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Harry Macklowe Is Selling His Post-Divorce East Hampton Estate

Harry Macklowe Is Selling His Post-Divorce East Hampton Estate
  1. Harry Macklowe Is Selling His Post-Divorce East Hampton Estate Harry Macklowe Is Selling His Post-Divorce East Hampton Estate
  2. Fashion Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson’s House in Bed-Stuy “I became obsessed with Live Auctioneers. I didn’t have the time, or the bandwidth, or the driver’s license, for going to estate sales.”
  3. The Immediately Outdated Renovation “It used to be that seven-to-ten years was the shelf life. Now you look and say, ‘How can this look dated already?’”
  4. The Googleplex Is Growing Google’s new St. John’s Terminal headquarters, meant to lure workers back to the office, is a city within a building.
  5. Everything’s Bigger in Long Island City Right Now The high-rise population is booming and rents are climbing as Manhattan expats learn to love the 7.
  6. Christopher Wool’s Punk-Rock Art Show in a Fidi Tower The blue-chip artist is over museums, galleries — and pretty much everything else.
  7. The Migrants Outside St. Brigid The city’s campaign to push migrants out has turned their lives into an interminable loop.
  8. What Real Estate Does Trump Own in NYC Anyway? Letitia James says she will seize Trump’s properties if he doesn’t pay his civil fraud penalty. The problem is, he doesn’t own that many.
  9. The Approval Matrix: Stop Recycling Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  10. A Village Voice Founder’s Gramercy Park Apartment Is for Sale Ed Fancher’s classic floor-through has a triangular living room overlooking the park.
  11. This Week’s Worth-It New York City Apartment Listings From Brighton Beach to Hudson Yards, this week’s best “beach” houses.
  12. James Turrell Skyspace Opens at Friends Seminary It opens to the public on March 1.
  13. New York’s ‘Too Big to Sink’ Ferry Operator Is Bankrupt Hornblower Group will be acquired by one of its investors.
  14. Christopher Wool Turned an Empty Office Into a Gallery The artist’s team spent months ruling out too-stylish commercial spaces.
  15. A West Village Two-Bedroom and a Sprawling Windsor Terrace Co-op for $599,000 Plus, an Upper West Side prewar with custom built-ins.
  16. How Fire Island Was Saved — For Now After another winter of brutal storms, the Feds stepped in with a pile of very expensive sand. But it’s just a Band-Aid.
  17. How to Build a House for Leonard Bernstein Maestro production designer Kevin Thompson on filming in the conductor’s actual Connecticut home (and going through his junk drawers).
  18. Nir Meir’s Big Swindle The city is charging the former HFZ developer with fraud on three projects. His colleagues say they saw it coming.
  19. The Showman Becomes the Realist Bjarke Ingels and the limitations of building in New York.
  20. New York Landlords Strike Out at the Supreme Court, Again Rent-stabilized tenants will continue to enjoy their automatic lease renewals.
  21. Tennis at the Former Hotel Pennsylvania, Anyone? While Vornado waits for a better office market, it proposes a pop-up park on the vacant site.
  22. Living With His Husband and His Own Furniture Designs in Greenpoint Ever since Jeremy Silberberg started Studio S II with Erica Sellers, they’d been “digging for reasons to fund our own work!”
  23. Why Are There Still Illegal Weed Stores All Over the City? Chris Alexander, executive director of the New York State Office of Cannabis Management, is frustrated by their staying power.
  24. The Donald Trump Fire Sale Starts Now He’s going to have to sell his stuff to pay a half-billion dollars’ worth of legal penalties.
  25. Annie Leibovitz Finds a Buyer on Central Park West And signs point to a bidding war.
  26. The Look Book Goes to Mohan Matchmaking More than 1,000 South Asian singles gathered at the Times Square Sheraton for a two-day dating convention.
  27. The Village Voice vs. Robert Moses The paper was editor Mary Perot Nichols’s weapon in the battle to save Washington Square Park.
  28. A Porch With a View in Kingston and a Twofer in Ulster County Or a freshly renovated farmhouse in Rhinebeck.
  29. The Sutton Place Maisonette Designed by a Historian “I’m completely obsessive on the subject of detail.”
  30. New York After Snow Remembering when we could count on storms to bury trash bags and cars, and offer us a few hours of quiet.
  31. The Teens Getting Around the Teen Ban at Atlantic Terminal Mall “We’re just lollygagging.”
  32. Downtown’s Favorite Realtor Is Selling His Apartment All the sleekest zillion-dollar listings these days are his.
  33. The Parents Taking a Snow Day Anyway Mayor Adams may have declared them over, but some families are skipping remote learning for a day of sledding.
  34. Craftsman Home In a Prospect Heights floor-through, a set designer pays homage to her art form.
  35. The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of Brooklyn How did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios, vegan restaurants, and homes with “living walls” end up as pandemic villains?
  36. The Eco-Yogi Slumlord House Is For Sale But you’ll have to win the city’s notoriously dysfunctional housing lottery first.
  37. A Townhouse With a Tree House in the Backyard David Byrne sold it to artist Melinda Hackett, who built the circular playhouse for her three daughters.
  38. The Approval Matrix: Fast Cars and Dork Goggles Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  39. What Subway Shutdown? It is seemingly not affecting people’s appetites for Greenpoint apartments.
  40. What the Massive NYCHA Corruption Sting Really Reveals The drip-drip process of small-scale repairs, instead of full-scale renovations, is the underlying problem.
  41. Village Cigars Has Closed After Decades on Christopher Street The shop owner wanted a ten-year lease, but the landlord said he had stopped paying rent since last year.
  42. The Ugliest Divorce in Manhattan Real Estate HFZ’s luxury developers staked their futures on Bjarke Ingels’s High Line debut and lost everything.
  43. A Brewery Conversion in Harlem That Looks Like DUMBO At the Manhattanville Factory District, the very old fuses with biotech and movie production.
  44. The Kids in Therapy for Subway Anxiety Riding solo — a rite of passage — has turned into a terrifying routine for some.
  45. Fashion Week Gets Breathing Room at the Starrett-Lehigh Building Editors, buyers, and influencers should have plenty of space (and enough elevators) at the industrial-scale Chelsea behemoth.
  46. Adam Neumann’s Still Got It The WeWork founder wants to buy the company out of bankruptcy, and he’s still finding billionaires to give him the money to do it.
  47. Nir Meir Has Been Arrested in Florida The former HFZ developer, who oversaw a $2 billion debacle along the High Line, is facing extradition to New York.
  48. A Writing Cottage on the Upper East Side Pulitzer Winner Frances FitzGerald Moved into the Black and Whites along with The Paris Review.
  49. The Empty Dry Cleaner That Became a Printing Studio Artist Leslie Diuguid needed a larger space to work (and her bedroom back).
  50. The Busiest Basement in Jackson Heights The pandemic turned Nuala O’Doherty-Naranjo into an activist. Then the migrant crisis arrived.
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