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The Tacky Weed Bodega Is Everywhere (for Now)

What has the city’s Kush Rush wrought?
  1. High Profile Compass Brokers Are Leaving for Elliman In search of greener pastures, where teams can grow and DocuSign is paid for.
  2. The Trump Organization Says Kris Jenner–Fronted ‘Business School’ Is Squatting An elite scammer-versus-scammer situation.
  3. The Central Park Supertall with a $250 Million Penthouse Extell CEO Gary Barnett is done settling for less!
  4. Kim Kardashian Is Selling Two of Her Houses She will keep the other two.
  5. Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Offices Win the Amenity Wars Two Trees is betting that you won’t hate the neighborhood, the commute, or the work space itself.
  6. Unsellable Soho Loft Now Comes With an NFT Fine, we’ll take it.
  7. The House That Yankee Candle Built Featuring two “car barns,” four tennis courts, and an indoor water park.
  8. Landlords Are Trying to Make ‘Tenantsplaining’ a Thing Our housing providers are having a little fun.
  9. ‘Emotionally Paralyzed’ New York Home Buyers Are Backing Out of Contracts Worried about rising interest rates, buyers are making offers but not closing sales.
  10. The Outer-Borough Bidding Wars Are Here Brokers on receiving 100 emails a day and getting messages while in labor.
  11. The West Village ‘Nightmare Share’ Is Over The “grifter” accused of squatting in an Airbnb rental for three years has been evicted.
  12. A Woman in the Bronx Fell Through Her Bathroom Floor A new addition to your list of tenant nightmares.
  13. ‘He’s Kicking Me Out Because My Daughter Wouldn’t Sleep With Him.’ A housing lawyer on how often landlords insert “sexual clauses” in leases.
  14. Neil Patrick Harris Just Sold the Priciest Townhouse in Harlem Taxidermy monkeys (probably) not included.
  15. Ivana Trump’s Old Greenwich Mansion May Finally Sell After 13 Years The $24 million price cut should help.
  16. Adam Neumann, Vibes Landlord Marc Andreessen backs the WeWork founder’s second coming of … something?
  17. The Egg Wars of 1214 Fifth Avenue Residents of the Upper East Side luxury building are “terrified” of being egged.
  18. Weed Museum Coming to Soho Welcome to the new Museum Mile.
  19. Manhattan Rents Broke Another Record Average rents reached more than $5000 in July.
  20. ‘They’re Destroying an Artists’ Block’: Locals on the Vornado Penn Station Plan A furrier, a circus school, and other shops on the big changes coming to their block.
  21. The Ranch Thinks New Yorkers Can’t Handle the Ranch The luxury Malibu boot camp is coming to the Hudson Valley with shorter hikes and later wake-up times.
  22. The Times’ ‘Hunt’ Columnist Is Being Sued for Back Rent But it looks like Joyce Cohen is just trying to finish out her sublet term.
  23. Dystopian Housing Issue? There’s an App for That. It’s become so impossible to get an apartment that apps have emerged to make it easier — for a fee, of course.
  24. A Fake Developer Scammed 20 Brooklyn Families Out of $4 Million After trusting a familiar face in the Chinese community, they are suing him to stave off eviction.
  25. Kingston Becomes the First Upstate City to Adopt Rent Control The move will probably set the stage for other cities upstate to follow suit.
  26. The San Jose Realtor Whose Clients Would Rather Be in Palo Alto “Even my most wealthy and successful clients can’t touch that market.”
  27. Bishop Lamor Whitehead Owns a Lot of Real Estate. Or Does He? The Brooklyn pastor, who said he was robbed of $1 million mid-sermon last Sunday, is reportedly in default on a $4.5 million house.
  28. New York Moving Companies Go to War Over Tech Secrets The long-running grudge match between Piece of Cake and Dumbo Moving and Storage.
  29. 4 Days to Find a Not-Horrible Apartment for a Family of Four The search, at long last, concludes.
  30. There Is Now a Raya for Home-Swapping DTC furniture and well-maintained Monsteras only.
  31. When a New High-Rise Means Less Housing A new tower is four times the height of its predecessor, yet it has fewer apartments.
  32. Let’s Take a Closer Look at Armie Hammer’s Time-shares, Shall We? The décor casts a threatening aura.
  33. What Happens to the Listings Project When There Are No Good Listings? Stephanie Diamond’s ethical apartment site runs up against a “disgusting” market.
  34. The Average Rent in Manhattan Is Now $5,000 Congratulations!
  35. The Montana Broker Whose Listings Suddenly Won’t Sell “This time last year, we had people sending personal assistants to come look at homes for them and then offering all cash. Now, crickets.”
  36. The McKibbin Lofts Super Asked for a Raise But Was Evicted Instead Jose Diaz has worked and lived in the building for 12 years.
  37. The Woo-woo Agents of Real Estate Can unblocking your chakras get you a house? Maybe!
  38. Compass Comes Back to Earth As it lays off 450 employees and its stock price tanks, the great disruptor turns out to be a brokerage after all.
  39. The Building That Brought Down Anna Delvey Is Back on the Market Maybe she’ll raise the money to buy 281 Park Avenue South for real this time?
  40. What’s More American Than Living in a Missile Silo? No on-site laundry, though.
  41. The Great Boy Scouts Land Sell-Off Developers and conservationists are battling over the organization’s fantastically valuable property.
  42. 32 Days to Find a Not-Horrible Apartment for a Family of Four Too exhausted to go on, Emily hands the hunt over to her husband, Keith.
  43. The Small, Litigious New York Real-Estate Dynasty You’ve Never Heard Of Suing your own mother for being a “slumlord” is just the tip of the iceberg.
  44. The West Village Co-op With a Surprise in the Closet The surprise is a shower.
  45. In a Soho Loft, Tech Bros Plot an Autonomous City Praxis, a “grassroots movement of modern pioneers,” lures members with grocery-store crudités and vague conversation.
  46. Inside Olympic Tower, Where Foreign Billionaires Have Long Flocked The midtown high-rise is ideal for those who’d rather not do much of anything themselves.
  47. The Year REBNY Tried to Get Cool And the real power players left early.
  48. Meet Eric Adams’s Other Brooklyn Apartment An unofficial tour of the Prospect Heights co-op he forgot he still owned.
  49. The Austin Broker With a Robust Country-Club Client Base “A colleague sends me some stats from the Census Bureau saying that Austin’s population is increasing by 146 people every day. Wowza!”
  50. Julia Haart’s $65 Million Penthouse Is Politically Neutral Also it’s technically not her apartment.
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