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Good-Cause Eviction Keeps Dying in Court

Cities across New York tried to put a bandage on their housing crises. Then came the lawsuits.
  1. Libbie Mugrabi Has Mansion Problems The socialite is facing eviction on the Upper East Side. Her Water Mill compound is an even bigger mess.
  2. What Is Going on With Twitter’s Horrible Headquarters? The company’s San Francisco landlord is struggling to refinance. And workers are being invited to sleep in conference rooms.
  3. Now You Can Live in a Crypto Office A crypto-mining firm’s former Hudson Yards space is marketed as the $19.5 million home of your dreams.
  4. From the Archives: When Soho Was Imperiled “Artists came to Soho because it was ignored and cheap. Now it is no longer ignored, and soon it will not be cheap.”
  5. The Messy Real-Estate Fallout From FTX’s Implosion A running list.
  6. ‘We Were Called Gentrifiers, and We Were Called NIMBYs’ Councilmember Julie Won on how the largest private affordable-housing development in Queens history was won.
  7. Margaritaville Was Supposed to Have a Synagogue And now the developer of the Times Square resort is being sued by the 91-year-old congregation.
  8. You Can Finally Buy Derek Jeter’s Castle An $8 million price cut means your time has come.
  9. The Office Is Half-Dead Or half-alive, depending on how you want to interpret the latest data.
  10. ‘If You Can’t Exclude Someone, Do You Even Own It?’ New York City’s landlords say they’re fighting for life, liberty, and the pursuit of eviction.
  11. Ivana Trump’s Townhouse Is Officially for Sale And it’s overpriced.
  12. An Upper East Side Penthouse That Feels Like a Baroque French Manor Almost every inch of this three-bedroom apartment, with its hand-painted murals, painted columns, and coffered ceilings, has been embellished.
  13. Tenants in Kingston Just Gave Themselves a Rent Reduction And landlords are suing.
  14. From the Archives: We Renovated Our Own Brownstone — It Was a Million Laughs “When someone asks was it worth it, I say yes, because while my arm didn’t heal properly, the ceiling job is beautiful.”
  15. Why These $20 Million Uptown Co-ops Aren’t Selling “In the past, big money needed co-ops to be accepted and established, But no one needs 740 Park anymore.”
  16. The Mennonite Airbnb Hustler of Upper Manhattan Konrad Bicher, calling himself “the Wolf of Airbnb,” ran a sublet scheme that made him rich — for a while.
  17. We’re Getting Closer to a Martian Housing Market Nine subterranean caves have been identified as potentially suitable habitats, if you’re into that kind of thing.
  18. What Could Go Wrong With Crypto Island Just three NFTs can buy you a villa and great offshore-banking access on the site of the Fyre Festival.
  19. From the Archives: When Williamsburg Became the New Bohemia A portrait of an artists’ colony in Brooklyn, circa 1992.
  20. 1 Oak Was Evicted And it apparently came as a surprise.
  21. Sag Harbor Worried About Becoming Port Jefferson And a group of residents is suing over an affordable-housing development.
  22. ‘The Only Reason We Got It Was That I Lied’ In a brutal market, renters are fabricating everything from credit scores to income to employers.
  23. The Glamping Wars of Woodstock Local officials are trying to keep the peace as residents go all out against a proposed 77-acre “outdoor resort.”
  24. From the Archives: When Gentrification Hit the Lower East Side There goes the neighborhood.
  25. 13 Years, 3 Mayors, Countless Community Board Meetings, and Just One Building The tortured saga of turning a Hell’s Kitchen parking lot into 112 affordable apartment units.
  26. The Helicopter Landlord Lives Downstairs And wonders if the guy who was over last night is your new boyfriend or just a friend.
  27. The Billionaire Behind New York’s Most Luxe Hotel Vladislav Doronin’s ambitious, contentious journey from Leningrad to Aman New York.
  28. ‘I Don’t Think Anyone Should Buy Land in Any Metaverse Right Now’ Chatting with Jessica Stocker, Winter House’s skeptical virtual real-estate agent.
  29. Audrey Gelman and the Wing Are Being Sued for $1.7 Million in Back Rent That’s a lot of woven apple baskets.
  30. 12 Gay Street Has a Lot Going On The quaint brick facade conceals: a Russian oligarch, his just-arrested estate manager who is Helena Bonham-Carter’s cousin, Howdy Doody, and a ghost.
  31. The Kauai Realtor Who’s Hearing a Lot of Rumors About Mark Zuckerberg “Someone told me she heard he was almost eaten by a shark.”
  32. New York City’s Rent and Wage-Growth Gap Hits Record High We’ve hit another miserable milestone.
  33. What Happened to the Gramercy Park Hotel? Everyone’s got a theory.
  34. The Most Hamptons House in the Hamptons Is for Sale The $150 million estate features a vaguely menacing number of white sofas.
  35. Is Rupert Murdoch Done With New York? Or is the 91-year-old just downsizing?
  36. What Real Estate Does Trump Own in NYC Anyway? Letitia James wants to freeze the family’s business in the state. They sort of beat her to it.
  37. The Tacky Weed Bodega Is Everywhere (for Now) What has the city’s Kush Rush wrought?
  38. High Profile Compass Brokers Are Leaving for Elliman In search of greener pastures, where teams can grow and DocuSign is paid for.
  39. The Trump Organization Says Kris Jenner–Fronted ‘Business School’ Is Squatting An elite scammer-versus-scammer situation.
  40. The Central Park Supertall with a $250 Million Penthouse Extell CEO Gary Barnett is done settling for less!
  41. Kim Kardashian Is Selling Two of Her Houses She will keep the other two.
  42. Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Offices Win the Amenity Wars Two Trees is betting that you won’t hate the neighborhood, the commute, or the work space itself.
  43. Unsellable Soho Loft Now Comes With an NFT Fine, we’ll take it.
  44. The House That Yankee Candle Built Featuring two “car barns,” four tennis courts, and an indoor water park.
  45. Landlords Are Trying to Make ‘Tenantsplaining’ a Thing Our housing providers are having a little fun.
  46. ‘Emotionally Paralyzed’ New York Home Buyers Are Backing Out of Contracts Worried about rising interest rates, buyers are making offers but not closing sales.
  47. The Outer-Borough Bidding Wars Are Here Brokers on receiving 100 emails a day and getting messages while in labor.
  48. The West Village ‘Nightmare Share’ Is Over The “grifter” accused of squatting in an Airbnb rental for three years has been evicted.
  49. A Woman in the Bronx Fell Through Her Bathroom Floor A new addition to your list of tenant nightmares.
  50. ‘He’s Kicking Me Out Because My Daughter Wouldn’t Sleep With Him.’ A housing lawyer on how often landlords insert “sexual clauses” in leases.
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