The Second-Story Streetery Is a No-Go

Izakaya NYC tried to build up to get more outdoor space — but higher structures are not allowed.
  1. Bensonhurst Went Berserk Yesterday After Italy’s Football Win Pictures from the celebration on 18th Avenue.
  2. A Country Home (With a Fireplace and a Mini-Forest) on a Nomad Rooftop David Nosanchuk designed a penthouse that blots out the city for his client, Tom O’Shea.
  3. Even a Starchitect’s Homeless Housing Project Won’t Sway Venice Beach NIMBYs “What they are working towards is a de facto gated beach community.”
  4. Subway Flooding Is Here to Stay During intense rainfall in the city, water can end up just about anywhere.
  5. Subway Geysers and Jet Skis: See the Flooded Mess of Yesterday’s Storm The deluge is the latest preview of what climate change has in store for New York.
  6. A $369K Williamsburg Studio and a Bushwick Two-Bedroom With a Hot Tub Plus a sunny prewar one-bedroom in Washington Heights.
  7. Apartment Hunting With a Criminal Past Is Nearly Impossible Three New Yorkers talk about trying to find a place to live after prison.
  8. Greenpoint Parents Rumble Over Playground ‘Fight Club’ “I was a bit shocked at how aggressive it was.”
  9. The Look Book Goes to a Financial District Dig Inn Workers who have gone back into the office — and some who never left — stopped by to pick up their Friday lunch.
  10. Eric Adams Chooses McDonald’s Over Housing Density in Prospect Heights The presumptive mayor is already backing away from campaign promises.
  11. Neighbors Rallied to Save Their Restaurants. Can They Keep the Party Going? “There have been a lot of happy tears.”
  12. The Man Behind L.A.’s Megamansions Ramtin Ray Nosrati is a developer for our new Gilded Age.
  13. How Eric Adams Did It The likely next mayor didn’t look like it at the start of the campaign.
  14. Elon Musk Really Is Living in a Tiny Prefab House in Boca Chica It’s built by — wait for it — a startup with ideas about world domination.
  15. Inside Austin’s Wild Real-Estate Market Homes going $850,000 above asking, 96 offers in one weekend, and more tales from America’s most intense housing frenzy.
  16. This Used to Be the “Ugliest House on Mt. Merino” Jeff Hayenga and Michael Belanger’s long-simmering upstate project.
  17. 25 Men Lock Themselves in Hotel Rooms, Refusing Transfer to Homeless Shelter “I got very severe asthma, and I don’t wanna be in a dorm setting with 30 homeless men that I don’t know.”
  18. Developers Will Finally Have to Assess Who Gets Displaced by Rezonings New legislation will require racial-equity reports for many major developments.
  19. Twilight of the Liveaboards A renovation that’s also an eviction looms at the 79th Street Boat Basin.
  20. Battery Park City Is Fighting Yet Another Cuomo Monument The neighbors aren’t banging pots and pans for this celebration of essential workers.
  21. The Subway Booth Cash Clash A new federal bill could force attendants to accept dollars and cents.
  22. The Bronx Could Get a Salsa Museum in the Kingsbridge Armory The borough, where the genre was born, would be a perfect home.
  23. La Central May Be the Best Affordable Housing Your Taxes Can Buy And that’s a problem.
  24. How India Walton Convinced Buffalo Voters They Wanted Police Reform The socialist mayoral candidate didn’t run a “defund” campaign, but that’s the direction she’ll take the department.
  25. Why Did the Surfside Condo Towers Collapse? Here Are All the Theories. The best guesses about what brought down the building.
  26. No, You Can’t Recycle a Bowling Ball (But People Sure Keep Trying) The hard truth is these things are going to live longer than we are.
  27. Hell by the Sea What it’s like on the pile that was once Champlain Towers South.
  28. The Rent Guidelines Board Kind of Approved a Rent Hike, and Everybody Hates It Rents will remain frozen for the first six months, and then go up by 1.5 percent in the second half of a one-year lease.
  29. Artist Lynda Benglis Remembers Life at 222 Bowery in the 1970s “I shared an old rusty portable shower upstairs on the third floor with John Giorno …”
  30. A Flatbush Brownstone That Feels Like The Caribbean Shelley Worrell’s friends and family reno project
  31. The Co-Living Start-ups That Survived the Pandemic Are Merging — and Flourishing The pandemic brought consolidation to the co-living industry. Could it also bring an end to all the utopian rhetoric?
  32. Heidi Klum’s Louvered Closet Doors Can Be Yours, Should You Want Them The current occupant of the supermodel’s long-ago apartment is giving them away.
  33. Sex and the City Star Cynthia Nixon Snags $4.4M Kips Bay Townhouse Sex and the City star and onetime gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon has bought a $4.4M Kips Bay townhouse.
  34. The Cabin Porniest Cabin of All Cabins Is For Sale The ‘Cabin Porn’ founder’s 53-acre upstate compound comes with four habitable structures, a wood-fired sauna and hot tub, and a suspension bridge.
  35. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is Probably Doomed, Alas The system actually doesn’t work.
  36. Can California Pay Off Its Rent Debt Before Evictions Begin? Gavin Newsom says he has a plan to forgive all rent, but advocates are skeptical about how quickly it can help tenants.
  37. It’s Time for New York City to Bring Back SROs A solution to high rents, empty hotels, and the homelessness crisis.
  38. Meet the Frontline Defender of Section 8 Renters Angela Stovall is the city worker hundreds of New Yorkers turn to when they’re blocked from seeing apartments.
  39. Can Eric Adams Hold On to His Lead? What the first results of the mayoral race mean for him and his opponents.
  40. Richmond’s Confederate Monuments, One Year Later Protests brought down most of the statues on Monument Avenue — except Robert E. Lee’s.
  41. A Woman Turned a Room in Her Brownstone Into an All-Pink Content-Creation Studio It’s doing so well, the owner is turning another room in the building into an all-mint-colored version.
  42. What Would It Take to Strip New York City of Slaveholders’ Names? They’re everywhere, from streets to schools, and there’s a lot of red tape involved in changing that.
  43. The Look Book Goes to Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market Locals and out-of-towners alike shop for custom dresses, crystals, and mud cloth at the daily African crafts and textiles market.
  44. Why There Could Be No Winner on Election Night New York City’s experiment in ranked-choice voting begins.
  45. Prankster Artist Iván Argote Took Me on a Tour of NYC’s Least-Loved Monuments As part of his show at Perrotin.
  46. City Council Candidate Jaslin Kaur Interviews Her Cabdriver Father The candidate and her father talk about the medallion crisis that inspired her run and her platform to improve conditions for all drivers.
  47. A Maximalist Tries Living Like Donald Judd “More is more” designer Brock Forsblom tries living with less.
  48. What Is Going On in Washington Square Park? A 48-hour diary of a ten-acre park where everything in the city seems to be happening at once.
  49. A Mosaic Stool, Fiberglass Mezcal Cup, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus, a London Design Biennale exhibit on the “archaeology” of 700 plastic spoons.
  50. At a Washington Square Park Meeting, All of Greenwich Village Turned Up to Yell Not everyone made it inside; those who did raised their hands for an early park closing time.
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