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Deep dives on cities, architecture, design, real estate, and urban planning.

A remote corner of Staten Island braces for major changes

Wetlands remediation and the presence of a new Amazon warehouse are transforming Staten Island’s west shore

Checking in on NYC’s ambitious homeless shelter overhaul, 18 months later

The mayor promised to "turn the tide" on homelessness—but how successful has the initiative been?

Would an enormous storm surge barrier save NYC’s coast—or destroy it?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed a radical fix for storm surge along New York’s shores

How Wall Street became Wall Street

Named for a wall that once ran across Manhattan, the street is on the verge of change.

The construction tax bill, explained

The mayor has suggested an alternative to the bill, but has not vetoed it.

Visiting Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World’

The Louis Armstrong House Museum is a portal to the neighborhood’s past and a link to its future.

How to renovate your home

Keep what’s irreplaceable. Improve the rest.

The rise of New York’s new leisure waterfront

How all of this looks and feels—whether it’s clever or profane—depends on how you feel about the deindustrialization of the waterfront

10 years after the financial crisis, is the housing market still at risk?

Why the housing bubble caused a crisis—and what’s different now.

Exploring Inwood’s wild shoreline, now threatened by rezoning

The recent rezoning of Inwood, one of Manhattan’s "last affordable neighborhoods," has the potential to dramatically reshape the neighborhood

The fight for universal rent control in New York

Tenants across New York state are mobilizing to preserve and protect affordable housing.

When Trinity ruled lower Manhattan

Disney’s new headquarters site was once home to the church’s empire.

Living on an NYU superblock

Silver Towers and Washington Square Village "deserve more credit than they’re given."

NYC’s new waterfront parks represent the erasure of its industrial past

The old working waterfront has almost completely disappeared as the city realizes its new vision for the coastline.

A secret city opens up

Oak Ridge scientists use data to help a rapidly urbanizing planet.

Paint it black

Why homes with dark exteriors have gone mainstream.

Exploring the ‘Nantucket of the Bronx,’ an island of contradictions

Sailors, artists, fishmongers, and lawyers coexist on Hunter Avenue.

New York City’s hoop dreams

In the five boroughs, over 500 outdoor basketball courts remain places for IRL connection.

Play it forward

With marble runs, ball pits, and white paint, New York-based Snarkitecture designs environments primed for fun.

Our homes don’t need formal spaces

The entertaining rooms meant to make us social actually foster isolation.

The elevated era

For 80 years, the elevated railway shaped New York City. Today, it seems a cautionary tale.

Living alone and liking it

More women in the U.S. live alone than ever before, but advice geared toward solo-living women has a long history.

Saying goodbye to the old Essex Street Market

A stroll through today’s Essex Street Market is still a comforting visit to an older Manhattan.

How terrazzo got its groove back

The composite material, out of favor for decades, is back—brighter and bolder than before.

Living on the edge

What it’s like to live on the flank of an active volcano—and why so many of us choose to stay there.

Can the Gowanus Canal’s industrial past be saved?

As a neighborhood rezoning looms, many of the industrial structures around the Gowanus Canal are threatened.

What should the next HGTV show look like?

With Fixer Upper over, the network’s "reality" offerings should start to look more like reality.

Bywater faces its future

As New Orleans struggles to balance tourism and residents, the neighborhood is caught in the middle.

Rosario Candela and the invention of high-rise luxury

His designs were grounded in the confident wealth of Jazz Age New York.

This doctor makes house calls

No matter the house, the can’t-fit-the-couch-through-the-door problem is universal.

Watergate is a place, too

Once at the forefront of D.C. development, can the (in)famous complex adapt for a new generation?

What’s next for Mexico City’s urban innovation lab?

The lab is tackling the challenges of the ‘impossible possible’ city.

Exploring the last vestiges of Greenpoint’s post-industrial waterfront

For those who once found inspiration in Greenpoint’s gritty dead-end streets, these may be the last days for wandering freely along its abandoned coastline

How fast-food chains are using design to go local

As changes to the look of fast-food restaurants spread across the U.S., they’re setting a new standard for the commercial landscape.

What happens to Jerome Avenue after its rezoning?

The physical changes will be enormous, but the accompanying social changes could be even more disruptive.

A walking tour of 1909 New York

In the footsteps of the first modern city guidebook

Buying property with bitcoin

Listings from one coast to another tout bitcoin as a way to make a property transaction. Are cryptocurrencies the future of real estate—or a risky proposition?

Inside the obsessive world of the home tech early adopter

Technology has raised the bar for how perfect our homes can be.

As Columbia University moves into Manhattanville, its industrial past is erased

The vernacular architecture of West Harlem is slowly being eroded as part of Columbia University’s long-awaited expansion