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Greater Seattle’s best skate parks

Get started on your journey through the city’s cornucopia of publicly sanctioned skate spaces.

Mapping San Francisco’s 18 most glorious fountains

From a fountain of turtles to a misting dandelion, these gushers will have you gushing.

Watertown open house tour: 5 single-family options available now

This week, tour capes and colonials in Watertown for under $700,000. Ready, set, go.

Where to see spectacular fall colors in Michigan, mapped

From state parks to beach towns, here’s where to see some of the best fall colors in the state.

Six homes along Metro route 22

The Alaska Junction, Morgan Junction, and all around West Seattle

Where to find affordable housing in NYC

A comprehensive guide to New York City's affordable housing lotteries.

Philly's Most Beautiful Alleys

From the tree-lined, cobblestone Quince Street to the English Village on St. James Place, there are plenty of lovely alleys hidden throughout Philadelphia.

Where ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ filmed in actual Seattle

If we're talking about the film that most people identify with our city, there's really only one choice: Sleepless in Seattle.

The 10 smallest houses for sale in Seattle right now

These ten houses ranging from 500 to 720 square feet are the tiniest on the market in Seattle.

11 Salem sites to visit this fall—including some that have nothing to do with witches

Tourism in Salem understandably spikes around Halloween as people queue for tales of the witch trials that gripped the town an hour north of Boston three centuries ago. But there are plenty of other attractions.

Hamptons open houses to check out this week

Seeing a home before making a purchase is a big step in home-owning. Attending an open house is a great way to do that.

11 San Francisco Bay Area hikes with scenic endings

Summer is almost here, folks. And now that sunny weather might arrive, it’s time to prepare for a nice weekend trek, preferably someplace downright gorgeous.

Leather District open house tour: 6 options on a pair of streets

Boston has its share of true loft homes and most of them are in the Leather District. Take a peek at what loft living is like for under $1 million.

9 central Austin open houses that beckon this weekend

From Brentwood to Pemberton Heights, houses and condos in a wide range of styles and prices

6 homes for sale along Metro route 60

From South Park to Capitol Hill

San Francisco’s tallest towers, mapped

In order of height starting with the tallest, here are the SF structures that stand proud and tall.

Washington State’s bummer place names, mapped

As much as we love it here, we all know it can be dreary sometimes in the Pacific Northwest—and as it turns out, many of our towns and geographical features have names to match.

San Francisco’s most underrated buildings, mapped

Overlooked wonders that deserve a second look.

5 Hyde Park open houses this weekend for well under $700,000

This weekend we travel south to Hyde Park, where you’ll forget that you’re in the city. The neighborhood motto says it all: "A Small Town in the City."

Boston’s 10 tallest buildings by 2020, mapped

The skyscrapers include two newcomers as well as more than a few familiar facades. Get used to this list, too: It’s unlikely to change for years.

12 essential Seattle-area hiking trails

Classic day hikes in and near Seattle

12 Philly area hikes with scenic endings

From hikes lined with waterfalls to summits with epic views, these 12 hikes all offer a little something extra to keep your attention.

15 midcentury modern homes for sale in the Seattle area right now

From fancy to fixers

Six homes for sale along Rapidride E

Travel rapidly between these homes and downtown

Mapping 20+ new developments rising along the High Line

In less than a decade, the elevated park has become NYC's most desirable stretch of land for developers

Mapping downtown Long Beach’s sudden development boom

Well over a dozen major projects are on the way to the heart of the city.

19 Seattle arcades, mapped

Because there’s never a bad time to brush up on your Street Fighter

30 new NYC condos hitting the market this fall

Fall is almost here, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to look at the many condos that will be hitting New York's real estate market in the next few months.

20 new NYC rentals hitting the market this fall

Fall is almost here, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to look at the many NYC rentals that will be up for grabs in the next few months.

Mapping Detroit’s construction boom

From new hotels to future skyscrapers to residential redevelopments, here are some of the biggest developments underway in Detroit right now.

18 small towns near Chicago you need to visit

Escape for a day, or weekend, to any of these towns just a short drive away.

The 11 best Bay Area beaches to visit

From sandy shores by the Golden Gate Bridge to tide pools in Bolinas, these spots provide the perfect escape.

26 glorious things to do in LA

Theses are most essential places to visit this summer.

18 must-visit small towns near LA

Need a break from city life? These small towns around California are perfect for a little rest and relaxation.

6 Brookline open houses this Labor Day Weekend for under $850,000

Summer is ending, but that doesn’t mean the home search is. Discover this weekend what under $850,000 gets you in one of Boston’s toniest neighbors.

What to do for Labor Day Weekend 2018 in the Hamptons

Labor Day is finally upon us, which means that unfortunately, summer is coming to a close. Celebrate the final weekend of the season with these events happening locally.

Free things to do in Philly over Labor Day weekend

From boat rides on the Schuylkill to free admission to museums, there’s plenty to do and see if you’re sticking around Philly for the long weekend.

11 underappreciated Boston museums to visit

The city hosts several lesser-known institutions of collective preservation, including one of the oldest military museums on the continent and one of the nation's most prominent repositories of African-American history.

14 small towns near Austin you need to visit right now

Something for everyone in the heart of Texas