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What Happens When an Architect Designs Their Own Family Getaway

Two different upstate homes — one modern, one cozy.
  1. Kim Kardashian’s $355 Bathroom Vanity Set Is Brutalist Muji Keeping up with koncrete.
  2. Gaetano Pesce Designed 400 Gloopy Chairs for Bottega Veneta And you might be able to snag one at Design Miami in November.
  3. Proustian and Epicurean Ariane Ruskin Batterberry and her late husband, Michael, founders of Food & Wine, moved into this apartment in 1969.
  4. Nature-Inspired Glass Lighting, Soft Seating at Lincoln Center, and More Finds Plus a monument to a historic Filipino settlement in Louisiana.
  5. The Best Part of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is the Set Design Mid-century Palm Springs stands in for a utopia that devolves into something sinister.
  6. Unsurprisingly, Dwell Magazine is Now Selling Its Own Prefab ADUs For just $389,000.
  7. ‘We Weren’t Afraid to Fall on Our Face.’ A new exhibition honors the rebellious Soho design gallery Art et Industrie.
  8. Second Time Around in Kips Bay Aamir Khandwala and Atif Toor’s refreshed their postwar co-op. I wrote about the last refresh too.
  9. The It’s-Not-a-Problem Apartment Sarah and Adam Meister’s walnut-walled mid-century apartment has a dining/ping-pong table for the kids.
  10. Minecraft at MoMA, Barbie Dreamhouse Paint, and More Finds Plus a furniture and design exhibition in a landscape architect’s historic midcentury house.
  11. Designers Are Getting Horny “Sexy,” curated by Eny Lee Parker, features a phallic grill, racy candle holders, a squeezable vase, and more libidinous designs.
  12. From a Big Loft to a Bright-Blue Studio Pam Sommers’s joyful tale of downsizing (with room for 1,000 books).
  13. The Wing’s Lasting Legacy Is the Furniture It makes sense that everyone’s trying to strip the co-working spaces for parts.
  14. Did a Retouched Architectural Digest Photo Cover Up Stolen Relics? Now you see the Cambodian antiquities; now you don’t.
  15. Making Things Work in Greenpoint Artist Austin Lee’s quirky, happy home.
  16. A LEGO Playscape in Harlem, a Squishy Chair, and More Finds Plus, a mural for Little Ukraine.
  17. Issey Miyake Was A Designer’s Designer The Japanese fashion designer was not just a favorite of architects; he was an early supporter of many young practices.
  18. Before and After in Bed-Stuy Laura Higby and Rebecca Stubbs knew their new 19th-century brownstone would be beautiful. A look at the work that got it there.
  19. Todd Oldham’s Place in the Poconos It’s a patchwork of new and old ideas and … it’ll never be finished.
  20. Candy-Inspired Tables, an Archive of NYC Water, and More Finds Plus, a new ashtray from Seth Rogen’s weed brand Houseplant.
  21. Jimmy Fallon Found the Perfect Buyer for His Clown House And that buyer is Cara Delevingne.
  22. Bunny Heaven in Williamsburg Rachel Nuwer and Paul Dix’s 2,300-square-foot rooftop garden is home to bees, trees, crickets, and gamboling rabbit friends.
  23. Love Island’s Outdoor Seating Is All Over the Emotional Map A taxonomy.
  24. So You Want to Build a Sex Room … Interior designer Melanie Rose thinks you should have a place to explore pleasure (sex swing optional).
  25. A Garden in the Pines Dr. Sumner Freeman and Dr. Roy Yeager’s four-decades-in-the-making Fire Island oasis.
  26. Tables Inspired by Pasta, Hudson Square’s Walkable Upgrade, and More Finds Plus new stormwater flood maps for New York.
  27. Get the Look: Oath Keepers General Counsel’s Playful, Minimalist Kitchen Kellye SoRelle borrowed her Zoom background from Queer Eye (and West Elm).
  28. The Usonian Life Lena Stringari works at the Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Guggenheim Museum and owns a house in a community upstate inspired by Wright’s ideas.
  29. Ask Mr. Mickey About His Apartment For 30 years, Mickey Boardman has lived in this lower-Manhattan walk-up filled with many of his favorite things.
  30. A Montauk Motel Renovation, Stadium Seating for Open Streets, and More Finds Plus a 1960s flyer for a whisper abortion consultation service run by clergy members.
  31. What Wendy Goodman Loved at This Year’s Milan Furniture Fair The off-site wonders and provocative installations of the design world’s biggest showcase.
  32. A ‘Comical Dungeon’ Designed in VR Takes Over a Chinatown Gallery Neo-feudalism and medieval creatures inspired Ryan Decker’s first solo show.
  33. A Debonair Gut Reno of a Bohemian East Village Co-op: Before and After Photos Tech entrepreneur Matt Hackett and designer Archie Archambault remade an apartment in the storied Onyx Court.
  34. Architect-Designed Birdhouses, a Busway Mural, and More Design Finds Plus fashion designer Duro Olowu mines the Cooper Hewitt’s archive.
  35. Inside the Obsessive World of Taschen’s Custom Book Stands The publisher’s 50-pound editions are too big for most furniture, so it’s been making its own.
  36. Take a Meeting With Julio Torres in His New Greenpoint Office “I need to be surrounded by the things I like and to be visually stimulated in order to function.”
  37. These Dutch Designers Transform Old Cabinets With Psychedelic Patterns “All the time, people say, ‘You must use a lot of drugs,’” says FreelingWaters, who follow a strict process to get their wild results.
  38. Misha Kahn’s Sunset Park Studio Is Home to Robots and a Night Possum “You need talented people and talented machines” says the artist.
  39. Bioplastic Sculptures, an Okra-Inspired Rug, and More Design Finds Plus glass vessels for environmental causes.
  40. Designer Minjae Kim Translated His Mom’s Paintings Into Chairs “I sent her a photo of the chair. She was like, ‘Oh, it’s my painting.’”
  41. An Op-Art Womb of a Loft In Los Angeles Joseph Giovannini’s extreme home makeover: “Realism is not my deal.”
  42. This Filipino American Designer Is Reclaiming the Peacock Chair “To me, it’s about more than designing a collection; I’m inventing a style,” says Cheyenne Concepcion.
  43. Rope Masks, Nubby Vases, a Steel Bar Cart, and More Design Finds A special dispatch from NYCxDesign’s 10th anniversary.
  44. Architect Hani Rashid Goes to Bear Mountain, or the Metaverse, to Be Alone The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  45. A Fidi Loft With Room for the Pokémon: Before and After Photos Architect Shane Neufeld’s streamlined renovation for Yuan Jiang and William Chen.
  46. A Mexican Design Exhibition Has Taken Over a Rockefeller Center Post Office “Intervención/Intersección” celebrates creative kinship.
  47. Eric Adams Is Design’s New Hype Man And by design, he means fashion.
  48. Mort & Me in Bed-Stuy The artist Simone Bodmer-Turner lives in this apartment of her own devising with her rescue dog, Mort.
  49. Building the Corporate Menace of Severance Saarinen’s impeccable Bell Labs campus conveys the terror of utopian office design.
  50. Disney Comes for the West Elm Parents For the discerning buyer who wants every surface in the house covered in Mickey merch … but in a classy way.
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