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Two Musicians Renovated Their Home to Fit a Baby Grand Piano

Singer Sarah Elizabeth Charles and pianist Jarrett Cherner transformed their Fort Greene three-bedroom into two to accommodate his baby grand piano.
  1. An Upper East Side Apartment Full of Rock-and-Roll Memories Music journalist Lisa Robinson has lived in this rental, where she’s kept an archive of her interview tapes, for 45 years.
  2. Meet Jim McDowell and His Face Jugs The ceramicist keeps his ancestors’ traditions alive from his home studio in North Carolina.
  3. Ikea’s New Gaming Chair Is Not Hideous Level up.
  4. Let’s Bring the Design Showroom Home and Live in It Architects Olivier Garce and Clio Dimofski turned their West Village apartment into a cozy, pandemic-friendly stage for new design.
  5. The Next Generation of Componibili Is Designed to Dissolve The modernist Italian design icon now comes in bioplastic.
  6. What We Know About Joe Biden’s Design Sensibility “Biden blue” comes to the White House
  7. The Vintage Furniture Sellers of Instagram Are Burned Out Behind that Cesca chair: broken fingers, nonstop estate sales, and 100-hour work weeks
  8. A Vibrant Reimagining of a Mid-’60s Williamsburg High-Rise Co-op Cassandra Bromfield inherited the apartment from her mother and has made it her own.
  9. A Box Truck That Carries Our Dreams of Home See Swoon’s fantastical memory box on wheels, “The House Our Families Built.”
  10. Artist Daniel Arsham Invites You to His ‘Signature Decay’ A look at his new gallery show of old-looking things.
  11. An Elegantly DIY Williamsburg Apartment With a Vreeland-Red Wall Taylor Angino and Kiko Sih’s place is always evolving.
  12. 5 Things to Buy from Crosby Studios’ New Home-Goods Line Designer Harry Nuriev wants to make it easier for people to reinvent their homes in his image.
  13. A Winterized Hamptons Carriage House Where the Art World Hung Out in the 1960s Julia Gruen grew up surrounded by artists and writers in her parents’ summer home, which she has kept pretty much as it was.
  14. Why Is it So Hard to Design a Good Can Opener? Bean Dad was only part of the problem.
  15. A 1915 Crown Heights House That’s Only On Its Third Owners After living all over the world, Thomas Gensemer and Gabe Brotman settled down in a Brooklyn place with “a bit of an English feel to it.”
  16. A Brooklyn Family’s Pet-Friendly, Kid-Filled Self-Made Comfort Zone Ada Davila and Agustin Hurtado transformed part of a 19th-century brewery in East Williamsburg into a bright and lively home.
  17. 5 Things to Buy From Yinka Ilori’s New Home Goods Line The British-Nigerian designer’s color-obsessed work is about joy, hope, and optimism. And now you can bring it to your table.
  18. These Designers Have an (Emoji-Inspired) Basketmaking Club Last week, they each wove something based off the peach.
  19. During COVID-19, TikTok Made It Cool to Make … Fluffy Rugs Here are six TikTok Tufters you should know.
  20. Meet the Makers at Ostudio, Bed-Stuy’s Beehive of Creativity Fernando Aciar turned a parking garage into a DIY community.
  21. On Display at Chinatown’s Oldest Shop: Napa-Cabbage Ceramics Plus chile-oil vessels, fungi vases, and yoni-inspired incense holders.
  22. An 1880 Artist’s Cottage in the Rockaways That Feels Like a Ship Patrick Clark has spent the last 22 years bringing the house back to life, preserving it for its next century.
  23. Artists to MoMA: Take Down Philip Johnson’s Name The founding director of the museum’s Architecture and Design department was a known white supremacist.
  24. 5 Things to Buy From Nest’s New Capsule Collection The interiors magazine with a cult following is back with home goods and apparel.
  25. A Maximalist Bedroom With a Chakra-Enhancing Headboard Bailey Li designs by her own rules.
  26. Inspecting 11 Rooms From The Queen’s Gambit Designer Uli Hanisch on painting wallpaper, leaving taste behind, and building a “temple to chess.”
  27. A Lounge in the Sky in the West Village How architect Alexander Gorlin turned a badly renovated studio into a sunny and starlit day-to-night home — with enough space for 30 Dutch soldiers.
  28. Artist Shaun Leonardo Is the New Co-Director of Recess “For change to happen, folks have to move aside and actually allocate power to the people.”
  29. Norman Teague Invites You to Find Your Groove With His Furniture The designer makes his mark by letting you make yours.
  30. Hideous? Perhaps. But It’s Time to Accept the Gaming Chair. “To invest in what you are actually doing — where you are actually sitting — might seem like capitulation but is also self-care.”
  31. Anatomy of a Streetery: Rangoon It’s kinetic and inspired by Burmese design.
  32. Carrie Mae Weems Made a COVID PSA Now at Lincoln Center.
  33. Nick DeMarco Imagines a Future in Which Plastic Comes Alive “It’s kind of like making the best of a bad situation.”
  34. What Caused the Design World Meltdown Over Tiny Wooden Stools? Three days of antiquarian-related hysteria.
  35. Room Enough to Be Homebodies How Designer Courtney Sloane and artist Cheryl R. Riley perfected the live/work scenario in Jersey City’s post-industrial Powerhouse Arts District.
  36. Buy One of These Artist-Designed Plates and Help Feed the Unhoused Tauba Auerbach, Glenn Ligon, Kenny Scharf, and more made them for the Coalition for the Homeless.
  37. The Year in Design That Would Have Been As seen in a new exhibition at Friedman Benda.
  38. The Mary Wollstonecraft Statue in London Is Bad Kitsch Feminism The shambolic mess looks a Rolls-Royce hood ornament by way of a sketchy Disney Fantasia figure.
  39. First Look: Inside Coming Soon’s New Retail Store It is bigger and more Brutalist.
  40. Renovating a 1968 Split-Level in Upstate New York “I don’t think we realized how much work we were stepping into.”
  41. 105-Year-Old Artist Carmen Herrera Has a New Mural in East Harlem And public school students painted it.
  42. See Nick Cave’s New Public Art Project for Election Day “It’s big and in your face,” said Cave.
  43. There Will Never Be Another David Easton “He was the most outrageous person I have ever met, and always had me on the floor in hysterics,” says Bunny Williams.
  44. Andrew LaMar Hopkins Paints Creole History From His 1815 Home in Savannah “My main focus is the free people of color because their voice has been forgotten.”
  45. See This Art Basel Online Show Looking at the ‘Dream House’ While you’re stuck inside your maybe-not-so-dreamy home.
  46. This Floating Tiny House in East Hampton Is Inspired by a Duck Blind Artist Scott Bluedorn made it out of found materials: local kelp, a kid’s jungle gym.
  47. Afrofuturist Ari Melenciano Doesn’t Mind Never Leaving Her Loft in Quarantine “All of my gadgets — they’re basically my toys — are everywhere.” And they inspire her.
  48. Remembering Fort Thunder: 11 Dudes, Two Bands, One Working Toilet Jim Drain looks back at life in the Providence punk art commune.
  49. Office Life, Inside and Out Paper co-founder Kim Hastreiter renovated a studio in her building to be her new office. But for now, meet her in Washington Square Park.
  50. Norwood Young Got Tired of Being More Famous for His L.A. House Than His Singing He’s moved to Bangkok, where he is treated like a king.
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