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Be Safe Out There, Junior Bankers

Walking and subwaying are maybe dangerous!
  1. Be Safe Out There, Junior Bankers Walking and subwaying are maybe dangerous!
  2. Elliman’s Top Brokers Are Selling Luxury Real Estate in the Metaverse Taking the real out of real estate, for fun and profit.
  3. It Looks Like the Millennial Aesthetic Is Finally, Officially Over According to 1stDibs’s trend survey.
  4. Concrete Doesn’t Have to Be an Ecological Nightmare New technologies may drastically reduce its huge carbon footprint.
  5. New York City Nurses Can’t Take It Much Longer “There are times … when our staff is half of what it should be.”
  6. Gift of the Day: A Shimmery Odds-and-Ends Tray “It looks good on anything and everything — leather, wood, grass cloth, even an upholstered table.”
  7. A Bunch of Ivermectin Peddlers Put Up That Anti-Vaxx Bus Stop Ad It appears that the Brooklyn bus shelter ad itself was a guerilla operation.
  8. A Smattering of Zizmorcore Gifts A Curbed curation of New York City-ish merch.
  9. We Unearthed the 31 Best Rent Deals in NYC Right Now This week, we found a couple of renovated studios that have especially pleasing private outdoor spaces.
  10. Design, a Love Story The finale of Nice Try! Interior explores how objects enchant us.
  11. Gift of the Day: A Lavish English Greenhouse At nearly $17,000, this is — needless to say — something of a splurge.
  12. Can Pop-Up Banksy and Van Gogh Shows Save Retail? Vacant big-box stores are turning into a very odd sort of “art” gallery.
  13. ‘The Mayor Knew’ Eric Garcetti’s top aide was a serial harasser, according to multiple accusers. The mayor, they say, ignored it.
  14. Gift of the Day: A Designer Couple’s Favorite Elderflower Candies “The packaging caught our eye, as did the idea of an artisanal Swedish fish with elderflower, a flavor we love.”
  15. Why Is Montague Street Perpetually Drab? There’s little beyond deli muffins for the celebrity moms of Brooklyn Heights.
  16. Gift of The Day: Some Wall-Worthy Rugs “They definitely have those ’90s Much Music and Dunkaroos vibes.”
  17. All Manner of Animal-Themed Décor Some horse-printed sheets and an armadillo pillow.
  18. Gift of the Day: A Color-Blocked Coffee Machine A collaboration between two Singapore-based companies.
  19. The Best New Books to Give Architecture, Design, and Urbanism Enthusiasts Five Curbed staffers recommend their favorite new releases, from an atlas of iconic houses to an illustrated history of New York.
  20. J. Morgan Puett’s 94-Acre Industrial-Chic Country Compound It’s featured in photographer Simon Upton’s book, New York Interiors.
  21. Welcome to the Beach Cafe, the Upper East Side’s Republican Cheers Ann Coulter, Cindy Adams, and Donald Jr. hang out there; try the (Roger) Stone Burger.
  22. Gift of the Day: A Spotty Ceramic Vessel Recommended by a self-described ceramics aficionado.
  23. Gift of the Day: Jill Singer’s Favorite Lumpy Goblet “They’re highly impractical and honestly superfluous, which is exactly why they’re such a fun gift.”
  24. 30 Hours With American Christmas, New York’s Go-To Holiday Decorator The frantic race to drape the city in wreaths and lights before Thanksgiving weekend.
  25. Design’s Unruly, Organic, and Wild Year A dispatch from NYCxDesign’s 2021 edition.
  26. Chris Cornelius Wants to Challenge the Expectations of Indigenous Design The founder of studio:indigenous talks tree funerals and tricksters.
  27. How Is Paperboy Love Prince Possibly Running for Congress in 11 Districts? The former mayoral candidate can run, but getting on the ballot on all the districts may be a challenge.
  28. Gift of the Day: An Architect’s Favorite Black-Paged Notebook It comes with jelly pens.
  29. This Is the Beginning of Gowanus’s New Skyline An expansive rezoning passed today has developers ready to build, build, build.
  30. Why Do New Buildings Look So Basic? We can embrace ornamentation in architecture without returning to the past.
  31. A $399,000 Chelsea Studio and a Floor-Through 2-Bedroom in Crown Heights Plus a Brooklyn Heights one-bedroom with a large private roof-deck.
  32. Gift of the Day: The Simplest, Handsomest Socks As recommended by a Canadian with a substantial cold-weather collection.
  33. Curbed’s 2021 Advent-Calendar Gift Guide Over the course of the next 25 days, we will be doling out, one by one, the gifts recommended by dozens of design bigwigs with extremely good taste.
  34. Gift of the Day: A (Somewhat Strange) Fruit Tree It produces funky-tasting calamondins.
  35. A Blue-Floored Loft That ‘Looks Like a Hardware Store Exploded’ An impromptu visit with artist and How to Make Mistakes on Purpose author Laurie Rosenwald.
  36. Hey, That Bull Looks Familiar Brazil’s stock exchange is the latest to install a “Charging Bull” knockoff.
  37. There’s Only One Church Shelter That’s Reopened This Winter Dozens of other faith-based shelters remain closed.
  38. What We Know About Princess Mako’s Strikingly Mundane Hell’s Kitchen Apartment We weren’t expecting her first spot to have ballrooms and gilded ceilings, but 525 West 52nd Street is a bit blander than one might expect.
  39. The Best Gifts for Design-Minded Kids From a Keith Haring play mat for babies to a highly adaptable jumpsuit for teens.
  40. This Andrew Yang Administration Is Really Coming Together Wait, who won?
  41. Emmanuel Olunkwa Wants to Redesign New York City Windows The new editor of PIN-UP answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  42. The Bathroom Gadget Americans Are Finally Starting to Get Behind Nice Try! meets the bidet.
  43. More People Are Moving to New York Now Than Before the Pandemic And many people who left last year are coming back too.
  44. A Modular Furniture Kit That’s the Anti-Ikea Loose Parts riffs on an Erector set to solve furniture’s enormous waste problem.
  45. As a New Arena Opens in New York, the Steinbrenner Stadium Strategy Is Finished The opening of UBS Arena on Long Island marks the end of a longtime New York sports phenomenon: teams threatening to leave town.
  46. It Takes How Long to Fill NYC Affordable Apartments Through the Lottery? We now know just how slow the process is.
  47. What Wendy Goodman Loved the Most During Design Week So many wonderful things! But a few of the absolute standouts …
  48. Infrastructure Bill Spares New Yorkers From MTA Fare Hikes for Now Governor Kathy Hochul said that billions in federal funding means that fare increases are suspended and service cuts are “off the table.”
  49. Everything We Know About the Immense, Messy Macklowe Art Auction $600 million worth of Giacomettis, Picassos, de Koonings, and more; one really messy divorce.
  50. Take a Trip Around Little Yemen “I’ve been in the Bronx for 20 years — I never expected that this would happen.”
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