Looks Like the Rich Aren’t Abandoning New York After All

High-end Manhattan apartments are finally moving again.
  1. Everything We Know About the Nashville Explosion On Christmas morning, an explosive detonated inside an RV parked in downtown Nashville. Officials have identified the bomber as Anthony Quinn Warner.
  2. Mall Operator Forced to Buy Other Mall Operator, Can’t Return It I’m sorry, you’re going to have to bring a receipt.
  3. Visit Pierre Cardin’s South of France ‘Bubble Palace’ A 1970s VIP space odyssey on the Mediterranean.
  4. Penn Station’s New Train Hall Is Only a Start. But at Least We’re Starting. A grand entrance to a rail system that needs much more.
  5. I for One Will Miss the 70 Duane Reades That Closed This Year And the city’s 26 Jimmy Jazzes and 43 Modell’s. A wistful look at a new “State of the Chains” report.
  6. No, de Blasio Is Not Trying to Crush the Hotel Industry He’s planning for the long term at the expense of the quick fix — while doing the unions a favor in the process.
  7. Zoox Is Only Barely a Car, and That’s Its Most Promising Feature The driverless dream works better when it’s shared.
  8. A Full Taxonomy of New York’s Winter Streeteries Bundle up and dig in.
  9. Most New York Evictions Have Been Deferred Until May — and It’s a Relief The legislation gives all tenants another 60 days, and hardship cases till the spring.
  10. Fran Lebowitz vs. the World A long talk (on a landline) with the star of Martin Scorsese’s cranky, necessary love letter to New York, Pretend It’s a City.
  11. Penn Station’s Train Hall Opens Next Week. We’ve Been Covering It for 27 Years. The new Moynihan Train Hall in the old Farley Post Office opens this week after three decades of rerouting and delays.
  12. Industry City Has the Biggest Streetery Yet How will they keep it warm?
  13. Biden’s Climate Team Is a Bigger Deal for Cities Than Any Cabinet Appointment A little help for mayors who said they could reduce emissions themselves.
  14. Los Deliveristas Unidos, the Essential Workers of Takeout Organizing the delivery workers who keep much of the city fed.
  15. Inside Villa Charlotte Brontë, a Cliffside Co-op in the Bronx It remains today much as it was nearly a century ago: 17 units, no two alike, teetering over the Hudson.
  16. What New York Needs to Learn From Guadalajara’s Biggest Market A way to create a large-scale, wide-open, democratic shopping space in the urban fabric.
  17. Can a Worker-Owned App Pull Drivers From Uber and Lyft? A cooperative tries to revolutionize ride sharing.
  18. The Look Book Goes to JJ Christmas Trees On the day after Thanksgiving, the Dyker Heights lot was full of holiday shoppers buying Fraser firs, wreaths, and reindeer made from logs.
  19. 9 (Vetted) Winter Airbnbs to Rent Within Three Hours of NYC Including a Nordic-style two-bedroom with a dry sauna and a Belleayre Mountain spot where the host provides s’more kits.
  20. A Townhouse on Prospect Park West With a Perfectly Preserved Art Deco Bathroom Built in 1915, the brick building also has a gated driveway and garage.
  21. L.A. Real-Estate Agent Dalton Gomez Announces Engagement to Pop Singer His fiancée is Ariana Grande, a performer from Boca Raton, Florida.
  22. $4 Billion Down, $8 Billion to Go: The Stimulus Temporarily Saves the Subway Draconian service cuts are off the table for the time being, but the MTA still needs far more federal funds than it’s getting.
  23. A Brooklyn Family’s Pet-Friendly, Kid-Filled Self-Made Comfort Zone Ada Davila and Agustin Hurtado transformed part of a 19th-century brewery in East Williamsburg into a bright and lively home.
  24. The Karen Next Door A white woman calls the police on her Black neighbors. Six months later, they still share a property line.
  25. De Blasio Promised the Internet to Everyone. Here’s Why It’s Taken Forever. Maybe next year.
  26. A Wall-to-Wall (to Bed) Floral Room in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Childhood Townhouse It makes a convincing case for matching bedding, curtains, and wallpaper.
  27. 5 Things to Buy From Yinka Ilori’s New Home Goods Line The British-Nigerian designer’s color-obsessed work is about joy, hope, and optimism. And now you can bring it to your table.
  28. My Spots: Chi Ossé Where the City Council candidate likes to eat (when he’s on and off keto), shop for sweaters, and people-watch in Bed-Stuy
  29. Los Angeles Wants a Flying-Taxi Division. What Could Go Wrong? Unlikely future, meet realistic present.
  30. So A-Rod’s Buying Distressed Hotels Now? Here’s the deal with his $650 million dollar swing.
  31. How Much Would You Pay to Blow Up the Trump Plaza Casino? It’s coming down in January, and Atlantic City is auctioning off the right to push the button.
  32. Anatomy of a Streetery: Guevara’s It’s Cuban-inspired and stands solidly on the corner of Clifton and Grand.
  33. Visiting LAAMS, the LES Street Culture Lab “We tell kids: ‘Just pull up. Show us what you have and if we like it, and the price is on point, we’ll put it up on the wall.’”
  34. California Is Coming Apart Over COVID The first state to lock down during the pandemic is a mess now. What went wrong?
  35. Premiering Soon: The Real Health Department of Beverly Hills The city wants to start its own department independent of Los Angeles County, mostly so it can reopen its restaurants.
  36. A Shingled House With a 13,000-Square-Foot Deck on Quantuck Bay The 1987 home designed by the prolific Long Island architect Norman Jaffe is on the market for $18.7 million.
  37. New York Kids Will Be Shivering In Class All Winter Windows open, pencils up.
  38. Corey Johnson Wants to Tame the Giant Squid of City Planning The squid may have other ideas, though.
  39. ‘You’re Walking Backwards’: The $6 Billion Venice Floodgates May Not Be Enough Proposed decades ago, they were not built for the coming sea rise.
  40. The Eco-Yogi Slumlords Are Getting Sued — Again The city says they made $1.4 million on their illegal Airbnb rentals over four years.
  41. Pete Buttigieg Isn’t a Transit Visionary. But Biden Might Not Need One. Experience doesn’t matter as much when he’s got Amtrak Joe’s agenda.
  42. A Three-Bedroom With 18-Foot Ceilings in the West 67th Street Artists’ Colony There’s also a huge caramel-colored kitchen that has storage on all four sides and a center island with a built-in toaster.
  43. Pete Buttigieg Will Be Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Mayor Pete will run your street.
  44. New Owl Drop! A Stately Long-Eared Spotted In Central Park There’s a new avian star in town.
  45. This Artist Posed As a Hungarian Billionaire Buyer to Get Into 25 Penthouses Adopting a new persona, then photographing the view from the 100th floor.
  46. These Designers Have an (Emoji-Inspired) Basketmaking Club Last week, they each wove something based off the peach.
  47. How Does Outdoor Dining Work in the Snow? New York City’s Department of Sanitation has issued some important new guidelines.
  48. During COVID-19, TikTok Made It Cool to Make … Fluffy Rugs Here are six TikTok Tufters you should know.
  49. The End of ‘21’ Club One of New York City’s most iconic restaurants will call it quits.
  50. Meet the Makers at Ostudio, Bed-Stuy’s Beehive of Creativity Fernando Aciar turned a parking garage into a DIY community.
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