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Up on the Rooftop in Gohar World

Sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar launched a line of coolly unusual housewares with a party on a Rockefeller Center rooftop. Cue the doves.
  1. Up on the Rooftop in Gohar World Sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar launched a line of coolly unusual housewares with a party on a Rockefeller Center rooftop. Cue the doves.
  2. The Homeless Shelter Bearing Alex Trebek’s Name Is Finally Open The Jeopardy! host was a generous and outspoken advocate for more housing.
  3. The Mini Cooper’s Chaotic-Evil Approach to a Leisurely Weekend Did a car make this map?
  4. This Funny Little Fire Engine Is Pro-Pedestrian How rightsizing emergency fleets is safer in more ways than one.
  5. We Buy Baby Formula! A long-running black market bursts into the open.
  6. This Filipino American Designer Is Reclaiming the Peacock Chair “To me, it’s about more than designing a collection; I’m inventing a style,” says Cheyenne Concepcion.
  7. Rockin’ Out With the Mayor and ‘Late-Night Dorinda’ at the New Hard Rock Hotel Don’t expect Sid and Nancy; it’s pretty swanky.
  8. The A Train Commute That’s an Extreme Sport The escalators are busted at one of the city’s deepest-set stations.
  9. Cuck Money Is the New Key Money Get ready to raise your own rent.
  10. You Won’t Have the Cube to Push Around Anymore For now.
  11. Ann Coulter Discovers the War on Cars Her math checks out.
  12. The 18th Century’s Surround-Sound Machine Inside the organ at St. Bartholomew’s.
  13. New York Now Has More Airbnb Listings Than Apartments for Rent Even though Airbnb’s listings count has dipped this year.
  14. Century 21 Lives! Fidi, rejoice.
  15. Mayor’s Office Proposes Emailing Your Landlord to Solve Housing Discrimination Just ask them nicely.
  16. Rope Masks, Nubby Vases, a Steel Bar Cart, and More Design Finds A special dispatch from NYCxDesign’s 10th anniversary.
  17. The Williamsburg Building That Painted Over Basquiat Were the residents of a former factory on South 11th Street living in the “Sistine Chapel” of SAMO graffiti?
  18. The Nolitafication of Dimes Square A State of the Neighborhood that’s soon to get its very first hotel.
  19. Architect Hani Rashid Goes to Bear Mountain, or the Metaverse, to Be Alone The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  20. A Fidi Loft With Room for the Pokémon: Before and After Photos Architect Shane Neufeld’s streamlined renovation for Yuan Jiang and William Chen.
  21. A Mexican Design Exhibition Has Taken Over a Rockefeller Center Post Office “Intervención/Intersección” celebrates creative kinship.
  22. That Light in the Distance May Be an Oncoming Tesla Elon Musk’s new Vegas tunnel will, for the time being, alternate one-way traffic in two directions.
  23. Finding a Future for Ukraine’s Destroyed Cities The country’s planners want to reclaim its independent identity and plan for life after Russian oil.
  24. Things Are Going Well in Bitcoin City A rendering arrives right on time.
  25. The Ugliest Divorce in Manhattan Real Estate HFZ’s luxury developers staked their futures on Bjarke Ingels’s High Line debut and lost everything.
  26. The Trump International Hotel, Remembered by Yelp “It reeks.”
  27. The Look Book Goes to a Harlem Gospel Concert An afternoon of music and soul food at Glendale Baptist Church.
  28. Eric Adams Is Design’s New Hype Man And by design, he means fashion.
  29. Samuel Alito’s Right to Privacy The justice’s wealthy neighborhood, now a site of protests, was built to keep people out.
  30. Straight Line Crazy Gives Us Robert Moses Without the Fire A very talky, very static play.
  31. The Best City Landscapers From terrace renovations to edible gardens.
  32. Woodstock Divided by Lawn-Sign Saboteurs The drama centers around the local library.
  33. The City’s First Mass-Timber Condos Are Now for Sale Designed by Mesh Architectures, 670 Union almost didn’t happen.
  34. The Back-to-the-Office Gang How Henry Kravis and other New York chief executives are urging employees back to their desks.
  35. Uber Is Ready to Accept Failure, Sort Of In a leaked memo, the CEO admits the plan was never going to work.
  36. MTA’s Latest Effort on Fare Evasion Is Mostly Just Annoying Back door!
  37. Could the USPS Become the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider? If Roe falls, the beleaguered federal agency may eclipse the clinic.
  38. Deborah Berke Wants to Live in the 79th Street Boat Basin The architect answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  39. Mort & Me in Bed-Stuy The artist Simone Bodmer-Turner lives in this apartment of her own devising with her rescue dog, Mort.
  40. There’s a War Raging Between Parents and Dog Owners at Cooper Park “Kids don’t pee and poop on the grass nor anywhere!”
  41. Disrupting the Funeral Are millennials killing the death industry?
  42. Building the Corporate Menace of Severance Saarinen’s impeccable Bell Labs campus conveys the terror of utopian office design.
  43. One Times Square, Long Empty, Will Now Bring the Billboards Inside The building is using its interior floors again (and it will, of course, get an observation deck).
  44. ‘Stay in Jersey’ Has Some Merit A troll campaign makes the accidental case for congestion pricing.
  45. Disney Comes for the West Elm Parents For the discerning buyer who wants every surface in the house covered in Mickey merch … but in a classy way.
  46. Landlords Can Now Screen Your Pet’s ‘Credit Score’ And charge you accordingly.
  47. Cheap Meat or Luxury Rentals? Inside the Fight at Western Beef A son’s plan to upscale the grocery’s real-estate empire is reined in by his father.
  48. Women to Get Museum of Ice Cream Treatment At last.
  49. Revisiting Barbra Streisand’s 300-Page Home-Design Manifesto Featuring Martha Stewart’s advice on cow urine.
  50. The Untold Story of the Met Gala Red Carpet As in the actual carpet.
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