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A Greenhouse in the Sky Above West End Avenue

The apartment also has an outdoor shower and a 1,400-square-foot terrace.
  1. Your Landlord Might Be a Baby Parents are buying investment properties for their infants.
  2. ‘The Floor Just Dropped and Then Started Bouncing’ Talking to someone inside One Vanderbilt when the 93-story midtown tower began to shake.
  3. Who Wants to Buy the Flatiron Building? It goes up for auction today. Here’s what you could get for a couple hundred million.
  4. Deals, Deals, Deals on Los Angeles Megamansions! Brokers are trying all kinds of gimmicks to beat an April 1 transfer tax on homes above $5 million.
  5. BjornQorn Opened a Skate Rink The space will also be a production facility for its nutritional-yeast-dusted offerings.
  6. Darien, Connecticut, Bought an Island The town may build pickleball courts.
  7. Everything We Know About the Tiny Sliver of Australia in the Oscars Gift Bags It is supposed to be a symbol of land conservation. Also there are 30-day refunds.
  8. Christian-College Students Got Eviction Notices at Their Luxury Dorms King’s College is reassuring students that tenant protection laws will keep them housed.
  9. ‘Like College or Camp for Rich People’ The lifestyle managers hosting mezcal classes and meditation hour at the city’s amenity-packed bubble buildings.
  10. Dumbo Is Displeased With Its Giant New Building “Olympia looks like a cruise ship. Meanwhile it’s literally positioned next to one of the greatest landmarks in all of the United States.”
  11. A24 Buys Cherry Lane Theatre Another studio rescues an endangered venue.
  12. The Wing’s Office (and Furniture) Is for Sale The East Village landmark was listed for $22.5 million.
  13. Vigorous Smudging Almost Burned Down Bernie Madoff’s Penthouse At least according to former owner and Pokémon magnate Al Kahn.
  14. A Duplex Opens Up in a Coveted Artist’s Studio Building It has a Juliet balcony and a library with a rolling staircase.
  15. Meghan and Harry Have Been Evicted And Frogmore Cottage has reportedly been handed over to Prince Andrew.
  16. Is Anyone Tipping Their Landlord? Probably not. And yet people keep asking!
  17. Los Angeles’s Conflicted Hype-House King Developer Danny Fitzgerald would like it if celebrities would stop partying in his celebrity party houses.
  18. Rupert Murdoch Is Returning to Hampshire House Three decades and two wives later.
  19. A Trailer in the Hamptons Sells for $3.75 Million Neighbors include a hedge-fund billionaire and the co-founder of Vitaminwater.
  20. A Country Home in the Middle of Bed-Stuy It has a finished attic, four fireplaces, and a peach tree in the backyard.
  21. Nathan’s Famous Exec and Snapple Heir Face Off in Sagaponack Over a $14.5 million property-deed typo.
  22. Related Probably Wishes It Never Uncovered These Archeological Findings “This is legitimately old.”
  23. Boomer Dads Are Driving Real Estate Agents Nuts “They have an annoying tendency to present themselves as experts on all aspects of home buying based on their own, actually inexpert logic.”
  24. The Atlanta Realtor Who Gets Her Advice From Arnold Schwarzenegger “He told me, ‘You need a brand.’ That’s what my cowboy hat and my nickname, ‘Rodeo,’ have become.”
  25. Manhattan Rents Went Up Instead of Down The January median reached $4,097.
  26. The Nepo Babies Forced Into Real Estate Cry for the lives unlived.
  27. Joan Didion’s Apartment Is for Sale Missed out on the estate auction? Seven and a half million dollars will get you the whole house.
  28. New Yorkers Never Came ‘Flooding Back.’ Why Did Rents Go Up So Much? Getting to the bottom of a COVID-era real estate mystery.
  29. A Turtle Bay Townhouse With Wall-to-Wall Windows And a 400-square-foot balcony on every floor
  30. A Queens Co-Op Full of Electricians It remains basically as it was imagined in 1949: a surprisingly affordable city-within-a-city.
  31. A Two-story Condo in a Former Parish House The doorman stand is the original priest’s pulpit.
  32. Rent It for the James Turrell Installation Hugh Jackman’s East Hampton retreat asks $500,000 for the summer.
  33. The Casino–Apartment–Ferris-Wheel–Hotel Proposal for Midtown East Is Stefan Soloviev’s plan a jackpot or a bust?
  34. The Mexico City Realtor Selling Penthouses Without Bathrooms “They start around $6 million and have nothing in them — not even a floor or a toilet.”
  35. Compass Is Doing Totally Fine, Okay? It’s just subleasing its headquarters and doing a third round of layoffs.
  36. An Entirely Wood-Paneled Condo The very 1960s apartment comes with very 1960s furniture.
  37. A Tiny House on Top of a Co-op The former boiler room of the Prince George Hotel looks like a cozy attic garret.
  38. What Do A-Rod, Barbara Corcoran, and Michael Cohen Have in Common? The same Avenue D apartment building.
  39. What Should New York Homebuyers Expect in 2023? Fewer bidding wars, but also fewer options overall.
  40. Curbed’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2022 They included bitter real-estate feuds, our deep dive into trash, and a report from Caroline Calloway’s drawn-out good-bye to the city.
  41. The Year in Rent Breaking down the 12 months in which everything got more expensive, then more expensive, and then even more expensive.
  42. Richard Gere’s Cell Tower Is Upsetting Rooney Mara’s Mother The wealthy town of Bedford is in absolute disarray.
  43. Please Be Careful With Steve Wynn’s Picassos Interested buyers should keep their elbows to themselves while viewing the Vegas tycoon’s $90 million duplex.
  44. The 23-Year-Old Queen of Real-Estate TikTok As New York’s luxury market cools, Lizza Prigozhina is helping panicked agents sell another asset: themselves.
  45. A Jamaica Estates Home With a 32-Foot-Long Indoor Pool And too many Jacuzzis to count.
  46. Hamish Bowles’s Over-the-top Co-op Is for Sale The Greenwich Village two-bedroom has a trompe-l’oeil doorknob.
  47. The Kuwaiti Government Raised Carolines’s Rent A surprising end for the beloved comedy club.
  48. Libbie Mugrabi Has Mansion Problems The socialite is facing eviction on the Upper East Side. Her Water Mill compound is an even bigger mess.
  49. What Is Going on With Twitter’s Horrible Headquarters? The company’s San Francisco landlord is struggling to refinance. And workers are being invited to sleep in conference rooms.
  50. Now You Can Live in a Crypto Office A crypto-mining firm’s former Hudson Yards space is marketed as the $19.5 million home of your dreams.
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