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The City’s Newest Design Gallery Is in a Chinatown Mall

Superhouse Vitrine opens with an exhibition of Sean Gerstley’s ceramic furniture.
  1. Meet the Designer Making Custom Fonts for Spike Lee Tré Seals sifts through Black history and culture to leave Helvetica behind.
  2. Bed in a Box Just how much drama can you pack into a studio apartment?
  3. This TikTok Star is Just Really Good at Painting Clean Corners No tape!
  4. This Online Shop Sells Only Architect-Approved Home Goods Five things to buy from Civilian Objects
  5. An Urbane Connecticut Farmhouse The architecture firm Husband Wife’s clients didn’t want their country house to be too country.
  6. An Artist’s Bed-Stuy House That Feels Like It’s in the Country Adrian Nivola found what he wanted.
  7. BTS at the United Nations, Doughy Furniture, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus, Richard Neutra’s VDL House reopens in L.A.
  8. A Metallic Living-Room Set Inspired by … the Elevator An exclusive first look at the latest monochrome furniture from Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios.
  9. A Brooklyn Storefront Church, Resurrected As a Family Home Virginie Sommet’s latest project, in Ocean Hill.
  10. The Pope of Gloop For 60 years, Gaetano Pesce has been preaching the gospel of uncertainty in design. Finally, the world has caught up.
  11. The Bingo Heiress’s Fantastical Duplex With its Fragonard staircase, koi-pond bathroom, and rodeo-themed kitchen, Gail Ann Lowe Maidman’s home is like nothing else on the Upper East Side.
  12. Charlie Watts’s Drawings, 58 Cities Named Columbus, and Other Design Finds Plus an exhibition of Push Pin’s posters.
  13. A Horse Trailer Named Beauty Gets a Makeover Graphic designer Laura Valenzuela’s upstate pandemic project (she learned how to weld!)
  14. How Cooper Hewitt Revived Willi Smith’s Radical Showrooms In the ’80s, the architect James Wines tore off building façades to find materials. This time, he went through more official channels.
  15. A (Semi) Fixer-Upper in Stuyvesant Heights Interior stylist J.C. Garcia-Lavin and real-estate broker George Fesser each deployed their complementary skills when they took on a townhouse.
  16. I Call the Pink Plate! My Indestructible Love for Hellerware Alan Heller and Massimo Vignelli have set my dinner table for three generations.
  17. A Joyful Brownstone in Bushwick Attorney, influencer, and mother Cynthia Andrew and her husband, Les, teamed up with the Brownstone Boys on their first renovation.
  18. Blobby NFT Chairs, Reinvented Shaker Design, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus, a book on the Tokyo Olympic Stadium’s architect, Kengo Kuma.
  19. She Lost a View But Gained a Gallery Construction of a hotel next door to Han Feng’s loft covered her east-facing windows, so she came up with a plan.
  20. A Book About the Influential Brooklyn Design Firm, Workstead Their work is “tied to the past and … living in today.”
  21. From Townhouse to Bauhaus After years in a Greenwich Village brownstone, Alexandra Pappas wanted to live her modernist dream. To a point.
  22. Tinned Fish Lamps, a New Home-Goods Shop, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus a film that turns the Guggenheim’s rotunda into a sound sculpture.
  23. His Harlem One-Bedroom Became His Pandemic Artist’s Garret Stuck at home during lockdown, Larry Bentley finally had time to paint.
  24. A Live-in, Surf-Out Rockaways DIY Design Lab Daniel King and Emma Hastil started their company, Locus of Occult, at home by the beach during the pandemic.
  25. Watching Perfectionist Restorers at Work Is Incredibly Soothing It’s good to see someone bring rusty junk back to better-than-new condition.
  26. A Thorny Table, Max Lamb’s Newest Chairs, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus a café with seating inspired by brownstone stoops.
  27. A Country Home (With a Fireplace and a Mini-Forest) on a Nomad Rooftop David Nosanchuk designed a penthouse that blots out the city for his client, Tom O’Shea.
  28. This Used to Be the “Ugliest House on Mt. Merino” Jeff Hayenga and Michael Belanger’s long-simmering upstate project.
  29. A Flatbush Brownstone That Feels Like The Caribbean Shelley Worrell’s friends and family reno project
  30. Heidi Klum’s Louvered Closet Doors Can Be Yours, Should You Want Them The current occupant of the supermodel’s long-ago apartment is giving them away.
  31. A Maximalist Tries Living Like Donald Judd “More is more” designer Brock Forsblom tries living with less.
  32. A Mosaic Stool, Fiberglass Mezcal Cup, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus, a London Design Biennale exhibit on the “archaeology” of 700 plastic spoons.
  33. Halloween Director David Gordon Green’s Kubrick-Inspired NYC Loft A high-tech space odyssey.
  34. A Williamsburg Loft Just Waiting on Its 3-D-Printed Birds Sebastian Errazuriz refuses to accept life as it is.
  35. A Nick Cave Installation, a Squiggly Lamp, and Other Things I Liked This Week Including the city’s best new rooftop.
  36. A Visit to the Soon-to-Open Museum of American Restaurant China It’s upstairs at Fishs Eddy on 19th Street and Broadway in the private sanctum of proprietor Julie Gaines.
  37. Who Made That Ear-Shaped Mirror That’s All Over Instagram? Trying to solve a mystery, 40 years on.
  38. Barbara Jakobson Thinks of Her Art-Filled Townhouse As Her Autobiography She’s lived here since 1965 and now gets up and down its five floors on her spiffy new stair-climbing “worm.”
  39. A 300-Square-Foot East Village Studio With a Sexy Hotel Vibe Darren Jett’s plant-friendly pandemic upgrade.
  40. A First Look at Sag Harbor’s Rebuilt Cinema High-tech innards, small-town-theater feel.
  41. A ‘Ghost Forest,’ Slice of L.A. Architecture, and Other Things I Liked This Week Including a furniture series inspired by Black identity.
  42. A Design Exhibit of Work Made Entirely by Mothers The story behind five pieces in Egg Collective’s new show.
  43. A Modernist Inherits an Old Sag Harbor House Maximilian Eicke mixes his designs with his parents’ antiques.
  44. Why Did Food52 Just Buy Dansk? The site’s founder Amanda Hesser says she’s going to dig into the archives for reissues and sign up contemporary designers to create new lines.
  45. The Chiclet Is Back Herman Miller reissues its “friendliest” seating collection.
  46. A Glacial Chair, 1,000 Design Patents, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus an intersection specifically designed for pedestrians and cyclists
  47. The Maker Couple Whose First Apartment Together Launched a Small Business Just out of NYU, David Zhang and Sarah Kim turned their Bushwick rental into a home-furnishings lab.
  48. The Stylish Tailor Shops of Christopher Street Angel Ramos, Jake Mueser, and Frederick Castleberry are bespoke tailors and friends.
  49. A Tarantula Stool, a Molded ‘Dragon’ Chair, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus ceramic relics that comment on plastic waste and Memphis-y wall hooks.
  50. At Home in an Old Hotel in Nomad After 15 years, Julie Chartoff and Irene Glezos finally really renovated their apartment inside the historic Gilsey House.
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