An Anti-Airbnb Activist Rented Her House on Airbnb

And the city collectively lost its mind.
  1. Cuck Money Is the New Key Money Get ready to raise your own rent.
  2. The Ugliest Divorce in Manhattan Real Estate HFZ’s luxury developers staked their futures on Bjarke Ingels’s High Line debut and lost everything.
  3. Landlords Can Now Screen Your Pet’s ‘Credit Score’ And charge you accordingly.
  4. Japanese Company Realizes the American Dream, Buys Single-Family Homes If only everyone else could too.
  5. All Split Up and Nowhere to Go Are pandemic breakups behind the city’s insane one-bedroom shortage?
  6. What’s Wrong With Steve Roth’s $21 Million Montauk Beach House? The developer behind one of Manhattan’s most successful condos can’t find a taker for his own Hamptons place.
  7. Housing Court Is Breaking Watching the quiet chaos unfold in a Queens courtroom.
  8. More Luxury Developments Are Apparently Falling Apart We are spotting a trend.
  9. The Townhouse That Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen Never Moved Into Is Back The astounding ballroom with 22-foot coffered ceilings remains intact.
  10. We Unearthed 10 Actually Excellent Rentals in NYC Right Now This week’s finds includes a Boerum Hill two-bedroom with multiple skylights and a 700-square-foot Fort Greene apartment asking $2,600.
  11. A $335,000 Upper West Side Studio and a Parkside Windsor Terrace Two-Bedroom Plus a loftlike one-bedroom near Yankee Stadium.
  12. Just an Extremely Lovely Greek Revival House in Hudson The first floor is especially grand, with ten-foot ceilings and three parlor rooms.
  13. Is This a Boat? Miami officials say no.
  14. A $650,000 Bed-Stuy One-Bedroom Condo and an Upper West Side Brownstone Duplex Plus a 1,000-square-foot prewar two-bedroom in Inwood.
  15. Rebel Wilson Is Selling Her House on Instagram But she won’t tag her broker.
  16. The 59-Story Walk-up No one can figure out what’s wrong at the luxury Financial District high-rise.
  17. A Greenwich Village Townhouse With a Massive Antique Door and Colorful Tiles Since 1968, the townhouse has belonged to the family of George Pitt, who, as his son Alexander says, was “the Don Draper of Greenwich Village.”
  18. How Airbnb Reinvented Itself As the World’s Crisis-Housing Provider In times of disaster, from war in Ukraine to wildfires in California, the platform is hoping to become something closer to critical infrastructure.
  19. A $565,000 Gramercy Park Studio and a Renovated Condo at the Ansonia Plus a prewar one-bedroom in Chelsea with an arched brick fireplace.
  20. StreetEasy Tries to Dominate Field and Placate Agents The listings giant will no longer ban agents for not following its prompt posting policy, but it’s not ceding much (if any) power.
  21. A Pristine William Lescaze Modernist Townhouse on East 70th Street It’s Lescaze’s third and last townhouse in Manhattan — and the most thoroughly restored.
  22. The Supply-Chain Shortage Hits Home Stagers The supply-chain shortage in sofas and everything else has forced stagers to stockpile pillows and drive hours for used furniture.
  23. A $595,000 Gramercy Park Studio and a West Village Corner Spot This week’s roundup also includes a Morningside Heights two-bedroom with 10-foot beamed ceilings.
  24. An Architect-Historian’s Carefully Preserved 1894 Townhouse in Park Slope Its most recent steward is the family of Elliot Willensky, who lived here while working on the very first AIA Guide to New York City.
  25. A Soaring East 57th Street Duplex Last Sold More Than 50 Years Ago The apartment has a two-story living room with 18-foot ceilings and enormous casement windows.
  26. Secret Staircases and Gold Everything: A Tour of Russian-Billionaire New York If the government seizes any of it, we call first dibs.
  27. TikTok Is the Hot New Place to Melt Down About Rent Increases “Tell me you just got your NYC rent increase notice without telling MEEEE”
  28. I’m a Contractor for New York City’s Wealthiest, Most Secretive Clients On NDAs, skirting the law, and $6,000 hinges.
  29. A $375,000 Sunset Park One-Bedroom and a Brooklyn Heights Cul-de-sac Two-Bedroom This week’s roundup also includes a Prospect Heights corner two-bedroom with at least one window on all four sides.
  30. A Brief History of Glen Cove’s Very Own Alleged Spy Hub The Russian-owned mansion at the center of geopolitical (and beach pass) disputes.
  31. A Perfectly 1989 ‘Barbie House’ in Mill Basin Glass blocks and formica built-ins are everywhere.
  32. Employer Promises Just 0.08* Deaths in a Year If Their Office Reopens *If everyone returns and is between the ages of 30 and 49 and is vaccinated.
  33. Eric Adams Hates Remote Work So Much Now he’s making fun of your pajamas.
  34. 85 Appointments, 600 Inquiries, and the Bid That Finally Won Out The bidding wars behind three especially popular apartment rentals.
  35. Checking Out the Scene at Paul Manafort’s Foreclosure Auction Featuring a surprising number of people in wraparound sunglasses.
  36. A $399,000 Park Slope Studio and a Sprawling Jackson Heights 3-Bedroom This week’s roundup also includes a Gramercy Park one-bedroom with dark-stained hardwood floors throughout.
  37. Despite $405 Million Write-Down, Zillow Is Just Fine iBuying debacle aside, it turns out that it’s hard to screw up in this real-estate market.
  38. Inside the Drama (and Possible Curse) of This Real-Estate Billionaire’s Divorce Blame the Chrysler Building?
  39. Barbie’s Mortgage-Backed Offer Wouldn’t Have Won Her the Dreamhouse A Realtor weighs in.
  40. An Extremely Quaint Kitchen in an Upper West Side Classic 7 It comes with a rolling library ladder — for easy access to cookie jars.
  41. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Montecito Neighborhood Smells Bad Meghan and Harry haven’t commented yet.
  42. Local Building to Be Constructed for Wealthy The West Village was supposed to get 500 units of affordable housing. Instead, it’s mostly superluxury and Google.
  43. Landlord Scammers Invented Fake Tenants in Rent Grift And are walking away without a fine.
  44. A $450K Kips Bay One-Bedroom and a Carroll Gardens Spot With a Private Roof Deck This week’s picks also include a Ditmas Park two-bedroom with a built-in home office.
  45. Jeff Zucker Is Hardly the First to Have an In-Building Affair New York’s long history of keeping wives and mistresses apart in the elevator.
  46. A 193-Acre Zoo Is Up For Grabs in the Catskills It comes with a six-bedroom inn fashioned out of the old giraffe house.
  47. Gwyneth Paltrow Has At Least Two Ruth Asawa Knockoffs One looked real enough to fool Architectural Digest’s editors.
  48. Can New York Really Ban a Nightmare Landlord From Real Estate? Yes, and Raphael Toledano learned that the hard way.
  49. A $450K Park Slope Fixer-upper and an Upper East Side Loft Condo This week’s roundup also includes an Upper West Side one-bedroom with a renovated open kitchen and decorative fireplace.
  50. In Praise of Shared Toilets A communal restroom in the hallway? It’s not the end of the world.
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