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His Harlem One-Bedroom Became His Pandemic Artist’s Garret

Stuck at home during lockdown, Larry Bentley finally had time to paint.
  1. A Live-in, Surf-Out Rockaways DIY Design Lab Daniel King and Emma Hastil started their company, Locus of Occult, at home by the beach during the pandemic.
  2. Watching Perfectionist Restorers at Work Is Incredibly Soothing It’s good to see someone bring rusty junk back to better-than-new condition.
  3. A Thorny Table, Max Lamb’s Newest Chairs, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus a café with seating inspired by brownstone stoops.
  4. A Country Home (With a Fireplace and a Mini-Forest) on a Nomad Rooftop David Nosanchuk designed a penthouse that blots out the city for his client, Tom O’Shea.
  5. This Used to Be the “Ugliest House on Mt. Merino” Jeff Hayenga and Michael Belanger’s long-simmering upstate project.
  6. A Flatbush Brownstone That Feels Like The Caribbean Shelley Worrell’s friends and family reno project
  7. Heidi Klum’s Louvered Closet Doors Can Be Yours, Should You Want Them The current occupant of the supermodel’s long-ago apartment is giving them away.
  8. A Maximalist Tries Living Like Donald Judd “More is more” designer Brock Forsblom tries living with less.
  9. A Mosaic Stool, Fiberglass Mezcal Cup, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus, a London Design Biennale exhibit on the “archaeology” of 700 plastic spoons.
  10. Halloween Director David Gordon Green’s Kubrick-Inspired NYC Loft A high-tech space odyssey.
  11. A Williamsburg Loft Just Waiting on Its 3-D-Printed Birds Sebastian Errazuriz refuses to accept life as it is.
  12. A Nick Cave Installation, a Squiggly Lamp, and Other Things I Liked This Week Including the city’s best new rooftop.
  13. A Visit to the Soon-to-Open Museum of American Restaurant China It’s upstairs at Fishs Eddy on 19th Street and Broadway in the private sanctum of proprietor Julie Gaines.
  14. Who Made That Ear-Shaped Mirror That’s All Over Instagram? Trying to solve a mystery, 40 years on.
  15. Barbara Jakobson Thinks of Her Art-Filled Townhouse As Her Autobiography She’s lived here since 1965 and now gets up and down its five floors on her spiffy new stair-climbing “worm.”
  16. A 300-Square-Foot East Village Studio With a Sexy Hotel Vibe Darren Jett’s plant-friendly pandemic upgrade.
  17. A First Look at Sag Harbor’s Rebuilt Cinema High-tech innards, small-town-theater feel.
  18. A ‘Ghost Forest,’ Slice of L.A. Architecture, and Other Things I Liked This Week Including a furniture series inspired by Black identity.
  19. A Design Exhibit of Work Made Entirely by Mothers The story behind five pieces in Egg Collective’s new show.
  20. A Modernist Inherits an Old Sag Harbor House Maximilian Eicke mixes his designs with his parents’ antiques.
  21. Why Did Food52 Just Buy Dansk? The site’s founder Amanda Hesser says she’s going to dig into the archives for reissues and sign up contemporary designers to create new lines.
  22. The Chiclet Is Back Herman Miller reissues its “friendliest” seating collection.
  23. A Glacial Chair, 1,000 Design Patents, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus an intersection specifically designed for pedestrians and cyclists
  24. The Maker Couple Whose First Apartment Together Launched a Small Business Just out of NYU, David Zhang and Sarah Kim turned their Bushwick rental into a home-furnishings lab.
  25. The Stylish Tailor Shops of Christopher Street Angel Ramos, Jake Mueser, and Frederick Castleberry are bespoke tailors and friends.
  26. A Tarantula Stool, a Molded ‘Dragon’ Chair, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus ceramic relics that comment on plastic waste and Memphis-y wall hooks.
  27. At Home in an Old Hotel in Nomad After 15 years, Julie Chartoff and Irene Glezos finally really renovated their apartment inside the historic Gilsey House.
  28. Introducing Wyldlands: Surrealist Bunkers to Survive the Apocalypse Doug Meyer’s show imagines a fantastical escape from future pandemics and other threats.
  29. A Joyfully Painted Gowanus Walk-Up, Inspired by Bert Stern and a Trip to Rome Tara McCauley moved into her own place — no roommates! — and set herself free.
  30. A Design Fundraiser for Atlanta and Other Things I Liked This Week Including a meditative public sculpture and a tie-dye interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work
  31. Ellen Pong Won’t Design the Same Thing Twice From a charcuterie-draped tissue-box cover to a massage stool for sore muscles.
  32. One Foot in New York for Two L.A. ‘Art Hoarders’ Joe Lucas and David Heikka’s cozy West Village rental.
  33. How This 1856 Chelsea Parlor-Floor Apartment Got Its Glamour Back Architects Daniel Rauchwerger and Noam Dvir invented a new history for their fixer-upper.
  34. Goodnight Moon Candles, Puffy Tableware, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus a Japanese carpentry exhibition and portraits of artists at home.
  35. Remembering Richard David Story, the Magazine Editor Who Ate the World Whole He told me, “I want you to find the person who grows the tiniest, perfect roses that nobody knows about.”
  36. How Did They Make Alia Shawkat’s Disturbing All-Felt Apartment on Search Party? Alia Shawkat’s character was kept captive here.
  37. Jolie Ngo’s Ceramics Are Made for Instagram (And That’s A Good Thing) How the artist creates her wildly popular, 3D-printed vessels.
  38. Artist Emily Mason’s 4,700-Square-Foot Studio Is Just As She Left It Inside the sunny Flatiron District loft where the late artist painted for 40 years.
  39. Slouchy Ceramics, Deconstructed Furniture, and Other Things I Liked This Week Selected pieces from four new design exhibitions and one crowdsourced Instagram account focused on graphic design finds
  40. Two Musicians Renovated Their Home to Fit a Baby Grand Piano Singer Sarah Elizabeth Charles and pianist Jarrett Cherner transformed their Fort Greene three-bedroom into two to accommodate his baby grand piano.
  41. An Upper East Side Apartment Full of Rock-and-Roll Memories Music journalist Lisa Robinson has lived in this rental, where she’s kept an archive of her interview tapes, for 45 years.
  42. Meet Jim McDowell and His Face Jugs The ceramicist keeps his ancestors’ traditions alive from his home studio in North Carolina.
  43. Ikea’s New Gaming Chair Is Not Hideous Level up.
  44. Let’s Bring the Design Showroom Home and Live in It Architects Olivier Garce and Clio Dimofski turned their West Village apartment into a cozy, pandemic-friendly stage for new design.
  45. The Next Generation of Componibili Is Designed to Dissolve The modernist Italian design icon now comes in bioplastic.
  46. What We Know About Joe Biden’s Design Sensibility “Biden blue” comes to the White House
  47. The Vintage Furniture Sellers of Instagram Are Burned Out Behind that Cesca chair: broken fingers, nonstop estate sales, and 100-hour work weeks
  48. A Vibrant Reimagining of a Mid-’60s Williamsburg High-Rise Co-op Cassandra Bromfield inherited the apartment from her mother and has made it her own.
  49. A Box Truck That Carries Our Dreams of Home See Swoon’s fantastical memory box on wheels, “The House Our Families Built.”
  50. Artist Daniel Arsham Invites You to His ‘Signature Decay’ A look at his new gallery show of old-looking things.
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