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Bad Landlords

  1. bad landlords
    The Crumbling Building Where No One Claims to Be the LandlordA real-estate deal that went bad has left rent-stabilized tenants in legal limbo.
  2. bad landlords
    ‘He’s Kicking Me Out Because My Daughter Wouldn’t Sleep With Him.’A housing lawyer on how often landlords insert “sexual clauses” in leases.
  3. bad landlords
    The People Suing Your Landlord Are Now Suing Their LandlordThe Legal Aid Society is facing its most formidable opponent yet: tons of mold.
  4. bad landlords
    Landlord Scammers Invented Fake Tenants in Rent GriftAnd are walking away without a fine.
  5. bad landlords
    Can New York Really Ban a Nightmare Landlord From Real Estate?Yes, and Raphael Toledano learned that the hard way.