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Billie Tsien Wants Someone to Go Eat a PB&J in the Middle of Hudson Yards

The Obama Center architect answers Curbed’s 21 Questions.
  1. The Nation’s Monuments Are Male, Pale, and Stale A new audit makes the case for a more fluid landscape of public memory.
  2. Humans Have Officially Killed Off the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker The U.S. will declare the bird and 22 other species extinct. There may be many more to come.
  3. A $485,000 Greenwich Village Studio and a Renovated Boerum Hill One-Bedroom This week’s picks also includes a Midtown studio with checkered marble floors and a Kensington one-bedroom with a private terrace.
  4. P.S. 705’s Welcome Committee The teachers who turned the school-drop-off line into a shindig.
  5. East River Park Activists Chain Themselves to Tree, Make Weirdly Modest Demand Really, they just want to ask questions.
  6. You Can No Longer Stay in an East Village Van for $97 a Night The red Econoline and six others listed on Airbnb have been impounded.
  7. What Makes a Team Name Quintessentially ‘Staten Island’? A new minor-league baseball team is coming to the borough, and it needs a name that reflects its community. What does that mean, exactly?
  8. Garbage Truck Drags Dining Shed Down Sixth Avenue With Diner Inside Oh, no, nothing scary about that.
  9. The Very Tiny Fight Over a Midtown Park’s Locked Garden Can one determined person continue to keep the public out of a public park?
  10. You Can Now Buy Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld’s “Dinner Party-Gate” House The Yale Law professors’ five-bedroom, five-bath New Haven home is listed for $1,080,000.
  11. Maybe Forcing City Workers Back to the Office Wasn’t the Best Idea Civil servants are now looking for new jobs en masse.
  12. An Artist’s Bed-Stuy House That Feels Like It’s in the Country Adrian Nivola found what he wanted.
  13. It Just Keeps Getting Worse for 432 Park A new lawsuit seems likely to spoil sales at the Billionaires’ Row tower.
  14. The Preelection Honeymoon of Eric Adams From Met Gala after-parties to Monaco.
  15. An Angular Time Capsule in Ardsley Inside, there’s a cathedral-like living room with original redwood walls and ceilings, a gigantic brick fireplace, and extensive sliding glass doors.
  16. BTS at the United Nations, Doughy Furniture, and Other Things I Liked This Week Plus, Richard Neutra’s VDL House reopens in L.A.
  17. As a Delivery Worker, I Still Want More From the New Delivery-App Bills They’re a good start, but they won’t apply to all restaurants, for starters.
  18. A New Arts Compound in East Williamsburg That Draws You In The Amant arts center faces the city with severity but aims to cosset visitors.
  19. The Street Fight Is Back Everybody wants a piece of your block, and it’s going to take a lot more than planters and metal barricades to resolve who gets what.
  20. What It’s Like at Rikers, According to People Who Just Got Out “They’re not feeding people, there’s no water, no showers, no phone calls.”
  21. Outdoor Dining Saved My Business. Now We Must Save Open Restaurants. The program has proven itself to be a transformative power for good.
  22. The Grown-up Hysteria Around TikTok’s Devious Licks The hottest new teen trend is stealing from your school. But not everything you see on the internet is real.
  23. This Pristine ’60s Ranch Is Actually From … 2021? It came together with dead-stock appliances and a half-century-old blueprint.
  24. The Apple Expert Who Turned New York City Into His Personal Orchard “Some of the best fruit I’ve ever tasted has been from the you-might-die places … ”
  25. A Metallic Living-Room Set Inspired by … the Elevator An exclusive first look at the latest monochrome furniture from Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios.
  26. A $369K Sunnyside One-Bedroom and a Hudson Heights Convertible Two-Bedroom This week’s picks also include a Park Slope one-bedroom with a sunken living room.
  27. Some Under-$500 Architect-Approved Side Chairs A cousin to the popular CB2 Gwyneth Chair, a crushed velvet swivel, and more.
  28. ‘That’s What Hurt the Most: The Things You Can’t Replace’ Five East Elmhurst residents on what they lost to Hurricane Ida.
  29. Is Brian Benjamin the Person Who Can Turn NYCHA Around? Among advocates, there is cautious optimism.
  30. A Brooklyn Storefront Church, Resurrected As a Family Home Virginie Sommet’s latest project, in Ocean Hill.
  31. Robert Durst Found Guilty of Murdering Friend The real-estate heir was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Susan Berman in 2000 in an attempt to conceal how he had murdered his wife.
  32. Change of Plans: You’ll Still Be Able to Browse the NYPL’s Picture Collection Researchers howled and the library reversed itself.
  33. What a Spectacularly Decrepit Greenwich Village Apartment It’s being inundated with interested buyers.
  34. Will World of Interiors Get a Gut Reno Under Hamish Bowles? The British magazine gets its third editor in 40 years, with a mandate to bring it into the digital age.
  35. Post-Recall, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Next Big Win Is Against NIMBYs California also says “no” to single-family-only zoning.
  36. Climate Change Is Putting More Poop in New York’s Waters A crappy side effect of all this rain.
  37. How Kenny Rivero Went From Night Doorman to Armory Art Fair Artist It was a snooty building near Gramercy Park. Not everybody was nice.
  38. I Wish I Liked the New Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane More A hard-won symbolic victory that’s a baby step.
  39. Continuum’s Towers Were Nixed by the City. So the Developer Is Suing. The Botanic Garden fight may go another round.
  40. Will a Post-Bankruptcy ABC Carpet & Home Still Be Over-the-Top Maximalist? A store whose retail experience is a maximalist performance.
  41. The Look Book Goes to the Obama Portraits During a preview party at the Brooklyn Museum, guests got an early look at Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald’s presidential portraits.
  42. River Ring Gets Okayed, With 13 Conditions Smaller towers, more affordable apartments, and a slew of other requirements.
  43. The Lower East Side Tailor to the Scene Clients have generally found Ramon Tailor through word of mouth. Now — suddenly — there are lines out the door for his custom pants.
  44. How Clean Is the Air in Your Classroom? Your Theater? It’s Not Easy to Find Out There’s little transparency about what we breathe inside big congregate spaces.
  45. We’re Falling Short on Even the Simplest Fix for Storm Flooding Plugged-up drains should be the most straightforward problem to solve, and the city can’t keep up.
  46. The Pope of Gloop For 60 years, Gaetano Pesce has been preaching the gospel of uncertainty in design. Finally, the world has caught up.
  47. The Fake Vaxx Card Next to You The proliferation of vaccine mandates is creating a black-market boom for counterfeit proof.
  48. Revolt of the Delivery Workers Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by police. The city’s 65,000 bikers have only themselves to count on.
  49. La Revuelta de los Repartidores Robados, apuñalados, golpeados, con mala paga y demasiado trabajo. Ya están hartos.
  50. The Bingo Heiress’s Fantastical Duplex With its Fragonard staircase, koi-pond bathroom, and rodeo-themed kitchen, Gail Ann Lowe Maidman’s home is like nothing else on the Upper East Side.
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