Rent Stabilization Isn’t Going to the Supreme Court This Time

The justices declined to hear a case against rent regulation brought by New York landlord groups. But there will be others.
  1. Eric Adams Was Missing During a Natural Disaster — Again This is becoming a pattern.
  2. How to Fake-Own the New Yorker Hotel A fraudster got himself a rent-stabilized lease at the Hell’s Kitchen landmark. Then he tried to take it over.
  3. A $50,000 Permit May Have Killed the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade But there may still be hope for your bichon frise dressed as Oppenheimer.
  4. This Week’s Worth-it New York City Listings Some not-terrible finds in a terrible week.
  5. I Didn’t Know My Broker Was a Bot Renters hoping to meet Brook E. and Emily O. at that Greenpoint open house will be sorely disappointed.
  6. Trump Doesn’t Own the Most Expensive Apartment That’s Ever Existed in NYC If a judge’s ruling stands, Trump, who committed fraud by exaggerating the value of his real estate, may even lose control of Trump Tower.
  7. Light-Drenched Offices Fill the Shell of Domino Sugar A refinery with a dirty past, spotlessly reimagined.
  8. It’s Giving Halston Evoking “the spirit of a bygone hedonism” in a sensible mid-century West Side co-op.
  9. Dory Fantasmagory Is Some of the Best Children’s Literature in Years In the six-book series, author Abby Hanlon embraces the messier parts of childhood and raising children.
  10. The Sun Sets on WFH Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  11. Give the Liberty Their Crown How New York’s WNBA team became the hottest ticket — with the rowdiest crowd — in town.
  12. Beverly’s Is Making It Permanent Beverly Nguyen’s roaming homewares pop-up signed a lease at 27 Orchard.
  13. Eric Adams’s Big Housing Plan Is 100 Small Ideas in a Trenchcoat A lot of them are good. But can he push them through neighborhood resistance?
  14. Listening In At News Corp A few hours after the news broke that Rupert Murdoch would be stepping down.
  15. The Look Book Goes to the Luar Fashion Show At a warehouse in Bushwick, Raul Lopez’s line closed out Fashion Week with a runway presentation, rooftop after-party, and performance by Doechii.
  16. A Gramercy Park Apartment With Two Private Terraces (and a Key to the Park) The combined 11th-floor unit also comes with two kitchens.
  17. An Out-of-Work Prop Maker Will Build Your Bookshelves As the strikes continue, New York’s set decorators and prop makers are making the awkward adjustment to building real walls and houses.
  18. Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Golf-Infused’ Midtown Bar An entire block filled with golf simulators and New York’s largest indoor TV.
  19. Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World Was in Queens A museum to a cultural legend emphasizes his unpretentious life at home.
  20. Greenpoint Versus Greenpoint Can a quickly changing neighborhood learn to coexist with itself?
  21. The Off-Kilter Beauty of NYC’s Shabby, Singular Storefronts And the photographers who have made a life’s work of documenting them.
  22. Donald Judd’s Soho In His Own Words The story behind 101 Spring Street.
  23. Zombie Renovations Are Coming Landlords are claiming that work completed decades ago is grounds to take a building out of rent regulation. What’s a tenant supposed to do?
  24. The Unwise Guy A top official in the Adams administration gambled with the mob and, allegedly, took bribes.
  25. Bye, Bouclé Resale sites are flooded with bubbly, fuzzy couches and chairs. Are we experiencing textural fatigue?
  26. The Best Cake Shops in New York Cake shops for any celebration.
  27. A Classic West End Avenue Apartment That Became an Art Archive 58 years ago, the photographer Joel Meyerowitz rented an apartment to raise his family. It found other uses.
  28. A Brief Oral History of a Muddy Burning Man “We were teasing this camp of furries next to us all week long. Turns out they saved our lives.”
  29. Ten Years Later, Still Coming Soon Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet opened the Lower East Side home-design shop on 11/12/13.
  30. Curbed September Report: Rainy Open Houses and Midtown East Still on Top Plus, the listings that brokers are obsessed with.
  31. Who’s Selling A Condo Staged With Tons of Acting Awards? Jeremy Strong, of course.
  32. A Sutton Place Penthouse That Just Won’t Move Lisa Perry’s pop art co-op has faced three price cuts in as many years.
  33. Need Housing? Need a Rail Line? Stack Them Up. Studio V’s proposal for a Borough Park rail cut.
  34. The Townhouse Where Ivana Trump Died Has Been Hard to Sell Will a $4 million price cut help?
  35. The Trashy, Freaky, DIY East Village Scene That Birthed Modern Drag Where RuPaul, Lady Bunny, and Lypsinka got their start.
  36. A Decamping to a Broad Channel Swim Club Coming Soon co-founders Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria left the Upper East Side for the Rockaways.
  37. New York City’s 15,000 (and Counting) Private Pools Over the past 50 years, developers have been on a pool-construction spree while the city has built just a handful.
  38. Ask an Airbnb Host If You Can Rent Their Apartment With a little convincing, that soon-to-be de-listed garden unit could be yours.
  39. Who in Olympic Tower Is Trying to Sell 5 Apartments at Once? We went to great lengths to find out.
  40. All of Us Doppelgangers Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  41. 4 Precarious Plots on Fifth Avenue A construction project has become a nightmare for the neighbors.
  42. Janette Sadik-Khan on Getting Congestion Pricing Right ‘We don’t look ready.”
  43. The Look Book Goes to the U.S. Open We chatted with tennisgoers at the American Express Fan Experience tent.
  44. Who Knew So Many Celebrities Wanted to Design Wallpaper Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, and Gwyneth Paltrow found a lucrative side hustle.
  45. Airbnb Hosts Are Feeling Abandoned As the city prepares to crack down on short-term rentals, the hosts say the company is out of its depth.
  46. A Fairy-Tale Beach Cottage in Cherry Grove Allison Michael Orenstein and Simone Saint Laurent have a motto: “When in doubt, paint it white.”
  47. 8 Especially Excellent New Shops The best of the many stores that have popped up around the city lately.
  48. A Designed-Down-to-the-Last-Inch Greenwich Village Apartment The bathrooms are done in head-to-toe terrazzo, for one.
  49. VanMoofers After the Bankruptcy Will the Dutch e-bike’s acquisition by a new company be enough to restore riders’ faith?
  50. Inside the City’s Gleaming New Performance Cube The Perelman Performing Arts Center is a standout at the reconstructed World Trade Center site. Will people come?
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