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32 Days to Find a Not-Horrible Apartment for a Family of 4

Too exhausted to go on, Emily hands the hunt over to her husband, Keith.
  1. A Funny Thing Happened in Trump’s SUV on the Way to the Capitol Riot Maybe he should have walked after all.
  2. In a Soho Loft, Tech Bros Plot an Autonomous City Praxis, a “grassroots movement of modern pioneers,” lures members with grocery-store crudités and vague conversation.
  3. Inside Olympic Tower, Where Foreign Billionaires Have Long Flocked The midtown high-rise is ideal for those who’d rather not do much of anything themselves.
  4. Walking the Mall With Alexandra Lange The architecture critic and Meet Me by the Fountain author sizes up her local food court.
  5. Ruoyi Jiang Hates the Lower East Side’s Bad Public Art The founder of Chop Suey Club answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  6. Eric Adams Tracks Homeless Encampments on a Google Doc It’s his “system,” and he gets mad when police don’t use it.
  7. The Year REBNY Tried to Get Cool And the real power players left early.
  8. The End of Abortion As We Knew It In a 6–3 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  9. Meet Eric Adams’s Other Brooklyn Apartment An unofficial tour of the Prospect Heights co-op he forgot he still owned.
  10. Bring on the SUV Crushing If New York City wants to do safety spectacle, let’s go big.
  11. The Austin Broker With a Robust Country-Club Client Base “A colleague sends me some stats from the Census Bureau saying that Austin’s population is increasing by 146 people every day. Wowza!”
  12. Julia Haart’s $65 Million Penthouse Is Politically Neutral Also it’s technically not her apartment.
  13. The Annual Circus That Makes Landlords and Tenants Mad Why is the Rent Guidelines Board vote always like this? And is there a fairer way?
  14. The Best Tailors in New York Equipped for any type of alterations.
  15. The Look Book Goes to a WNBA Game On a recent Sunday at Barclays Center, we spoke to fans moments after the Chicago Sky beat the New York Liberty.
  16. Rent-Stabilized Apartments Are About to Get More Expensive The Rent Guidelines Board voted, tenants booed, landlords cleaned up.
  17. Billionaires Think a Recession Will Force You Back Into the Office Stephen Ross and friends smell worker desperation in the water.
  18. What Landlords Privately Think About the Real-Estate Boom “Why shouldn’t I charge what I can charge? Doesn’t that sound nasty, though?”
  19. What Wendy Goodman Loved at This Year’s Milan Furniture Fair The off-site wonders and provocative installations of the design world’s biggest showcase.
  20. Dario Calmese Misses His Jean Paul Gaultier Corset The artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  21. Can Dumbo’s Selfie Street Handle Another Attraction? Performance artists and TikTok influencers will have to learn to share the cobblestones.
  22. The MTA Bus Driver Who Won’t Tell You to Pay “I’m not enforcing a fare that can lead to me being hurt.”
  23. Hoboken Hasn’t Had a Traffic Death in 4 Years. What’s It Doing Right? For starters: Street corners rebuilt for visibility, and decisive politicians.
  24. A ‘Comical Dungeon’ Designed in VR Takes Over a Chinatown Gallery Neo-feudalism and medieval creatures inspired Ryan Decker’s first solo show.
  25. The Weed World Trucks Are Apparently Terrible at Parking According to this week’s impound rate.
  26. How I Found the New Roof Park at Pier 57 The city’s newest public park tries to be everything at once and ends up feeling like a private space.
  27. For Rent: Two-Bedroom, Great Light, and a Tenant With COVID Who is about to show you the apartment.
  28. The 3-Day Return to Office Is, So Far, a Dud Hybrid work is supposed to be the future of the office. Except a lot of people just don’t like it.
  29. Tribeca Festival’s Post-Film Reboot Jane Rosenthal has run it from the start and now has Murdoch money. And yes, it still shows movies.
  30. Checking In With the Real-Estate Brokers Who Stormed the Capitol And their current listings, from Chicago’s Trump Tower to a Colorado car wash franchise.
  31. Los Angeles Is Trying to Ban Bike Repair in Public The council just advanced an ordinance that would make it illegal to be in public space with bike parts.
  32. Cars Stuck Like the Suez Canal but in the Bronx.
  33. Google Maps Renamed Bedford Avenue ‘Maple Avenue’ But they’re trying to fix it.
  34. What a Wood Boat and a Concrete Chaise Reveal About the African Diaspora A sculpture exhibition at Brooklyn Bridge Park explores modern Black identity.
  35. Why Do the Men of SNL Live in Such Horrifying Apartments? Live from New York … wow, this is kind of a dump, huh?
  36. What Is Going On With This Architect and the Buildings He Fake-Approved? The strange case of Warren L. Schiffman and the Marx Development Group.
  37. Laura Raicovich Thinks Museums Should Have Fewer Shows a Year The writer and curator answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  38. Author Sloane Crosley’s Favorite Spots in the West Village A Wonka-esque Japanese grocery, a bar that will put candied ginger in anything, and a tennis court where timing is key.
  39. A Debonair Gut Reno of a Bohemian East Village Co-op: Before and After Photos Tech entrepreneur Matt Hackett and designer Archie Archambault remade an apartment in the storied Onyx Court.
  40. Architect-Designed Birdhouses, a Busway Mural, and More Design Finds Plus fashion designer Duro Olowu mines the Cooper Hewitt’s archive.
  41. Outsourcing Public Bathrooms to Starbucks Maybe Wasn’t the Best Idea What Howard Schultz giveth, Howard Schultz may taketh away.
  42. The Best Tilers in New York Who to call for impeccably tiled floors, walls, and showers.
  43. The Morgan Library’s Gilded Age Garden Gets a Glow-up A restoration that looks as rich as it should.
  44. Somehow, the Rental Market Is Only Getting Worse Prepare for a hellish summer.
  45. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for Good Cause Eviction Tenant activists released a swarm of the noisy bugs into an Albany courtroom.
  46. The American Dream Is Almost in Default The mall, that is.
  47. The Look Book Goes to a Marc Jacobs Sample Sale Shoppers waited for hours — and in some cases bought spots at the front of the line — in hope of snagging their desired designs for less.
  48. The Hamptons Broker Whose Clients Think $60,000 a Month is a Great Deal “My colleague has this funny line that I thought was fitting here: ‘This is the Hamptons, honey. We can disappoint you at any price point.’”
  49. The Talented Security Guards of the Met They’re enforcers, tour guides, artists.
  50. 49 Days to Find a Not-Horrible Apartment For a Family of Four “Even if you could imagine this unit being clean, it still would have a general ambiance I can only describe as serial-killer-y.”
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