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Storied and Sordid: The History of Jeffrey Epstein’s Just-Sold Mansion

Whoever bought it will be only the second real occupant.
  1. Trump or Epstein: Which Depraved House Would You Buy? A $50 million dilemma.
  2. We Unearthed the 45 Best Rent Deals in NYC Right Now Spotted this week: a few extremely spacious kitchens in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint.
  3. The NYPD’s New Robot Dog Can’t Hurt Us. Yet. Everything you wanted to know about the latest police pet.
  4. L.A. Startup Advertises Nonexistent One-Quarter Bedrooms in Brooklyn Heights Is Brownstone Shared Housing a disruptive new housing solution or a neo-flophouse operator? It’s hard to say.
  5. Inside the Fight to Save Jing Fong Workers rally to keep Chinatown’s largest restaurant alive.
  6. The Vaccine Selfie: Encouraged at Javits, Tolerated at Medgar Evers Don’t let the ‘no photography allowed’ signs confuse you.
  7. Wait Long Enough and Almost Anything Shows Up on Facebook’s Buy Nothing Groups Are you decluttering, recluttering, or both?
  8. First Pictures of the Original ‘Real World’ Loft, 2021 Edition Revisiting the apartment where things started getting real.
  9. The Look Book Goes to S&T Auto Body A Friday morning at the 46-year-old car-repair shop in the Bronx’s Little Italy.
  10. How to Sign Up for a COVID Vaccine in New York Two of the state’s largest vaccination centers are now operating at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and York College in Queens.
  11. 6 Knicks Fans Describe What the First Game Back Was Like “I came home and said to my wife, ‘I had three and a half hours of feeling normal.’”
  12. North Brooklyn Locals Do Not Like the Plastic Mural Proposed For Their Park It’s fake flowers versus new green space at Marsha P. Johnson State Park.
  13. Artist Emily Mason’s 4,700-Square-Foot Studio Is Just As She Left It Inside the sunny Flatiron District loft where the late artist painted for 40 years.
  14. Slouchy Ceramics, Deconstructed Furniture, and Other Things I Liked This Week Selected pieces from four new design exhibitions and one crowdsourced Instagram account focused on graphic design finds
  15. The Outlaw History of Arturo Di Modica’s Crosby Street Studio It’s the Charging Bull sculptor’s largest yet least obvious New York work.
  16. Call in the Brutalists! Biden Implodes Trump’s Classical Architecture Mandate Good riddance to “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again.”
  17. How We’ll Be Able to Hear Live Music This Summer Lincoln Center and other institutions embrace the distanced outdoor concert.
  18. The Real-Estate Listings Author Rebecca Makkai Likes to Stare At “The one thing that I look for in all these listings is the closet that’s the size of an entire room.”
  19. The Cecil Hotel Docuseries Is a Crime Story in Search of a Crime Cops, web sleuths, and other unreliable narrators drive the show.
  20. Sure, Laugh Away. But Every Big Vehicle Should Look Like the New USPS Truck We admit it’s goofy-looking, but it’s a much safer design for crowded cities.
  21. Pearl River Mart Isn’t Closing After All The new Soho location will be its sixth in 50 years.
  22. Secretary Pete Is Already Coming Through for New York City on Congestion Pricing Federal approval is finally coming for the MTA-funding traffic-reducing program.
  23. The Other Side of Rent Debt: Five Small-Time Landlords Who Are Stuck “The building will still be standing, but I won’t be.”
  24. Awol Erizku Brings His Afrocentric Symbolic Universe to NYC’s Bus Shelters Courtesy of a new Public Art Fund exhibition.
  25. After the Strike Fear and tension inside the Hunts Point Produce Market.
  26. At Amazon’s HQ2, Pretending to Be Green Takes a Lot of Energy All those trees can’t cancel out the costs of growing them on a tower.
  27. Two Musicians Renovated Their Home to Fit a Baby Grand Piano Singer Sarah Elizabeth Charles and pianist Jarrett Cherner transformed their Fort Greene three-bedroom into two to accommodate his baby grand piano.
  28. Landing a Rover on Mars Proves We Have the Smarts to Fix Earth If we can master interplanetary, zero-emission transportation, are high-speed trains and EVs really too hard?
  29. NYC Bumps Indoor Dining Up to 35 Percent Starting Next Friday “Now’s the time to start doing more reopening,” says Andrew Cuomo.
  30. A Vegan Community Fridge at a Boxing Gym? No drinking raw eggs here.
  31. Would You Want to Live in a Mid-Century Office Tower on East 38th Street? We asked an architectural firm to game out a (theoretical) conversion.
  32. Century 21 Is Returning, But You Can’t Get There on the Subway Because … it’s in Busan, South Korea.
  33. The Gut Renovation of Ryan Serhant He was a real-estate striver slinging cheap rentals until Million Dollar Listing — and a pandemic market — made him the plutocracy’s broker of choice.
  34. Watching Trump Go Down The view from an implosion in Atlantic City.
  35. Why Did Texas’s Energy Grid Fail So Spectacularly? Bad weather and bad policy.
  36. The High-Tech Upgrades of the Pandemic Office Are Mostly for Show Thermal scanners, UV lights, and fewer grout lines won’t save us.
  37. New York Takes On Amazon Over COVID Safety Measures In a lawsuit, State Attorney General Letitia James alleges that the company put workers at risk of infection.
  38. Maya Wiley, the Crisis Candidate She believes a traumatized city deserves a progressive mayor — and she is certain she’d be better at it than her former boss Bill de Blasio.
  39. The Look Book Goes to Junior Rangers Practice On a Saturday morning at the Learn to Play program at Prospect Park, where children 10 and under were slip-sliding on the ice.
  40. A Q.A. Q&A: Quemuel Arroyo, the MTA’s New Accessibility Chief The agency’s first CAO says he hears a lot of support within the MTA, but “I need to make a cultural shift here.”
  41. Maybe You Should’ve Been Wearing a Mask in the Subway All Along Air pollution at some stations is so bad that it’s like inhaling wildfire smoke.
  42. A Large One-Bedroom on Central Park West for $745K and a Cobble Hill Duplex Loft Plus, a corner two-bedroom with park and river views in Tudor City.
  43. An Upper East Side Apartment Full of Rock-and-Roll Memories Music journalist Lisa Robinson has lived in this rental, where she’s kept an archive of her interview tapes, for 45 years.
  44. Cuomo Will Allow 4,000 Sports Fans Per Night to Expose Themselves to COVID Basketball and hockey will return, with masks and required tests.
  45. Change Is Coming to the McGraw-Hill Building’s Fantastic Deco Lobby. Or Is It? Preservationists sound the alarm; architects swear they’re not trashing a treasure.
  46. Giving Vaccines to Prisoners Won’t Be Enough to Get Prisoners Vaccinated “We just don’t want to be the lab rats.”
  47. Here’s a Handsome Solution to New York’s Bike-Parking Crisis Oonee’s pods can securely store seven bikes in one car’s worth of parking.
  48. Could the Florida Water-Supply Hacking Happen in New York City? Good news: There are a lot of checks and tests that go on here. But that doesn’t mean we’re careful enough.
  49. Meet Jim McDowell and His Face Jugs The ceramicist keeps his ancestors’ traditions alive from his home studio in North Carolina.
  50. Ikea’s New Gaming Chair Is Not Hideous Level up.
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