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Manhattan Rents Drop, Stray Pig Busts Into a Brooklyn Backyard, and Other News

The important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  1. The 8 (Handsome) Knives a Fourth-Generation Butcher Uses in Her Kitchen First and foremost, they’re functional. But — and don’t tell Grandpa Seymour this — they’re also beautiful to look at.
  2. Andy Coolquitt’s Austin Art Commune Was Inspired by Duchamp “It’s really an experiment in … learning how to live a sane existence.”
  3. Trump Keeps Talking About ‘Tiny Windows,’ And No One Knows What He Means Make fenestration great again?
  4. ‘I Voted’ Stickers for Everyone Who Needs One A New York Magazine collaboration with 48 artists
  5. Artist Stephanie H. Shih Happily Gave Up On Minimalism “I realized that will never be me. It can’t be me.” A visit to her Carroll Gardens apartment.
  6. Two New Office Buildings Open, When Nobody’s Going to the Office Millions of new square feet. Pretty good architecture. Is anyone going to rent it?
  7. A $470K One-Bedroom by Brooklyn Museum and a Maximalist Studio on Perry Street Plus, a Hudson Heights apartment with tons of casement windows, a park-adjacent unit in Windsor Heights, and more.
  8. Where Could the City Squeeze New Housing Into Soho? The exclusive neighborhood could see thousands of new apartments — some of them “affordable” — if the city gets its way.
  9. Neutra’s Poolside Gossip House Asks $25M in Palm Springs The much-photographed house that helped to define postwar modernism in California is for sale.
  10. London Artist Julie Verhoeven’s Favorite Spot in Her House Is Her Toilet “The flat has become a giant collage of precarious layers of stuff.”
  11. It Came From New York Disco. The freak show. Neoconservatism. Q-tips. They all started in the world’s most creative, inventive city.
  12. First Look: New York’s Digital Subway Map Comes Alive Today And, almost incidentally, it resolves a five-decade fight for graphics supremacy.
  13. After a Daylong Debacle, the East River Ferry Is Headed Back to Greenpoint A new landowner, giving minimal notice, briefly stopped it from docking on Monday. Riders were not happy.
  14. WeWork Didn’t Blow Up Without Help SoftBank’s reckless $10 billion bet on what became the city’s biggest landlord won’t be the last of its kind.
  15. Two Designers Are Selling Their Brick Townhouse on a Flatbush Cul-de-sac Asking $1.7 million, the townhouse comes with new decks out back and a finished basement with its own spacious kitchen.
  16. Who Lived in That Farrah Fawcett Place, and What’s Happened to Him Since? Catching up with Raymond Donahue, whose home was on the cover of Nest’s first issue.
  17. Who Will Determine the Post-Amazon Future for Long Island City? Plans to reshape the waterfront are stuck in a rudderless moment.
  18. Musician Henry Hall’s Childhood Bedroom: Ocean Views, Beanie Babies, and Ghosts The 28-year-old son of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall remembers the room he grew up in.
  19. See Shantell Martin’s New Playground Mural In the Rockaways.
  20. Another Challenge to Evictions Pause Fails, Van Halen Avenue, and Other News Here’s what’s going on around town this week.
  21. Your Quarantine Clutter Has a Long and Distinguished History Embrace the mess.
  22. A Floating Home-Away-From-Home Lyndsay Caleo Karol and Fitzhugh Karol’s getaway boat, Lucy, sleeps eight and is moored at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  23. 12 (Vetted) Tree Houses to Rent, From Silicon Valley to Woodstock We’ve combed through hundreds of listings and vacation-rental reviews to find the best tree houses for rent in the U.S.
  24. Meet the Couple Who Bought the Brutalist Bachelor Pad You Saw on Twitter People went wild for the house online, but these people actually plan to live in it.
  25. The Pandemic Pet Is a Snail They’re suddenly everywhere: sliding on models’ backs to promote Sophie Buhai’s latest jewelry collection and on the artist Chloe Wise’s finger.
  26. This Spring, We All Drove Much Less. Yet Traffic Deaths Went Up. Why? The lure of the open street.
  27. The Look Book Goes to a Bed-Stuy Stoop Sale Organized by a fashion editor and a photographer, a sale where passersby picked up a snakeskin hat, white leather bell-bottoms, and a pink kimono.
  28. The Next Mayor’s Next City Bill de Blasio’s successor will get the chance to make New York life easier, nicer, and fairer — or just keep us going the way we were before.
  29. Theo Henderson Influences L.A. City Policy. For 7 Years, He’s Lived in the Park. His podcast, We the Unhoused, is made from wherever he can charge up his phone.
  30. Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s Housing Market The COVID-19 pandemic turned New York’s housing market on its head, creating sometimes conflicting trends that house hunters need to be familiar with.
  31. Still Closer Than Maplewood: A Deeply Renovated Carriage House in Maspeth Its laundry room is so large it feels practically suburban.
  32. How 50 New York Buildings Scored on Their Energy-Efficiency Report Cards And, yes, they will have to post them in their lobbies.
  33. When NIMBY Met MAGA on the Upper West Side A group of liberal residents wanted to oust hundreds of homeless men from a local hotel. Then Tucker Carlson took up their cause.
  34. A Studio Visit With Nest Founder Turned Painter Joseph Holtzman He paints on marble, and the sofa is from 1918.
  35. When Nest Was What’s Next Looking back at the fearlessly eccentric magazine that Condé Nast was too afraid to buy.
  36. The Ooh-La-La Fake Feminism of That Big Naked Medusa Statue By the Courthouses It’ll certainly co-star in endless selfies.
  37. Curbed Is Now at Home at ‘New York’ We can’t imagine a better fit.
  38. Curb Your Dog! Save the Tomatoes! New Yorkers make the most out of sidewalk green spaces by planting everything from formal hedges to vegetable gardens.
  39. The Panic Attack of New York’s Power Brokers The city’s “permanent government” has always built its way out of crisis. But what if it can’t?
  40. Renegotiating Your Rent (Or Finding a Better Deal) Tips from experts and tenants on how to upgrade or renegotiate the terms of your lease.
  41. May I Come In? A library of some of Wendy Goodman’s favorite places.
  42. Jazz Icon Dave Brubeck’s Connecticut House Feels Frozen in 1963 Three of his pianos and an organ are still there (but, sadly, they aren’t included in the asking price).
  43. The Best Gifts for Minimalists, According to Minimalists What to get the person who wants for nothing … literally.
  44. My ‘Very De Stijl’ Yellow Dining Table Cost Less Than A Fancy Dinner For Two “Something out of The Jetsons,” “ingeniously minimalist,” and “very De Stijl” are just three ways people have described the affordable furniture.
  45. The Best Housewarming Gifts, According to Cool Homeowners (and Renters) From sleek security cameras to fancy salt.
  46. The Giant Rug My Instagram Followers Always Ask Me About Only Costs $80 I spent weeks frustratedly hunting through $1,000 pieces the size of a bath mat before I found it.
  47. How to Hang Pictures, Mirrors, and Plates, According to an Expert “If you follow those steps, you’ll have a straight painting, picture, photograph, anything.”
  48. How to Iron a Sheet, According to Maira Kalman “Getting into bed is one of the great moments of life.”
  49. Heshy Tischler Wants to Be Borough Park’s Donald Trump Orthodox Brooklyn’s most visible agitator, shortly before his arrest this past weekend: “You just wait for round two.”
  50. Tour a Seaside Castle in the Rockaways Cecilia Dean and David Selig’s beach retreat is more than a weekend surf lodge; it’s also a space for the burgeoning local arts community.
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