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New York’s War on Seating Continues at Grand Central Madison

The MTA is voting on conduct rules for the LIRR train hall that include a 90-minute time limit on its benches.
  1. New York’s War on Seating Continues at Grand Central Madison The MTA is voting on conduct rules for the LIRR train hall that include a 90-minute time limit on its benches.
  2. NYPD’s Illegal Parking Needs to Be Curbed It’s long past time for the city to rein in cops and other public servants who believe parking laws and tolls don’t apply to them.
  3. A Tribeca Loft With a Kitchen Swing and an Old Convent Door “Everything changes in this house,” says its owner, Grimanesa Amorós, who has filled it with her organic light sculptures.
  4. A Greenhouse in the Sky Above West End Avenue The apartment also has an outdoor shower and a 1,400-square-foot terrace.
  5. Will Train Daddy Finally Get Us High-Speed Rail? Andy Byford is joining Amtrak to oversee the system’s high-speed network.
  6. Rare Akari Light Sculptures, Alexander Girard Posters, and More Finds Plus, Public Records’ new “living room.”
  7. When Wealthy People Collide on the Slopes A Vail instructor on Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial, the “skier’s code,” and keeping the peace on the powder.
  8. RIP to Dollar Slices and Mike Pence’s Career Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  9. Your Landlord Might Be a Baby Parents are buying investment properties for their infants.
  10. Pickleball Will Soon Swallow Central Park Whole From April to October, Wollman Rink will be taken over by 14 pickleball courts.
  11. Introducing The City Desk A weekly newsletter about New York.
  12. Los Angeles’s Metro Is Using Classical Music as a Weapon The loud volume is part of the agency’s effort to push unhoused people off the system.
  13. The Best Kids’-Party Entertainers in New York Including the magician to hire for your kid’s 5th-birthday party.
  14. The Best Nail Salons in New York For long-lasting gels, weak and damaged Nails, and more.
  15. The Best Upholstery Cleaners in New York Including one who can properly scour a horsehair-and-cashmere mattress.
  16. The Best Cheese Shops in New York Including a cheese shop that deals in varieties seldom seen in the States.
  17. Last Stand of the Hot Dog King “This is like the Alamo.”
  18. Why Is NYC’s New Tourism Logo Shouting at Me? It doesn’t say ‘Welcome,’ it yells “STOP.”
  19. ‘The Floor Just Dropped and Then Started Bouncing’ Talking to someone inside One Vanderbilt when the 93-story midtown tower began to shake.
  20. Who Wants to Buy the Flatiron Building? It goes up for auction today. Here’s what you could get for a couple hundred million.
  21. What Does the Mayor Have Against Windows? Natural daylight is not the enemy of affordable housing.
  22. What Happens When an Architect Designs Their Own Family Getaway Two different upstate homes — one modern, one cozy.
  23. All of Real-Estate Mogul Taylor Swift’s Homes, Ranked She’s been through so many housing eras.
  24. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Can’t Decide on a Mansion The couple has reportedly fallen out of escrow on a third palatial estate.
  25. ‘We ♥ NYC’ Is Here. Why? No one asked for this.
  26. Deals, Deals, Deals on Los Angeles Megamansions! Brokers are trying all kinds of gimmicks to beat an April 1 transfer tax on homes above $5 million.
  27. BjornQorn Opened a Skate Rink The space will also be a production facility for its nutritional-yeast-dusted offerings.
  28. Tenants of New York’s Worst Landlords Already Knew Signature Bank Would Fail The bank’s model incentivized eviction and neglect. Something had to give.
  29. They Wanted a Backyard. Now They Hate It. Outdoor space was the city renters’ pandemic dream. Then came the rats.
  30. The Best Wedding Dresses in New York For nongeneric gowns, avoiding the Manhattan bridal scene, and more.
  31. The Best Women’s Haircutters in New York Including the haircutter Lily Allen recommended to Domino Kirke-Badgley.
  32. The Best Tennis Courts in New York Including the tucked-away Tribeca tennis court that few people know to look for.
  33. The Best Home Organizers in New York For an artfully arranged closet, move management, and more.
  34. The Look Book Goes to a Cool-Kid Bowling Tournament Nolita Dirtbag, a niche Instagram meme account, played host at the Gutter, where teams representing Noah, Shy’s Burgers, and Sinclair faced off.
  35. Interior Stylist Colin King Actually Likes Beige The interior stylist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  36. Eric Garcetti Barely Survived Political Ruin Accused of covering up a top aide’s alleged sexual harassment, he had to rely on Republican votes to save his ambassador nomination.
  37. The Mushroom-Zombie Mall From The Last of Us Is Getting Redeveloped Yes to Walmart; no to apocalyptic cordyceps.
  38. Darien, Connecticut, Bought an Island The town may build pickleball courts.
  39. The La Guardia AirTrain Is Dead. Now What? It’s a bus lane to the airport for now, and maybe a hard-to-build subway extension in the far, far future.
  40. From a Decaying Bohemian Skylit Garret to a Modern Home Kay Lee and Jonathan Chong were beguiled by this Village walk-up owned by artists for decades. But then they had to live in it.
  41. Everything We Know About the Tiny Sliver of Australia in the Oscars Gift Bags It is supposed to be a symbol of land conservation. Also there are 30-day refunds.
  42. Tom Sachs Promised a Fun Cult The sculptor likes to call his studio part of his art practice. Working there could often be scary.
  43. The 9 Best Architecture, Design, and Urbanism Books Out This Spring Including a compendium of Milton Glaser’s illustrations and a delightful collection of underground weed ads.
  44. Christian-College Students Got Eviction Notices at Their Luxury Dorms King’s College is reassuring students that tenant protection laws will keep them housed.
  45. A Visit to the Home of Dansk’s Most Prolific Designer An excerpt from Jens Quistgaard: The Sculpting Designer.
  46. Elon Musk Is Building a Montessori The Boring Company’s Texas preschool will educate the children of the hard-core.
  47. The New Taxi Commissioner Is Doing an Undercover-Boss Thing And if you manage to hail David Do, the ride is free.
  48. Donald Trump Wants to Build a City “Freedom Cities” and the rise of conspiracy urbanism.
  49. ‘Like College or Camp for Rich People’ The lifestyle managers hosting mezcal classes and meditation hour at the city’s amenity-packed bubble buildings.
  50. This Year’s Pritzker Winner is a Surprise, But Not in a Good Way After a decade of experimental, diverse winners, David Chipperfield feels like a safe choice.
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