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How New York Ruined Its Summer Vacation

Options include: Floral displays, TikTok influencers, and Alan Dershowitz.
  1. Manhattan Rents Broke Another Record Average rents reached more than $5000 in July.
  2. At Last, Congestion Pricing Fee Previews Some numbers to fuel the battle.
  3. ‘They’re Destroying an Artists’ Block’: Locals on the Vornado Penn Station Plan A furrier, a circus school, and other shops on the big changes coming to their block.
  4. Can New York’s Hotels Make Breakfast Important Again? Our late-rising diner-at-large gets up for some new spreads.
  5. Issey Miyake Was A Designer’s Designer The Japanese fashion designer was not just a favorite of architects; he was an early supporter of many young practices.
  6. The Ranch Thinks New Yorkers Can’t Handle the Ranch The luxury Malibu boot camp is coming to the Hudson Valley with shorter hikes and later wake-up times.
  7. Westworld Has Become West Side World Present-day New York, with a few digital additions, was perfectly suitable as a dystopian set.
  8. Magda Sawon Is Always Too Early The co-founder of Postmasters Gallery answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  9. The Times’ ‘Hunt’ Columnist Is Being Sued for Back Rent But it looks like Joyce Cohen is just trying to finish out her sublet term.
  10. Before and After in Bed-Stuy Laura Higby and Rebecca Stubbs knew their new 19th-century brownstone would be beautiful. A look at the work that got it there.
  11. Training the Next Generation of Shop Owners Is Key to Chinatown’s Survival Takeaways from a new report on the pandemic impact and future of the neighborhood.
  12. Dystopian Housing Issue? There’s an App for That. It’s become so impossible to get an apartment that apps have emerged to make it easier — for a fee, of course.
  13. The Department of Sanitation Has an Oddly Excellent TikTok It’s full of googly-eyed snowplow trucks and earnest charm.
  14. Eric Adams vs. New York’s Greatest Boat Ride Pay the Staten Island Ferry staff, please.
  15. Simply Stop Watering Your Lawn They’re gonna run out of water. And the Southampton Fire Department is nervous.
  16. It’s Hot Garbage Month Curbed looks at the curb.
  17. The Best Mold Experts in New York For selling a house, cleaning the HVAC system, and more.
  18. The Look Book Goes to 500 Weddings On a recent weekend, Lincoln Center invited couples whose weddings had been disrupted by the pandemic to renew their vows.
  19. Eastern Parkway Was Never Meant to Be a Highway The case for making the street more like the pleasure road Frederick Law Olmsted intended.
  20. What If We Stole the West Side Highway for Bikes? Closing down a car lane, adding a bike lane.
  21. A Fake Developer Scammed 20 Brooklyn Families Out of $4 Million After trusting a familiar face in the Chinese community, they are suing him to stave off eviction.
  22. Kingston Becomes the First Upstate City to Adopt Rent Control The move will probably set the stage for other cities upstate to follow suit.
  23. The San Jose Realtor Whose Clients Would Rather Be in Palo Alto “Even my most wealthy and successful clients can’t touch that market.”
  24. Why Ivana Trump Was Buried at Bedminster Golf Course: 3 Theories With his ex-wife’s burial in a simple grave, Trump’s weird 15-year dream of turning his New Jersey property into a cemetery has come true.
  25. Chella Man Wants to Redesign Headphones As Armor The artist and activist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  26. Todd Oldham’s Place in the Poconos It’s a patchwork of new and old ideas and … it’ll never be finished.
  27. Shark Spotters Looking for what lurks off New York’s beaches.
  28. Bishop Lamor Whitehead Owns a Lot of Real Estate. Or Does He? The Brooklyn pastor, who said he was robbed of $1 million mid-sermon last Sunday, is reportedly in default on a $4.5 million house.
  29. We’re So Close to Having Cars That You Can’t Drive Drunk A simple fix that Republicans are trying to oppose.
  30. Never Look at Someone While They’re Locking Their Bike They are vulnerable. And sweaty.
  31. Candy-Inspired Tables, an Archive of NYC Water, and More Finds Plus, a new ashtray from Seth Rogen’s weed brand Houseplant.
  32. Trump’s Grotesque Plan to ‘End Homelessness’ Is Already Mainstream Policy Among plenty of Democrats, too.
  33. Jimmy Fallon Found the Perfect Buyer for His Clown House And that buyer is Cara Delevingne.
  34. Rat Dinnertime May Be Pushed Back by 4 Hours What is this, Europe?
  35. It’s Actually Good News That Google Bought the Thompson Center Helmut Jahn’s iconic Chicago building now has a chance at being preserved.
  36. New York Moving Companies Go to War Over Tech Secrets The long-running grudge match between Piece of Cake and Dumbo Moving and Storage.
  37. 4 Days to Find a Not-Horrible Apartment for a Family of Four The search, at long last, concludes.
  38. Get In, Losers, We’re Moving to Montague Street The block is heating up.
  39. A Tea-Spilling Lawsuit Upends a Hell’s Kitchen Gay Club Just how woke can a megaclub hosting underwear parties really ever be?
  40. The Flight Hack Is Dead Abandon hope all ye who enter security.
  41. Waterline Square Is Better Than We Had a Right to Expect The last piece of Riverside South clicks into place.
  42. Why Is It So Hard to Buy a Copy of the Times? Once ubiquitous, now surprisingly tough to find.
  43. The Regulars Rooting for a Crash at Brooklyn’s Foreclosure Auctions Hope springs eternal for the small-time hustler.
  44. There Is Now a Raya for Home-Swapping DTC furniture and well-maintained Monsteras only.
  45. DALL-E Is Actually Kind of Good at Designing Walkable Streets In case we want to replace car-centric engineers with bots.
  46. Qualeasha Wood Wants to Get Crab Legs With Cardi B. The textile artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  47. Bunny Heaven in Williamsburg Rachel Nuwer and Paul Dix’s 2,300-square-foot rooftop garden is home to bees, trees, crickets, and gamboling rabbit friends.
  48. The Monkeypox Vaccine Hunger Games Are On Everybody’s angry, some are in denial, and … it’s hot out here.
  49. The Best-Smelling Street in the City Nolita’s scent strip.
  50. Is It Better to Host Abortion Seekers or Just Find Them Hotel Rooms? Why some abortion aid groups have shifted their strategies.
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