migrant crisis

Is Moving Migrants to Randalls Island a Solution?

Critics of the plan say the mayor is swapping one isolated floodplain for another.
  1. Marc Chagall’s Teeny Upstate Cabin, Untouched Since 1970 It’s a relative steal, for $240,000
  2. Rent Day Is Fun Now According to Wells Fargo.
  3. A Design Gallery With Literary Roots Opens in Tribeca Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons inspired Jacqueline Sullivan’s first show of British antiques, Gaetano Pesce chairs, and contemporary objects.
  4. A Night Out in the 50th Street Subway Station “Obviously, a subway station in Times Square doesn’t immediately register as, like, a cool place.”
  5. Kim Kardashian’s $355 Bathroom Vanity Set Is Brutalist Muji Keeping up with koncrete.
  6. The Look Book Goes to We Met IRL We talked to singles at the speed-dating series for people of color, whose tickets tend to sell out minutes after they go live.
  7. The Best Kitchen Shops in New York One-stop shops for a kitchen refresh.
  8. The Gramercy Park Hotel’s Liquidation Sale Was a Real Scene ““People were coming out with tears streaming down their faces.”
  9. Introducing Reread: Real Estate Mania, a New Newsletter Miniseries Classic stories of the next hot neighborhood, the renovation that seemingly never ends, and the living situation that’s really too good to be true.
  10. Grimes Is a YIMBY She says she needed Elon Musk to help her buy a house in Austin.
  11. The New Worker-Owners of Astor Wines & Spirits Astor’s employees will be even more integrated with a store that was already an anchor of the neighborhood.
  12. The Tacky Weed Bodega Is Everywhere (for Now) What has the city’s Kush Rush wrought?
  13. Tenants Prevail Over Scaffolding Thanks, in part, to 79 tweets.
  14. ‘It Was Imperfect by Definition’ Talking to the lawyer behind New York’s “right to shelter” 40 years later.
  15. Gaetano Pesce Designed 400 Gloopy Chairs for Bottega Veneta And you might be able to snag one at Design Miami in November.
  16. 17 Seconds With a Spotted Lanternfly Face-to-face with the stylish invasive species. So do I smoosh it or not?
  17. Your Rent Might Be Going Up This Week And it’s almost certainly never going down.
  18. Ebony L. Haynes Was Obsessed With the Encyclopedia Britannica As a Kid The director of 52 Walker answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  19. Proustian and Epicurean Ariane Ruskin Batterberry and her late husband, Michael, founders of Food & Wine, moved into this apartment in 1969.
  20. Nature-Inspired Glass Lighting, Soft Seating at Lincoln Center, and More Finds Plus a monument to a historic Filipino settlement in Louisiana.
  21. The Best Part of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is the Set Design Mid-century Palm Springs stands in for a utopia that devolves into something sinister.
  22. Richie Akiva Is No Longer the King of Nightclubs, Okay? His post-pandemic move: a celebrity-packed … members-only club.
  23. How Big Should an Umbrella Be? A fight about sidewalks featuring Pat Kiernan.
  24. Wiz Khalifa, Open Door King Sorry to Gwyneth Paltrow’s fake Ruth Asawas.
  25. Unsurprisingly, Dwell Magazine is Now Selling Its Own Prefab ADUs For just $389,000.
  26. High Profile Compass Brokers Are Leaving for Elliman In search of greener pastures, where teams can grow and DocuSign is paid for.
  27. The City Quietly Stopped Pruning a Lot of Its Trees And now it’s hurricane season.
  28. Who Are All These People Eating on DeKalb? It might be the most confusingly busy restaurant stretch in the city.
  29. ‘We Weren’t Afraid to Fall on Our Face.’ A new exhibition honors the rebellious Soho design gallery Art et Industrie.
  30. 60 Wall Street’s Lobby Is Weird and Ridiculous and Deserves to Be Saved The Landmarks hearing on Tuesday is a make-or-break day.
  31. Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Failed Again in Worst Disaster Since Hurricane Maria Hurricane Fiona has knocked out most of the island’s power, as torrential rains have triggered mudslides and widespread flooding
  32. The Trump Organization Says Kris Jenner–Fronted ‘Business School’ Is Squatting An elite scammer-versus-scammer situation.
  33. Second Time Around in Kips Bay Aamir Khandwala and Atif Toor’s refreshed their postwar co-op. I wrote about the last refresh too.
  34. Martha’s Vineyard Migrants Leave Island As Outrage at DeSantis Grows The dozens of migrants now have temporary shelter at a military base in Cape Cod.
  35. The Central Park Supertall with a $250 Million Penthouse Extell CEO Gary Barnett is done settling for less!
  36. The Case for the One-Car Building Why a midtown tower’s communal Porsche is kind of a good thing.
  37. The Era of the Not-Too-Empty, Not-Too-Crowded Subway It’s peak comfort. And a huge problem for the MTA.
  38. Hundreds of Migrants Were Sent to ‘Live’ in a Brooklyn Heights Office Building The error may, in the worst-case scenario, doom some to deportation.
  39. ‘I Want to Protect Them From Polio’ In South Williamsburg’s Hasidic community — where vaccination rates are some of the lowest in the city — families are eager to get their shots.
  40. The Look Book Goes to KCON Devoted fans waited for hours outside Terminal 5 to be among the first to attend the only New York stop on this year’s K-pop-oriented KCON USA Tour.
  41. The Best Eyeglasses Shops in New York For hard-to-find frames, something zany, vintage Persols, and more.
  42. Kim Kardashian Is Selling Two of Her Houses She will keep the other two.
  43. Is There Such a Thing As an Ethical Smart City? Josh O’Kane’s new book on Sidewalk Labs’ failed city of the future says there’s potential.
  44. The Emigrant Becomes a Giant Projector Screen Restored bank building now holds digitally reproduced gold.
  45. The Elite Gymnasts of Gowanus How a husband-and-wife team turned New York into an unlikely source of sporting talent.
  46. ‘We’re Not Trying to Shut Down the Firm With Any of Our Demands’ Talking to the first private-sector architecture union in 80 years.
  47. New Yorkers No Longer Want Their Pet Guinea Pigs Shelters and Craigslist are filling up with people’s furry regrets.
  48. Heating Your Expensive Apartment Is About to Get More Expensive Electricity, too.
  49. Duke Riley Once Owned H.P. Lovecraft’s Front Tooth The artist answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  50. The It’s-Not-a-Problem Apartment Sarah and Adam Meister’s walnut-walled mid-century apartment has a dining/ping-pong table for the kids.
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