election 2021

In Conversation With Dianne Morales, the Tenants’ Candidate

“I’m not promising to take New York City back to normal. I’m promising something new.”
  1. The Best Colorists in New York Where to go for Scarlett Johansson’s seasonal highlights, bubblegum-pink buzz cuts, “hot girl” hair, and more.
  2. How New York’s Open Streets Program Will Work in 2021 Neighborhoods are gearing up for season two.
  3. The Best Caterers in New York Individual peking-duck buns from Nom Wah Tea Parlor, racks of ribs from Hometown Bar-B-Que, bissap mojitos from Teranga, and more.
  4. Best of New York 2021 Reintroducing a 36-year-old New York magazine franchise.
  5. ‘Six Generations, and We Ended Up in the Same Place 150 Years Later’ A mother and daughter on their family’s history in Chinatown and returning to Columbus Park to protest anti-Asian racism.
  6. Did the Texas Blackouts Reveal Austin’s New Real-Estate Hot Spots? Communities that helped each other through a crisis may now be threatened by a new real-estate marketing perk: critical-load zones.
  7. The Best Psychics in New York A palm reading by a psychotherapist, chakra balancing with body treatments, access to your ancestors, and more.
  8. Who Is Really Dining Indoors in New York City? “At some point, we’re gonna have to take that step.”
  9. The Best Fitness Instructors in New York For $10 pilates, a mind-body workout, “1,000-calorie burn” sessions, and more.
  10. A Joyfully Painted Gowanus Walk-Up, Inspired by Bert Stern and a Trip to Rome Tara McCauley moved into her own place — no roommates! — and set herself free.
  11. The Best Florists in New York Where to find bodega roses that will last two weeks, Anna Wintour-approved arrangements, inexpensive marigolds, and more.
  12. Last Night in Echo Park On the scene as the LAPD evicted an enormous community of unhoused residents from the shore of Echo Park Lake.
  13. You Can Finally Live Like a Whitney A villa built as an art studio for the museum’s founder, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, is for sale.
  14. Meet the Teen Who Hates 432 Park More Than Anyone She’s an 11th-grader in Vancouver.
  15. Intrepid Museum, Unlike You, Will Not See a Rent Increase for the Next 30 Years The museum has been paying $1 a year since 1982.
  16. A Design Fundraiser for Atlanta and Other Things I Liked This Week Including a meditative public sculpture and a tie-dye interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work
  17. Mutual Aid Groups Are Now Booking Vaccine Appointments Too Expanding from grocery drop-offs to hitting refresh on TurboVax and getting people to shot clinics.
  18. ‘You Will End Up in the Back of a Garbage Truck’: Vero Lawsuit Claims Harassment According to court filings, the tactics escalated from aggressive to scary.
  19. Ellen Pong Won’t Design the Same Thing Twice From a charcuterie-draped tissue-box cover to a massage stool for sore muscles.
  20. A New York Window Washer Who, After 28 Years, Still Thinks About Falling “We are always listening for strange sounds on the scaffold.”
  21. Evanston’s Reparations Program Is Pioneering, But Limited Significant restrictions on eligibility and a modest pool of cash.
  22. The Best Small-Apartment Ideas, According to Professional Organizers How to make the most of your cramped living space.
  23. Radio City Music Hall Will Finally Get Its Roof Garden After 90 Years It goes back to the original plans for Rockefeller Center, in which nearly all the rooftops were landscaped.
  24. This Maximalist East Village Church Is for Sale Practically every surface of its 74-foot-long sanctuary and chancel is covered in gilded icons and ornaments, stained glass, and tiny figurines.
  25. I Was Attacked for My Anti-Asian-Hate Sign — and Fought Back Katie Hou is one of five Asian Americans assaulted last weekend in New York.
  26. Here’s Everyone Running for New York City Mayor (So Far) Forty-plus and counting.
  27. The Healer That Real-Estate Agents Call to Clear Their Cursed Apartments “It looks like I’m just walking around mumbling to myself. I don’t put on a big show, like they do on TV.”
  28. Hudson Yards Has Landscaped Out the Food Vendors “I’m not selling drugs. I’m a hot-dog guy.”
  29. The Things a New York Elevator Repairman Has Seen (and Smelled) Heaps of dead mice, sludge everywhere, and sometimes “a blast of piss gas right up in your face.”
  30. HECTOR Imagines a Monumental Party Ramp for a Disability Activist Part 15 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  31. What It’s Like to Be a Landlord in Chinatown Right Now “It’s been heartbreaking.”
  32. One Foot in New York for Two L.A. ‘Art Hoarders’ Joe Lucas and David Heikka’s cozy West Village rental.
  33. Michael Sorkin Taught Me How to Look at New York Remembering the critic and architect — who died a year ago this week — and revisiting his book Exquisite Corpse.
  34. ‘It Is Time to Start Complaining’: Asian Americans Rally in NYC Against Hate Fed up with being attacked and ignored, Asian Americans in New York City rally for change.
  35. These Are the Victims of the Atlanta Spa Shootings Authorities have identified the eight people killed by a single gunman in Georgia, six of them Asian women.
  36. Leni Schwendinger Makes a Lightscape of the Evening Streetery Scene Part 14 or 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  37. Yeju & Chat Assembles Street-Vendor Umbrellas Into Community Message Boards Part 13 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  38. Paul Chan Wants Us to Look Up at the Night Sky Part 12 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  39. Hester Street Fair Is Getting Kicked Out of the Seward Park Co-Op A new vendor will be replacing the famed Lower East Side flea market.
  40. How the Strand Lost Its Workers The bookstore’s owner says it’s hanging by a thread — and staff say they’re the ones paying the price.
  41. David Lang Turned Remote Learning Into a Song Part 11 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  42. David Rockwell Wants Us to Never Forget Their Faces Part 10 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  43. Floating Canopies That Bring Theater Everywhere, by Tommy Yang and Mark Gardner Part 9 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  44. Why Were the Nivola Horse Statues Sawed Off at the Knees? NYCHA insists they were removed only for the time being.
  45. The Zombie Billboards of Locked-Down New York “My industry is called outdoor advertising and people were being told not to go outdoors”
  46. Deborah Berke Partners Proposes A Contemplative Urban Stream Part 8 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  47. Weiss/Manfredi Evokes a Doctor’s Trip Through Despair Into Light Part 7 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  48. Don’t Hold the Oscars at Union Station There’s a bigger, better idea sitting right in front of us.
  49. Everything We Know About the Sweeping New Housing Discrimination Lawsuit “Not a hope in hell”: Eighty-eight brokers and landlords are caught on tape rejecting housing vouchers.
  50. Prospect Heights Residents (and a local McDonald’s) Push Back Against New Tower Some neighbors say the area is already “swimming in density” and the 18-story building would make it worse.
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