew out of proportion.
  3. First Look: Ace Hotel Brooklyn Is Opening this Spring Downtown Brooklyn finally gets a destination hotel.
  4. Trump D.C. Hotel Loses Its Broker, and Chances of a Sale Go Up in Smoke Bids for the hotel were coming in at less than half the asking price.
  5. A Phoenix Is Coming to Coney Island Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park plans to return post-COVID with a new roller coaster.
  6. Amazon’s Affordable Housing Pledge Won’t Fix Anything The nearly $2 trillion company will put $2 billion toward low-cost loans to developers.
  7. Let the LLC Unmasking Begin Shell-corporation condo buyers will be nameless no more (at least to the Feds).
  8. Chuck Schumer Shows Up in Community-Board Zoom, Surprising Everyone and No One Even an attack on the Capitol can’t keep an extroverted politician down.
  9. Everything We Know About the New ‘Mini’ Ikea Store in NYC There will be meatballs.
  10. Build a Tower, Save a Museum? That’s the gamble in the Seaport historic district.
  11. Visualizing a Riot: Where the Attacks on the Capitol Played Out How the insurrection approached and moved throughout the federal building.
  12. The Look Book Goes to a Blood Drive In the midst of New York’s blood shortage, some Bronx residents came to donate at the St. Frances de Chantal Church.
  13. A Coney Island Baptism Spot Might Be Declared a Superfund Site A survey of local waterways once declared it the top “fecal hotspot” in the city.
  14. New York Is Bringing Up the Absolute Rear on Trash Pickup A new pilot program will start collecting trash just like every other city already does.
  15. Andrew Yang’s 2021 Goals: Control of a Giant Global City, Weight Loss We are all Andrew Yang, except for the first part.
  16. Mall Operator Forced to Buy Other Mall Operator, Can’t Return It I’m sorry, you’re going to have to bring a receipt.
  17. Penn Station’s New Train Hall Is Only a Start. But at Least We’re Starting. A grand entrance to a rail system that needs much more.
  18. No, de Blasio Is Not Trying to Crush the Hotel Industry He’s planning for the long term at the expense of the quick fix — while doing the unions a favor in the process.
  19. Most New York Evictions Have Been Deferred Until May — and It’s a Relief The legislation gives all tenants another 60 days, and hardship cases till the spring.
  20. Fran Lebowitz vs. the World A long talk (on a landline) with the star of Martin Scorsese’s cranky, necessary love letter to New York, Pretend It’s a City.
  21. Los Deliveristas Unidos, the Essential Workers of Takeout Organizing the delivery workers who keep much of the city fed.
  22. What New York Needs to Learn From Guadalajara’s Biggest Market A way to create a large-scale, wide-open, democratic shopping space in the urban fabric.
  23. Can a Worker-Owned App Pull Drivers From Uber and Lyft? A cooperative tries to revolutionize ride sharing.
  24. The Look Book Goes to JJ Christmas Trees On the day after Thanksgiving, the Dyker Heights lot was full of holiday shoppers buying Fraser firs, wreaths, and reindeer made from logs.
  25. $4 Billion Down, $8 Billion to Go: The Stimulus Temporarily Saves the Subway Draconian service cuts are off the table for the time being, but the MTA still needs far more federal funds than it’s getting.
  26. De Blasio Promised the Internet to Everyone. Here’s Why It’s Taken Forever. Maybe next year.
  27. Los Angeles Wants a Flying-Taxi Division. What Could Go Wrong? Unlikely future, meet realistic present.
  28. So A-Rod’s Buying Distressed Hotels Now? Here’s the deal with his $650 million dollar swing.
  29. Anatomy of a Streetery: Guevara’s It’s Cuban-inspired and stands solidly on the corner of Clifton and Grand.
  30. Visiting LAAMS, the LES Street Culture Lab “We tell kids: ‘Just pull up. Show us what you have and if we like it, and the price is on point, we’ll put it up on the wall.’”
  31. Premiering Soon: The Real Health Department of Beverly Hills The city wants to start its own department independent of Los Angeles County, mostly so it can reopen its restaurants.
  32. New York Kids Will Be Shivering In Class All Winter Windows open, pencils up.
  33. Corey Johnson Wants to Tame the Giant Squid of City Planning The squid may have other ideas, though.
  34. ‘You’re Walking Backwards’: The $6 Billion Venice Floodgates May Not Be Enough Proposed decades ago, they were not built for the coming sea rise.
  35. Pete Buttigieg Will Be Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Mayor Pete will run your street.
  36. ‘The Whole Economy Depends on It’: Chuck Schumer on His Push to Bail Out the MTA The New York senator talks about trying to persuade red-staters to keep our transit system from collapsing.
  37. Farewell to That Gentrifying Harlem Restaurant I Really Won’t Miss It catered to the people the owner wanted to see in the neighborhood, not the people who were already there.
  38. Public Assistants, a Resistance Community Space, Opens in Crown Heights “It’s meant to feel like a family, like an enclave, like an oasis.”
  39. Here’s Where to Get a COVID Test Without Waiting for Hours From some non-CityMD walk-in spots to the speediest Health + Hospitals locations.
  40. Farewell to My Brick and Mortar Shops The now-shuttered stores that made an impression, from Staten Island to Hudson Yards.
  41. The ‘Pied-à-Terre Tax’ Has a Messaging Problem It’s superluxury-real-estate investors who would actually pay it.
  42. Queens Megaproject Passes With Barely Any Affordable Housing Out of 1,725 apartments, just 90 will be below-market-rate.
  43. Farewell to China Chalet, the City’s Hottest Dim Sum Disco Party till 3 a.m. Then open for lunch the next day.
  44. Farewell to the Places I Took My Dates and Old Friends Saying good-bye to the Mermaid Inn, Rose’s Brooklyn, Pegu Club, and more.
  45. The E-Scooter Is Part of a Balanced Transit Diet And it should—with caution and regulation—be welcomed.
  46. Marcia Fudge Is Biden’s Pick to Clean Up the Mess at HUD The Ohio Congresswoman wanted to run USDA, but she’s headed for the Department of Housing and Urban Development instead.
  47. Absolutely No One Wants to Buy Trump’s Childhood Home Current owners seek $3 million via GoFundMe; at publication time, the donation total was $125.
  48. Farewell to Paris Blues Jazz Club, Where You Could Always Find Sam “He can’t sing, he can’t dance, he has no musical talent. But that was his love.”
  49. Farewell to the Place I Got In Shape (and Stayed Sane) Wyatt Cenac, Cat Marnell, and Joshua David Stein on losing their favorite workouts.
  50. Farewell to the Places That Made New York What It Was Saying good-bye to Gem Spa, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, the Staten Island Yankees, and more.
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