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Will a Casino Finally ‘Tame’ Times Square?

The developer promises a massive, 13-block security operation, care of Bill Bratton.
  1. Sagaponack Is Losing It Over a Porta-potty The public toilet is across the street from the mayor’s house, and he likes it.
  2. Listening In at the Mark Hotel Just before the holidays.
  3. The Hardest-Working Santa in Northeastern Queens My day with Dana Friedman, a 63-year-old Jewish civil litigator and Kris Kringle for hire.
  4. The Upside-Down Building Is No Longer Novel At Greenpoint’s new Eagle + West, cantilevers are just one more architectural gimmick.
  5. In Praise of the ‘Good Life’ Modernism of Barbie’s 1979 A-Frame An excerpt from Barbie Dreamhouse: An Architectural Survey
  6. Elon Musk Is Selling Off Twitter’s Cafeteria And some Eames chairs too. But the office beds are staying put.
  7. The Status Submarine’s Time Has Come “If you’re just going on a yacht in some fancy place, that’s one thing,” says Ray Dalio of going bullish on submersibles.
  8. The Wing Is Being Sued for Back Rent Again The deceased co-working space is allegedly in hot water with three of its New York landlords.
  9. Hamish Bowles’s Over-the-top Co-op Is for Sale The Greenwich Village two-bedroom has a trompe-l’oeil doorknob.
  10. The Best Gifts for Design-Minded Kids From a Keith Haring play mat for babies to a highly adaptable jumpsuit for teens.
  11. Julius’, the Gay-Elder Dive Bar of the Village, Gets Landmarked Just as the TikTok twinks have discovered its charms.
  12. ‘Let’s Play Getting Doored!’ Lego and Playmobil’s ambulance sets each come with an injured cyclist. But don’t worry — they’re smiling.
  13. I Lost My Brother Twice First to schizophrenia, then forever to the city.
  14. ‘It Was a Struggle. I Lost All My Revenue.’ Bronx business owners were left behind in an early COVID-relief program, according to a new report from the city comptroller’s office.
  15. Eric Garcetti’s Broken Sidewalks If you want to know what kind of mayor he’s been for Los Angeles, just look down.
  16. The Crumbling Building Where No One Claims to Be the Landlord A real-estate deal that went bad has left rent-stabilized tenants in legal limbo.
  17. The Kuwaiti Government Raised Carolines’s Rent A surprising end for the beloved comedy club.
  18. The Best Movie Theaters in New York Specialty theaters beloved by cinephiles across the city.
  19. The Look Book Goes to a Padel Club With the opening of Padel Haus, the racquet sport — a cross between tennis and squash — now has a home in Williamsburg.
  20. The Queens Native Tasked With Making Legal Weed Work Christopher Alexander is building New York’s budding market from scratch.
  21. Libbie Mugrabi Has Mansion Problems The socialite is facing eviction on the Upper East Side. Her Water Mill compound is an even bigger mess.
  22. In Praise of the Subway Exit Gate The MTA may redesign it to stop fare evaders, but it’s the only thing that lets parents ride the subway in the first place.
  23. Secrets of the Christmas Tree Trade Turf wars. Protection money. Scientology. And my boss, a man who’s half-convinced he really is Santa.
  24. What Is Going on With Twitter’s Horrible Headquarters? The company’s San Francisco landlord is struggling to refinance. And workers are being invited to sleep in conference rooms.
  25. New St. Nick: The Glowed-up Greek Church at Ground Zero The tiny marble Greek Orthodox church next to the World Trade Center finally opens, 21 years after its predecessor was destroyed.
  26. Mashed Potatoes Meet Monet Climate activists have been celebrated for defacing great paintings. Why?
  27. Eric Adams Has Rats According to an unpaid summons for his Bed-Stuy townhouse.
  28. 39 Reasons to Love New York Right Now Every time it’s been confronted, New York has returned, more impossibly and unpredictably itself than ever, because we wanted it to.
  29. Do You Know These Famous New Yorkers? Take our cover photo quiz.
  30. One Intersection, 72 Celebrities, 10,912 Clicks of the Shutter The making of our ‘Reasons to Love New York’ cover.
  31. La Guardia Is Kind of Ritzy Sky bridges have become something of a status symbol for airports around the world. La Guardia has two.
  32. Eric Adams Is Certainly Enjoying Himself Performance is an inherent part of politics. But perhaps no prior mayor has ever leaned so far into spectacle.
  33. Why I Want the Marijuana Dispensary License Here, some applicants on their high hopes.
  34. All This Hero Wanted Was to Stay Here Francisco Puebla was among the people who spotted the suspected subway shooter. He was offered a monetary reward but told the city he didn’t want it.
  35. He Transformed His LES Apartment To Feel Like His Minnesota Childhood Home. Artist and set designer Steven Hammel’s cozy nostalgia.
  36. Where Is the Tesla Bus? Elon Musk announced it alongside the Tesla Semi all those years ago. So what gives?
  37. No, That Wasn’t Danny DeVito You Just Saw at a Party in Bushwick Just hundreds of semi-bald lookalikes.
  38. Is the American West Finally Ready to Kill the Lawn? A historic agreement to save the Colorado River by tearing up more grass is a small step, but a crucial one.
  39. Ding-Dong, Here Comes Legal Weed Delivery As storefronts race to open, the state is clearing a path to getting those pre-rolls brought to your door ASAP.
  40. The City’s Listing for a Rat Director Is a Bit Much The right candidate will have a “general aura of badassery.”
  41. Sloths Are Tearing Apart Suffolk County A storefront across from a Carvel is perhaps not an appropriate environment for the animals.
  42. Now You Can Live in a Crypto Office A crypto-mining firm’s former Hudson Yards space is marketed as the $19.5 million home of your dreams.
  43. From the Archives: When Soho Was Imperiled “Artists came to Soho because it was ignored and cheap. Now it is no longer ignored, and soon it will not be cheap.”
  44. The Messy Real-Estate Fallout From FTX’s Implosion A running list.
  45. Is New York’s Crypto-Mining Moratorium the Start of a Trend? The two-year ban is the first of its kind, possibly not the last.
  46. The Day Wendy Goodman Moved Out of Her Apartment of 27 Years “I’d always thought that I’d be carried out feet first.” Then the brownstone she rented in was sold, and she had to sort through life.
  47. The Look Book Goes to Kathy Hochul’s Election Night Party The governor and fellow New York Democrats hosted a crowd of hundreds at Capitale as the midterm results came in.
  48. The Best Vintage for Men in New York Knit beanies and Army jackets at the city’s best vintage stores for men.
  49. The Six-Way Race for One New York Casino License And a closer look at the Hudson Yards option.
  50. The Upper East Side Is Thrilled at Barnes & Noble’s Return Which tells us something about what a neighborhood needs (besides books).
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