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This Week’s Worth-it New York City Listings

Some not-terrible finds in a terrible week.
  1. I Didn’t Know My Broker Was a Bot Renters hoping to meet Brook E. and Emily O. at that Greenpoint open house will be sorely disappointed.
  2. Trump Doesn’t Own the Most Expensive Apartment That’s Ever Existed in NYC If a judge’s ruling stands, Trump, who committed fraud by exaggerating the value of his real estate, may even lose control of Trump Tower.
  3. Beverly’s Is Making It Permanent Beverly Nguyen’s roaming homewares pop-up signed a lease at 27 Orchard.
  4. A Gramercy Park Apartment With Two Private Terraces (and a Key to the Park) The combined 11th-floor unit also comes with two kitchens.
  5. Zombie Renovations Are Coming Landlords are claiming that work completed decades ago is grounds to take a building out of rent regulation. What’s a tenant supposed to do?
  6. A Classic West End Avenue Apartment That Became an Art Archive 58 years ago, the photographer Joel Meyerowitz rented an apartment to raise his family. It found other uses.
  7. Curbed September Report: Rainy Open Houses and Midtown East Still on Top Plus, the listings that brokers are obsessed with.
  8. Who’s Selling A Condo Staged With Tons of Acting Awards? Jeremy Strong, of course.
  9. A Sutton Place Penthouse That Just Won’t Move Lisa Perry’s pop art co-op has faced three price cuts in as many years.
  10. The Townhouse Where Ivana Trump Died Has Been Hard to Sell Will a $4 million price cut help?
  11. Ask an Airbnb Host If You Can Rent Their Apartment With a little convincing, that soon-to-be de-listed garden unit could be yours.
  12. Airbnb Hosts Are Feeling Abandoned As the city prepares to crack down on short-term rentals, the hosts say the company is out of its depth.
  13. Atelier Jolie Has Been Defaced The former Basquiat studio turned Angelina Jolie concept project has been painted pink.
  14. ‘Just Befriend the Doorman and Don’t Arouse Suspicion’ E-bike riders are sneaking past their buildings’ bans with flattery (and sometimes deception).
  15. Get Ready to Spend $5,000 on That Floor of a Brownstone “I get applications and people are making half a million a year in income. One person.”
  16. The Menace of the Megamansion Buyers who are turning multiunit buildings into single-family palaces have taken away hundreds of thousands of housing units.
  17. The Case of the $13.5 Million Price Gap Why did two nearly identical penthouses at 150 Charles sell for vastly different amounts?
  18. A Myron Goldfinger Mansion That’s Never Been on the Market The architect, who died this month, designed a unique pinwheel layout to give a family with teenagers enough privacy.
  19. Should Landlords Cover Broker Fees? Talking to a broker who thinks Chi Ossé’s new bill will be better for everyone involved.
  20. Curbed’s August Report: An All-Cash Summer and Frenzied Open Houses Plus the most saved one-bedroom under $1 million.
  21. A Developer and a Landlord Go to War Over 22 Air Conditioners Extell’s Diamond District neighbor is trying to claim the air next door.
  22. Mad Montauk Art Neighbors A yearlong squabble over Warhol proximity has ended with a slap.
  23. They Tried to Make a ‘New Hamptons’ The New York Post chose the unsuspecting town of Atlantic Beach.
  24. WeWork’s Own Office Leasing Apocalypse The company was struggling long before its grim announcement this week.
  25. Megan Ellison Is Selling Her Dome Apartment It’ll be the seventh home the Annapurna producer and heiress has put on the market since 2008.
  26. Rudy Giuliani Is Selling His Upper East Side Co-op The corner three-bedroom has lots of original details if a buyer can get past the fact that it was once raided by the FBI.
  27. A Basement Housing Bill Killed by Conspiracists Huntington seemed poised to legalize ADUs. Then things got weird.
  28. The Last Painted Doors of Ridgewood Faux wood graining is an architectural quirk of the neighborhood. And a dying trade.
  29. Airbnb Wants to Fix Loneliness With Gwyneth Paltrow And zoning.
  30. Eliot Spitzer Can Build His Faux-Prewar Condo Now A lawsuit over a ditch couldn’t stop his luxury development with a view of the Met.
  31. Modernist Houses Can’t Survive the Hamptons They’re being torn down and replaced with cookie-cutter mansions.
  32. Adam Neumann Still Can’t Sell His Gramercy Triplex Four years later, the WeWork founder seems to think a $5 million price chop and the Alexander Brothers will help.
  33. Offices Are the New Malls The office tower has overtaken retail and hotels in the ranking of distressed real-estate assets.
  34. The Teetering Tech Office Meta and Twitter are shedding square footage, while Amazon and Google aren’t giving up the dream.
  35. New Glut City The city’s mega-office landlords are panicking, pivoting, and shedding what’s worthless. One opens his books.
  36. A Typology of Unwanted Manhattan Office Buildings Certain kinds of properties are more doomed than others. Here, four case studies.
  37. Three Bleak Blocks of Third Avenue What the office-space crisis has looked like for one stretch of Midtown East.
  38. Are the Landlords Bluffing? They say thousands of rent stabilized apartments are too cheap and too far gone to rent. You’ll just have to take their word for it.
  39. Angelina Jolie Had to Have Basquiat’s Former Studio To open her concept store about tailoring.
  40. A Bed-Stuy Townhouse That Was Once a Prep School Four floors, now obsessively restored.
  41. It’s the Summer of Postdivorce Cohabitation Bill and Chirlane, Steve and Miranda, Ariana and Tom …
  42. Adjaye’s Luxury Fidi Tower Will Do Just Fine “Buyers just like beautiful buildings. They don’t even know who designed it most of the time.”
  43. Brooklyn’s First Supertall Gets a Very Breezy Basketball Court The SHoP-designed amenity will be on the tower’s “wind floor” and open to the elements 629 feet up.
  44. Is Taylor Swift’s Sidewalk Properly Maintained? Dozens of tickets from the Department of Sanitation say one thing. Neighbors insist it’s fine.
  45. Sex, Analysis, and 40 Communal Apartments on the Upper West Side The Sullivanians’ New York, revisited.
  46. McNally Jackson Joins the Elizabeth Street Garden Fray An appeals court ruled the affordable-housing development could move forward; the bookstore was not pleased.
  47. Part of an An East Village Synagogue Long Inhabited by Artists Is for Sale In the ’80s, photographers William Wegman, Jack Sal, and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and model Maria von Hartz bought the place for $154,500.
  48. The Great Resignation Was Actually Because of the Pandemic Housing Boom Boomers sold their houses and quit their jobs.
  49. Who Wins the Plaza? It’ll either be the Four Seasons or the Raffles Hotels & Resorts who’ll end up managing it.
  50. Where’s a Summer Intern Supposed to Live? Thousands of students join the city’s workforce each June. Finding an apartment is its own hazing ritual.
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