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Scenes From a Flooded NYC: Live Updates

The city is having a wet, chaotic day.
  1. How Fort Greene Park Got Fenced In To maintain its grass, my local park was carved up by wooden posts and caution tape.
  2. Celebrities Seem to Like the Brooklyn Waterfront Sprawling apartments, water views, and relatively paparazziproof.
  3. Charles Renfro’s Fire Island Beach House Feels Like a Stage The architect bought the simple 1961 bungalow designed by Horace Gifford, and only added outdoor rooms.
  4. What If Wind Turbines Got a Makeover? From Western New York to Ocean City, New Jersey, fights against wind farms often begin with how they look.
  5. End-of-Summertime Sadness Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  6. Is There a Serial Killer Stalking the Brooklyn Mirage? Or maybe this EDM club is just too big and messy.
  7. Get Ready to Spend $5,000 on That Floor of a Brownstone “I get applications and people are making half a million a year in income. One person.”
  8. The Menace of the Megamansion Buyers who are turning multiunit buildings into single-family palaces have taken away hundreds of thousands of housing units.
  9. The Saugerties Cottage That Boob Pots Built Isaac Nichols, a lifelong student of architectural salvage, restored and rebuilt simultaneously. “Nobody should do that.”
  10. The Case of the $13.5 Million Price Gap Why did two nearly identical penthouses at 150 Charles sell for vastly different amounts?
  11. The Street Vendors Fighting for a Space in Sunset Park Plaza Tonatiuh is a spirit and the spirit is resilient.
  12. A Myron Goldfinger Mansion That’s Never Been on the Market The architect, who died this month, designed a unique pinwheel layout to give a family with teenagers enough privacy.
  13. An Edible Garden in Bed-Stuy That Feels like a Living Room JC Garcia-Lavin and George Fesser had a barren backyard when they bought their house in 2019. Then things went wild.
  14. New York Is Overrun by Rats and Feral Cats And yet.
  15. A Treatment Program Kept Binzai From Killing Himself, But Now It’s in Peril A staff and funding shortage threatens the future of a mental-health lifeline for Chinese immigrants.
  16. Noise Horror Stories From Our Readers Readers respond to Curbed’s Noise Week.
  17. Should Landlords Cover Broker Fees? Talking to a broker who thinks Chi Ossé’s new bill will be better for everyone involved.
  18. Curbed’s August Report: An All-Cash Summer and Frenzied Open Houses Plus the most saved one-bedroom under $1 million.
  19. A Developer and a Landlord Go to War Over 22 Air Conditioners Extell’s Diamond District neighbor is trying to claim the air next door.
  20. The Look Book Goes to Rock The Bells Festival Slick Rick, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J performed at this year’s sold-out concert at Forest Hills Stadium.
  21. Why Subway Surfers Find It So Hard to Quit After four surfing deaths this year, Michael stopped. But so many kids he knows are still chasing the high.
  22. A House Made Up of Four Hexagons This strange Briarcliff Manor property is on the market for the first time.
  23. Mad Montauk Art Neighbors A yearlong squabble over Warhol proximity has ended with a slap.
  24. The Tribeca Townhouse of an Art Collector Who ‘Doesn’t Like Boring’ After Page West had the six-story building to herself, it was time for a bold redesign.
  25. They Tried to Make a ‘New Hamptons’ The New York Post chose the unsuspecting town of Atlantic Beach.
  26. Why Ivana Trump Was Buried at Bedminster Golf Course: 3 Theories For 15 years, Donald Trump dreamed of turning his New Jersey property into a cemetery. Now his ex-wife is buried there in a simple, overgrown grave.
  27. The Candy Sellers The lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  28. Vlogging and Rapping Through the Kai Cenat Giveaway in Union Square “I already knew it was going to be chaos because his fan group is just too strong.”
  29. WeWork’s Own Office Leasing Apocalypse The company was struggling long before its grim announcement this week.
  30. Good-bye, Incandescent Bulbs Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  31. Redesigning the Siren What if the piercing sound of emergency vehicles was replaced by something else altogether?
  32. Megan Ellison Is Selling Her Dome Apartment It’ll be the seventh home the Annapurna producer and heiress has put on the market since 2008.
  33. Bad News About Kevin Costner’s Buffalo Sculpture After a decades-long legal battle, he may be forced to sell it.
  34. A Woman Screaming Blood of Christ and 5 a.m. Construction Six noise horror stories.
  35. All the Quiet Money Can Buy Talking to the professional soundproofers for the ultrarich.
  36. The Noise Next Door Tyquan Pleasant knocked on his neighbor’s door to ask her to stop the ear-shattering music and banging. Shaun Pyles heard a threat.
  37. A Frank Lloyd Wright–Inspired House in Queens It has an art studio, a darkroom, and a perfectly maintained Japanese-style garden.
  38. What’s That New Glass Building Attached to the Old Met Life Tower? One Madison Avenue will house offices for IBM and a Daniel Boulud steakhouse.
  39. Arline Bronzaft Will Talk to Your Noisy Neighbor “I deal with sex. I deal with crime. It goes beyond noise.”
  40. A Writer’s Shed in the Springs Glyn Vincent writes his books in a former workshop for duck decoys.
  41. Floating Away in Chelsea Sam Zeiger runs the city’s oldest sensory-deprivation tank in his one-bedroom on West 23rd Street.
  42. Rudy Giuliani Is Selling His Upper East Side Co-op The corner three-bedroom has lots of original details if a buyer can get past the fact that it was once raided by the FBI.
  43. Voguing Through the Pain at O’Shae Sibley’s Memorial Hundreds gathered at the vigil for the dancer, whose killing has been charged as a hate crime.
  44. Barely Surviving the Sounds of New York City Hyperacusis is a rare medical condition that can make ordinary noises painful. Rarer still — having it and living in Manhattan.
  45. It’s Noise Week Stories about the people who make it, are trying to stop it, and are losing their minds over it.
  46. A Basement Housing Bill Killed by Conspiracists Huntington seemed poised to legalize ADUs. Then things got weird.
  47. What the Architect of Grey Gardens Built for Himself The six-bedroom East Hampton home is for sale.
  48. The Best Vintage-Furniture Stores in New York For walnut dressers, Cassina gems, and more.
  49. The Last Painted Doors of Ridgewood Faux wood graining is an architectural quirk of the neighborhood. And a dying trade.
  50. Outdoor Dining Is Officially Here to Stay New York City lawmakers voted to approve a bill that makes sidewalk (and street) eating permanent.
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