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12 Useful Gifts for the Person Who Can’t Stop Renovating

From a drill that handles brick walls to the perfect basket for organizing the day’s chaos.
  1. The Best Gifts for Design-Minded Kids From a Keith Haring play mat for babies to a highly adaptable jumpsuit for teens.
  2. A Freaky Lamp Show in Fort Greene Light-up socks, blenders with bulbs, and a banana pendant.
  3. 11 Actually Affordable (and Especially Nice-Looking) Floor Lamps Including a handsome option sourced from the children’s section of Crate and Barrel.
  4. An Assortment of Excellent Under-$400 Wall Hangings Pennants, pint-size quilts, and framable tapestries.
  5. Gift of the Day: A Sleek Stacking Decanter “Stacking decanters have been around for a while, but the updated lines of this one make it stand out from more traditional leaded-glass versions.”
  6. Gift of the Day: Particularly Special Vintage Posters According to interior designer Liz Caan, they’re great gifts for young adults, teens, and even babies.
  7. Gift of the Day: A Smythson Planner That’ll Last Past the Year Once you’ve amassed a couple years’ worth, says interior designer Jennifer Hunter, “they look beautiful stacked on a bookshelf.”
  8. Gift of the Day: An Especially Versatile Wicker Tray It can be used as a “centerpiece, coffee-table tray, kitchen vessel, or entry catchall.”
  9. Gift of the Day: Some Extra-Fancy Steaks Plus, a recommendation for an especially sleek knife set.
  10. Gift of the Day: The Mount Everest of Lego Sets Recommended by a cabinet maker.
  11. Gift of the Day: A Book on Boring Architecture Designer Juan Garcia Mosqueda said the book’s premise stood out — “precisely because it’s about things that don’t stand out.”
  12. Gift of the Day: Monica Khemsurov’s Favorite Foot-Shaped Vase “There’s a certain absurdity to putting flowers into a foot on the dining table, where feet are not supposed to go.”
  13. Gift of the Day: A Handsome Zigzag Blanket Per architect Andrew Ashey, it’s “not too light or too heavy, forms to your body well, and is soft without feeling too precious.”
  14. Gift of The Day: A Small Stack of Art Magazines “Reading through, you feel like you’ve stepped into a series of incredible rooms.”
  15. Some Soothing Gifts for Those With Climate Anxiety No excessive plastic, nothing single-use.
  16. Gift of the Day: A Geometric Bag for Dinner Parties “It’s also large enough to hold all of the items you need for the day — like an iPad or water bottle or, in my case, kids’ books or baby bottles.”
  17. Gift of the Day: Extremely Limited-Edition Screen Print “It’s signed, dated, and numbered as one of ten.”
  18. Gift of The Day: A Lucite Backgammon Set Sunnylife also makes lime-green Lucite dominoes and a poker set with Lucite chips.
  19. Gift of The Day: A Bowl With Porcelain Petals By Baughaus, who also makes ceramic ornaments shaped like breadfruit and ackee.
  20. Gift of the Day: A Shimmery Odds-and-Ends Tray “It looks good on anything and everything — leather, wood, grass cloth, even an upholstered table.”
  21. A Smattering of Zizmorcore Gifts A Curbed curation of New York City-ish merch.
  22. Gift of the Day: A Lavish English Greenhouse At nearly $17,000, this is — needless to say — something of a splurge.
  23. Gift of the Day: A Designer Couple’s Favorite Elderflower Candies “The packaging caught our eye, as did the idea of an artisanal Swedish fish with elderflower, a flavor we love.”
  24. Gift of The Day: Some Wall-Worthy Rugs “They definitely have those ’90s Much Music and Dunkaroos vibes.”
  25. All Manner of Animal-Themed Décor Some horse-printed sheets and an armadillo pillow.
  26. Gift of the Day: A Color-Blocked Coffee Machine A collaboration between two Singapore-based companies.
  27. The Best New Books to Give Architecture, Design, and Urbanism Enthusiasts Five Curbed staffers recommend their favorite new releases, from an atlas of iconic houses to an illustrated history of New York.
  28. Gift of the Day: A Spotty Ceramic Vessel Recommended by a self-described ceramics aficionado.
  29. Gift of the Day: Jill Singer’s Favorite Lumpy Goblet “They’re highly impractical and honestly superfluous, which is exactly why they’re such a fun gift.”
  30. Gift of the Day: An Architect’s Favorite Black-Paged Notebook It comes with jelly pens.
  31. Gift of the Day: The Simplest, Handsomest Socks As recommended by a Canadian with a substantial cold-weather collection.
  32. Curbed’s 2021 Advent-Calendar Gift Guide Over the course of the next 25 days, we will be doling out, one by one, the gifts recommended by dozens of design bigwigs with extremely good taste.
  33. Gift of the Day: A (Somewhat Strange) Fruit Tree It produces funky-tasting calamondins.
  34. Nice-Looking (But Still Playful) Kids-Room Pieces A maplewood floor bed, a Calder-esque mobile, and a gigantic pillow.
  35. 15 Space-Completing Side Tables In all manner of materials.
  36. 26 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Throw Pillows and Covers for Every Type of Room Including a macramé pillow for the ’70s conversation pit and a giant stuffed baby seal.
  37. 50 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Kitchen Accents Including an Umbra soap pump, linen napkins, and a vintage timer.
  38. Some Under-$500 Architect-Approved Side Chairs A cousin to the popular CB2 Gwyneth Chair, a crushed velvet swivel, and more.
  39. The Lower East Side Tailor to the Scene Clients have generally found Ramon Tailor through word of mouth. Now — suddenly — there are lines out the door for his custom pants.
  40. What Artist Peter Shire Can’t Live Without “It’s a really nice sexual enhancer — smooth and silky with a light scent reminiscent of a mountain meadow crossed with an exquisite rendezvous.”
  41. 10 Elegant (Yet Still Utilitarian) Trash Cans From open-top bins for the bedroom to semi-closed wastebaskets for the bath to tall cans for the kitchen.
  42. 15 Especially Well Designed Bedside Lamps We asked designer Ming Thompson to share her favorites across all price points.
  43. The Best Small-Apartment Ideas, According to Professional Organizers How to make the most of your cramped living space.
  44. How to Shop for Furniture on Instagram Business is booming for the city’s vintage-store owners and amateur thrifters who are using their Instagram accounts to sell secondhand housewares.
  45. What Are the Best Cloth Napkins? A simple way to elevate your at-home dining experience.
  46. 23 Floor Lamps, Vetted 23 Ways Including an elegant vertical LED light and a circular lamp that looks like the many Charli XCX has.
  47. This Etsy Shop Sells Some Extremely Nice Lamps At a fraction of the price they would be anywhere else.
  48. The Best Winter Houseplants (and How to Care for Them), According to Experts Keep your indoor tropical garden lush, even when it’s dark and dreary outside.
  49. Chess Forum’s Imad Khachan Talks 25 Years on Thompson Street With @NewYorkNico “It’s something that time forgot, I feel like — the place — and me in it.”
  50. What’s the Best Doormat? “They are, hands down, the coolest doormats you’ll find right now.”
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