Looks Like the Rich Aren’t Abandoning New York After All

High-end Manhattan apartments are finally moving again.
  1. Looks Like the Rich Aren’t Abandoning New York After All High-end Manhattan apartments are finally moving again.
  2. Sure, Rick Snyder’s Been Charged — But Does Flint Finally Have Clean Water? Nearly seven years later, the crisis still isn’t over.
  3. What’s Happening at the Hunts Point Produce Market? Workers are on strike, and some experts warn it could affect the city’s produce supplies.
  4. How to Sign Up for a COVID Vaccine in New York After a sluggish start, New York is ramping up vaccination efforts, making more people eligible for the shot and opening new mass vaccination sites.
  5. A Look Inside the New Uber Eats–Funded Streeteries in Harlem Local designers and artists teamed up to create custom structures for six Black-owned businesses.
  6. An Elegantly DIY Williamsburg Apartment With a Vreeland-Red Wall Taylor Angino and Kiko Sih’s place is always evolving.
  7. The Look Book Goes to Grand Central Terminal On a much quieter than usual morning, we spoke to commuters, and even a few tourists, who were passing through.
  8. I Knew the Vessel Was Going to Have a Suicide Problem Years Before It Was Built How a private design process created a public space that is dangerous, even deadly.
  9. Andrew Yang, Who Is Absolutely a New Yorker, Went to His New York Deli “I love bodegas.”
  10. The Real-Estate Listings Catfish Host Kamie Crawford Likes to Stare At “You gotta manifest positivity in your home-buying process.”
  11. Being a Trump Is a Liability Now – Even If You’ve Sued Donald Fred Trump III was asked to leave his position at Cushman & Wakefield.
  12. Joe Biden’s Amtrak Trip to His Inauguration Has Been Derailed The inauguration itinerary has changed to protect the president-elect from Trump’s legacy.
  13. We Unearthed the 46 Best Rent Deals in NYC Right Now Several especially cool apartments in Greenwich Village, a quirky Red Hook apartment, and more.
  14. A Lox on Both Your Houses: Jerry Nadler Brought a Zabar’s Bag to the Impeachment He’s on the Upper West Side of the aisle.
  15. When an Airbnb Host Realized His Guests Were Insurrectionists Paul thought they were tourists, until he heard: “We stormed the Capitol.”
  16. Can an Armored Capitol Still Be the People’s House? The protesters shouted “This is our house!” as they sacked it.
  17. This NYC Streetery is Going to Clobber Bicyclists Its many doors open directly into a bike lane.
  18. A $310K Clinton Hill Studio and a Massive Upper East Side One-Bedroom Plus, a $560K West Village studio that feels kind of like a full-size apartment.
  19. A Florida Family Bought the Viral Shag-Carpet House Without Setting Foot Inside It’ll soon be a vacation rental, but without all of the wall-to-wall carpeting.
  20. City Cancels the Wollman Rink Contract That Built Trump’s Myth The rink was a minor success that Trump blew out of proportion.
  21. 5 Things to Buy from Crosby Studios’ New Home-Goods Line Designer Harry Nuriev wants to make it easier for people to reinvent their homes in his image.
  22. After a Third Suicide, the Vessel at Hudson Yards Closes Indefinitely Calls to raise the structure’s railings have previously been ignored.
  23. No One Is Selling New York Harder Than This TikTok Couple And, against all odds, we find it … slightly charming?
  24. A Waterfall Wall in a Lower East Side Carriage House The owners transformed a vintage platform elevator shaft into a stairway with the waterfall as backdrop.
  25. Inside the Food Feud at Rockaway Beach The boardwalk could look quite different this summer.
  26. First Look: Ace Hotel Brooklyn Is Opening this Spring Downtown Brooklyn finally gets a destination hotel.
  27. A 1796 Townhouse With a Skylit Copper Tub The 25-foot-wide brick townhouse on Harriston Street also has the biggest private backyard on the block.
  28. How Do We Preserve Artifacts From the Capitol Attacks? And where do we show them to the world — in the building or at the Smithsonian?
  29. Trump D.C. Hotel Loses Its Broker, and Chances of a Sale Go Up in Smoke Bids for the hotel were coming in at less than half the asking price.
  30. A Winterized Hamptons Carriage House Where the Art World Hung Out in the 1960s Julia Gruen grew up surrounded by artists and writers in her parents’ summer home, which she has kept pretty much as it was.
  31. A Phoenix Is Coming to Coney Island Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park plans to return post-COVID with a new roller coaster.
  32. Amazon’s Affordable Housing Pledge Won’t Fix Anything The nearly $2 trillion company will put $2 billion toward low-cost loans to developers.
  33. Let the LLC Unmasking Begin Shell-corporation condo buyers will be nameless no more (at least to the Feds).
  34. Chuck Schumer Shows Up in Community-Board Zoom, Surprising Everyone and No One Even an attack on the Capitol can’t keep an extroverted politician down.
  35. Everything We Know About the New ‘Mini’ Ikea Store in NYC There will be meatballs.
  36. Build a Tower, Save a Museum? That’s the gamble in the Seaport historic district.
  37. 23 Floor Lamps, Vetted 23 Ways Including an elegant vertical LED light and a circular lamp that looks like the many Charli XCX has.
  38. Wait — Kim Owns the Land and Kanye Owns the House? Who cares about the divorce — is the couple in a land-lease situation?
  39. Visualizing a Riot: Where the Attacks on the Capitol Played Out How the insurrection approached and moved throughout the federal building.
  40. How Did Trump Supporters Breach the U.S. Capitol So Easily? The rioters were able to scale the ornamental features as if it was all just a giant Lego set.
  41. Why Is it So Hard to Design a Good Can Opener? Bean Dad was only part of the problem.
  42. Why Hasn’t Anyone Bought This William Lescaze House? A pioneering 1935 house has been on and off the market for years.
  43. Good-bye to Sammy’s Roumanian and Its Glorious Schmaltz New York’s favorite “Jewish disco” has closed its doors for good.
  44. The Look Book Goes to a Blood Drive In the midst of New York’s blood shortage, some Bronx residents came to donate at the St. Frances de Chantal Church.
  45. Here’s Everyone Running for New York City Mayor (So Far) Thirty-four and counting.
  46. A New Yorker’s Guide to Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey When will you be able to smoke in New Jersey? Where, specifically? And what does this mean for legalization in New York?
  47. A Coney Island Baptism Spot Might Be Declared a Superfund Site A survey of local waterways once declared it the top “fecal hotspot” in the city.
  48. A 1915 Crown Heights House That’s Only On Its Third Owners After living all over the world, Thomas Gensemer and Gabe Brotman settled down in a Brooklyn place with “a bit of an English feel to it.”
  49. New York Is Bringing Up the Absolute Rear on Trash Pickup A new pilot program will start collecting trash just like every other city already does.
  50. Andrew Yang’s 2021 Goals: Control of a Giant Global City, Weight Loss We are all Andrew Yang, except for the first part.
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