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Where Is the Tesla Bus?

Elon Musk announced it alongside the Tesla Semi all those years ago. So what gives?
  1. The Best Electricians in New York For brownstone restorations and bar buildouts.
  2. The Look Book Goes to a Democratic-Socialist Convention In a church on the Upper East Side, the NYC-DSA recently gathered to decide on its plans for 2023.
  3. The Democrats’ Election Night Party in Chinatown Was Actually Fun “NY Dems get down! Put that on the record!”
  4. Listening In Outside Twitter’s New York Office A few days after layoffs began.
  5. What Neighborhoods Went for Lee Zeldin? A micro-breakdown of Tuesday night’s results.
  6. Joan Didion in Your Living Room, Telling Stories The Year of Magical Thinking gets comfy.
  7. From the Archives: We Renovated Our Own Brownstone — It Was a Million Laughs “When someone asks was it worth it, I say yes, because while my arm didn’t heal properly, the ceiling job is beautiful.”
  8. The Embattled Women of the FDNY The FDNY’s first woman commissioner puts its gender gap in relief.
  9. Ron Lauder Likes Lee Zeldin Because He’s Afraid to Ride the Subway And definitely not because he’s mad about a Hamptons wind-farm cable.
  10. The Best New Books for Design, Architecture, and Urbanism Enthusiasts From an encyclopedia of furniture to an especially gorgeous travel guide to Florida.
  11. Saturday Night at Slutty Vegan Brooklyn’s best party is a line for veggie burgers.
  12. Why These $20 Million Uptown Co-ops Aren’t Selling “In the past, big money needed co-ops to be accepted and established, But no one needs 740 Park anymore.”
  13. The Elizabeth Street Garden Fight Is Not Over After All A new court ruling is the latest in a ten-year delay. Will the city’s seniors live to see the affordable housing approved in their name?
  14. Stephen Burks Wants to Finish a 20-Year-Old Conversation With Fran Lebowitz The industrial designer answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  15. The Jersey City Realtor Who Wishes There Were More Condos “We currently have nothing for people to buy, whatsoever. But there’s plenty more room to develop.”
  16. Móyòsórè “Moyo” Martins Makes Art At Night In A Former Bronx Furniture Factory He painted the skylights black and has furniture from Tim Burton’s Batman movie.
  17. Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop Prototype’ Was Always a Gimmick At least a parking lot will be useful?
  18. Seoul’s Itaewon Nightlife District Was Built for Tragedy A decade of unchecked development crowded the already narrow alleys where more than 150 people were killed on Halloween weekend.
  19. California Has a Brand-new, Very Tiny Renters’ Caucus Talking to the chair of the four-member group about skyrocketing costs, landlord colleagues, and what he pays for a one-bedroom.
  20. There’s a Campaign-Sign War Happening in Brooklyn According to at least three people.
  21. The Mennonite Airbnb Hustler of Upper Manhattan Konrad Bicher, calling himself “the Wolf of Airbnb,” ran a sublet scheme that made him rich — for a while.
  22. The Department of Buildings Seems Like a Mess Right Now The Buildings commissioner was just interviewed in relation to an illegal gambling investigation, and that’s just the half of it.
  23. What to Bid on in the Joan Didion Estate Auction A rattan Peacock chair, a slipcovered sofa, and powder-pink pressed glassware, for starters.
  24. Tiwa Select Moves to New York With an exhibition of textile screens and collages by Megumi Arai.
  25. Keeping It Weird at 550 Madison The former AT&T/Sony tower gets a few of its spikier details sanded off but retains a lot of its Johnsonian strangeness.
  26. We’re Getting Closer to a Martian Housing Market Nine subterranean caves have been identified as potentially suitable habitats, if you’re into that kind of thing.
  27. Why One Chinatown Mini-mall Languishes While Another Thrives On East Broadway, one shopping center has become an art-and-fashion destination. It isn’t just the cheap rent.
  28. Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Ferry May Be Full of Asbestos and Roaches According to its former captain.
  29. What Happens to All Those Temporary Dining Sheds Now? In the twilight of the city’s emergency Open Restaurants program, Chinatown’s small businesses are preparing their dining sheds for the long run.
  30. This “Not-Handy” Couple Really Didn’t Think They Wanted to Buy a Townhouse Before and after photos.
  31. David Korins Keeps a Hand-Drawn Sketch by Alexander Hamilton in His Closet The creative director of Beetlejuice and Hamilton answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  32. 7-Inch Platform Gaps Are Keeping Disabled Riders Off the Subways A new class-action lawsuit is demanding the MTA do something to actually fix them.
  33. What Could Go Wrong With Crypto Island Just three NFTs can buy you a villa and great offshore-banking access on the site of the Fyre Festival.
  34. ‘Once I Decorate a House, It Becomes a Competition on the Block’ Talking to the man who makes the Upper East Side’s Halloween extravaganzas.
  35. The Saga of the Park Slope Dog Murderer Is Never-ending Let us catch you up.
  36. The Look Book Goes to a Dinner at MoMA PS1 For three nights, the popular Bed-Stuy Nigerian restaurant Dept of Culture Brooklyn took up residence at the Queens museum.
  37. The Best Nail Artists in New York For bejeweled manicures, hand-painted press-ons, and more.
  38. A One-Dimensional Robert Moses in Straight Line Crazy Ralph Fiennes stars in this talky, static retelling of Moses’s misdeeds.
  39. Mike Davis Was Right About the fires in Malibu, the hostile approach to urban planning, the inequality crushing Los Angeles.
  40. Rents Have Fallen a Tiny Bit A better-than-nothing 2 percent.
  41. New York Is Not the Country’s Top Rat City We’re No. 2.
  42. From the Archives: When Williamsburg Became the New Bohemia A portrait of an artists’ colony in Brooklyn, circa 1992.
  43. New York’s Halloween Streets Plan Should Be in Place Year-Round It shouldn’t be this dangerous for kids to walk around their neighborhoods.
  44. Listening In at the New York Film Festival The Eavesdropper hung around outside Lincoln Center.
  45. The Bees of Wrath Rorie Woods knew foreclosure all too well. And when her friend was evicted, she rushed over with a venomous posse.
  46. Steal My Couch A selection of shoppable sleepers, settees, and more — as recommended by their passionate owners.
  47. The Driving Instructor to New York’s Teen Elite “If these walls could talk in this car, oh my God.”
  48. The MTA Is ‘Completely Obsessed’ With Reopening Its Bathrooms Starting with just eight, to be exact.
  49. The Last Traces of Elizabeth Wurtzel Everything the author owned was sold off unexpectedly at bargain-basement prices.
  50. 1 Oak Was Evicted And it apparently came as a surprise.
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