the unhoused

The Homeless Shelter Bearing Alex Trebek’s Name Is Finally Open

The Jeopardy! host was a generous and outspoken advocate for more housing.
  1. Glenn Adamson Is Still Drinking From the Mug He Got at His First Job The design historian and curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  2. The Cruel Theater of Encampment Sweeps Adams’s task force cleared hundreds of sites. Five people accepted a bed.
  3. The Museum of Natural History’s New Addition Is a Giant Concrete Marshmallow Studio Gang’s design aims to bring the museum into the urgent present.
  4. The Best Bike Shops in New York For used wheels, Tour de France–caliber bikes, and more.
  5. The Junior Bankers Are Revolting The battle against the return to office has begun (online).
  6. Eric Adams, Dr. Oz, and Cara Delevingne Attend Credit-Card Party It’s for paying your rent!
  7. Chicago Has a Newspaper Architecture Critic Again Lee Bey will write a monthly column for the Chicago Sun-Times.
  8. Nari Ward Wants to Build a Giant Coffin Around the Columbus Circle Monument The artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  9. Hunter College Is Falling Down “We’re actually in crisis, and you can’t keep duct-taping things together forever.”
  10. Everything We Know About Lauren Pazienza, Suspect in Singing Coach’s Death By all accounts, she lived an ordinary life, but neighbors and former classmates remember her as someone with a penchant for confrontation.
  11. The Gowanus Canal Has Eaten a Small Boat Gross.
  12. UCLA’s Guaranteed Student Housing Plan Is Fast, Comprehensive, and Worth Copying The city should take note.
  13. A Memorial to the Atlanta Spa Victims Reimagines the Massage Parlor An installation by Red Canary Song set up massage tables as altars in Washington Square Park.
  14. Can You Really Sleep During a $75 Nap? Increasingly, hotels hope so.
  15. What Will It Take for Architects to Stop Working With Autocrats? Designers have long relied on a catalogue of excuses to work with questionable clients. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
  16. The Look Book Goes to New York City’s Only Casino We spoke to regulars on a recent Thursday night at Resorts World in Queens.
  17. A 24-Hour Manhunt and a Fleeting Sense of Safety for Unhoused New Yorkers The suspect in a fatal shooting spree is in custody. What the city does next will matter more.
  18. Dong-Ping Wong Is Proud (and Ashamed) That He Lived in the McKibbin Lofts The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  19. The Bike Brigade on Three-Borough Sunday ‘Ride Out’ “People see us two ways. Either Oh, wow, these talented guys wheelie-ing! Or Come on, get out of the way!”
  20. The WeWork-ification of Lever House The landmark office tower’s terrace and courtyard, long seen as limitations, become hip again.
  21. Eric Adams Greets the Week in Total Darkness He’s also on TikTok.
  22. Goldman Hour Is Back And our eyes are burning.
  23. Two “15-Minute” Delivery Apps Have Collapsed In the Wake of Russian Sanctions What did these investors have against grocery stores?
  24. People Had More of a Comment Than a Question at the Open-Streets Forum “We’re gonna start to wrap. This is getting out of hand.”
  25. The 2,731-Person Project to Build New York City in Minecraft Scenes from a global pandemic pastime.
  26. Who Keeps Chinatown’s Seniors Safe? In Oakland, a volunteer group accompanies Asian seniors while fighting the label of “outsiders.”
  27. Space Delivery? No.
  28. The Pandemic Is Over for Eric Adams And he’s having a lot of fun!
  29. Legacy Russell Wants to Live in the Whitney’s Tiny Adobe Houses The Kitchen’s executive director and chief curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  30. Why Are So Many Horrible Men Eating at Fresco by Scotto? Cuomo and Christie, Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani: It’s enough to put you off your veal Marsala.
  31. Airbnb Ghost Bookings Emerge As an Iffy Form of Aid to Ukraine Residents get money they need, the short-term rental giant gets press it craves.
  32. Buy Your Plants on Craigslist And remember you live in a beautiful, strange city.
  33. Bryant Park Is Woodcock Central Right Now But why?
  34. Can Better Design Redeem the Cruise Ship? Our architecture critic goes to sea.
  35. The Look Book Goes to New York Fashion Week We chatted with guests at Collina Strada’s show at the Angelika.
  36. Back to the Office, But Only to Picket The G/O Media union is on strike in part to protect remote work.
  37. Tanaïs’s Favorite Spots in Williamsburg “New Wave babe” vintage finds, a copy shop run by an illustrator, and spiced Ethiopian tea.
  38. Jamel Shabazz Will Always Ask Before Taking Your Picture The street photographer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  39. The New Urbanists Make Friends With Tucker Carlson A warm chat between Andrés Duany and a bigoted nativist.
  40. Is Justin Theroux’s Epic Neighbor Feud Finally Coming to an End? Maybe.
  41. MTA Decides Platform Doors Are Good Now A pilot program is on its way to three stations, including Times Square.
  42. Buses Have Been Free Before A humble alternative to a crackdown on fare evasion.
  43. Mabel O. Wilson Has Been Collecting Black Plastic Snow Globes for 25 Years The historian and designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  44. The Man Who Loved New York Magazine Too Much Talking to Kareem Rahma.
  45. Smoothie Mayor Says No to Expanded Composting Good news for his enemy, the rats.
  46. There’s a Reason Why Newsstand Umbrellas Always Break Nothing can cost more than $10, and it’s making business tough.
  47. Edgar Gomez’s Favorite Spots in Jackson Heights An old-school diner, Spanish-language used books, and an excellent selection of poppers.
  48. For a Brief, Beautiful Moment, We Knew Where to Find a Bathroom in the Subway Even if we couldn’t use it.
  49. Uber Is Uber’s Rudest Passenger Was the company not an option in the survey?
  50. Plunging Into the Atlantic With Coney Island’s Ice Patrol These winter bathers have been swimming (and shivering) for decades. They swear they enjoy it.
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