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Deep dives on cities, architecture, design, real estate, and urban planning.

The uncertain future of north Atlanta’s most affordable cities

Chamblee and Doraville have long been bastions of affordability and inclusiveness. Amidst explosive development, can that continue?

Meet Chatham Towers, the architect aerie of Lower Manhattan

The Brutalist beacon was built in 1965 as design-forward housing for middle-class residents

An illustrated guide to Louis Kahn

Get to know the architect’s signature buildings

‘Paradise at the end of the world’: An oral history of the Sea Ranch (Part II)

A two-part oral history mining the origins and controversies surrounding California’s most bucolic planned community—and forecasting its future

When This Old House was new

The show, which turns 40 this week, starred a Victorian home "struggling back from the brink." Gentrification played a key part in its success.

The communal living issue

We keep talking about loneliness—but more and more Americans are living together.

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An ode to the punk house

For the right kind of person, the punk house is its own utopia.

Aging in place—with someone else

Can multigenerational home-sharing solve LA’s affordability crisis?

Coming of age in cohousing

Growing up communally brings exposure to the world of adults—and lessons in interdependence.

The sorority in the skyscraper

A 1929 "residence and clubhouse" for young professional women offered affordable housing—and community.

Whose facade is it, anyway?

What Instagram "travel influencers" mean for homeownership.

If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving?

We are witnessing two migrations: One is a continuation of the California dream. The other no one talks about, though it affects nearly everyone I know.

A new use for the spare room

Home-share programs match two generations facing higher rates of loneliness and unaffordable housing costs.

The myth of ‘We don’t build houses like we used to’

The common lament misses crucial context about the style trends and building materials of the past.

Bright lights, small city

Moving to a new city in my 40s was less about making mistakes I could learn from and more about making choices I believed in.

Living with roommates: An illustrated guide

In 2007, I moved out of my parents’ place to go to university. In the 12 years since, I’ve had 26 roommates.

Curbed LA’s 13 best longreads of 2018

From Pepperdine’s evacuation plans to Los Angeles’s magnificent streetlights.

The female powerhouse who developed 1920s Downtown LA

A former plumber who wore a white rose beneath the brim of her hat, Florence Casler rose to meteoric success in a field dominated by men.

What will it take to bring the Bronx’s Tibbetts Brook back to life?

Daylighting Tibbetts Brook would mark the symbolic end of centuries of industrial pollution and neglect

13 best New York City longreads of 2018

How to walk to the airport, "glamping" on Governors Island, and more

13 favorite Curbed longreads of 2018

What it’s like to be evicted, gender and kitchen design, why we renovate, and more

Why voice assistants don’t understand people who stutter

Whether it’s relaying your name to a non-human operator or telling Google to turn up the lights in your home, we’re talking to more robots—but the technology is leaving people who stutter behind.

What if you could walk to the airport?

As airports are reimagined for a world in which travelers arrive in robot-driven cars and flying Ubers, maybe they should instead be reimagined as urban spaces

Co-op City at 50

The largest cooperative apartment complex ever built has a fascinating history.

A walk around Anable Basin, Amazon’s future home in Queens

The tech giant’s incoming HQ2 will erase the unique industrial landscape around Anable Basin

New York City, block by block

A photographer and a writer explore the city’s boroughs through five streets.

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How the ‘modern farmhouse’ look took over

The phrase "modern farmhouse" once referred to an actual, newly built farmhouse, but today it conjures a checklist of decor elements that are a little bit country, a little bit industrial, and a whole lot of white paint.

From rubble to reuse: The long transformation of a Fishtown carriage house

The DIY project uncovered historic details and an overlooked beauty

Long Island City’s forgotten history

Amazon’s new home was once its own sprawling city

A joyful noise grows in Brooklyn

Emmanuel Baptist Church is the cornerstone of this section of Lafayette Avenue.

Building houses that grow with us

We need to design homes for our lives, not our stuff.

Can engineering save Louisiana’s coastline?

Coastal Louisiana is on the front lines of a battle against land loss.

Winchester Mystery House, a home built by guns and guilt

A rifle manufacturing heiress channeled her grief into the creation of San Jose’s most legendary house.

The rise of stadium seating

Why we’re so obsessed with stairways to nowhere.

Exploring the wilds of the Bronx’s Hutchinson River

A hike along the Hutchinson River is a study in contrasts

To the lighthouse

Staten Island’s elusive beacon harks back to a more rural past.

A remote corner of Staten Island braces for major changes

Wetlands remediation and the presence of a new Amazon warehouse are transforming Staten Island’s west shore

California’s changing fire country

As urban development and wildfires meet, residents reckon with new risks.

Checking in on NYC’s ambitious homeless shelter overhaul, 18 months later

The mayor promised to "turn the tide" on homelessness—but how successful has the initiative been?