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  1. operators
    WeWork CEO Adam Neumann Visits Shanghai
    Why on Earth Is Adam Neumann Trying to Buy Back WeWork?“I think the person who would be most frustrated if Adam Neumann bought WeWork would be Adam Neumann.”
  2. wework
    What Killed WeWork?In retrospect, it’s surprising that it took this long.
  3. getting around
    VanMoofers After the BankruptcyWill the Dutch e-bike’s acquisition by a new company be enough to restore riders’ faith?
  4. brick & mortar
    Chaos and Betrayal on Day One of Bed Bath & Beyond’s Closeout Sale“They tricked everyone.” At the Chelsea megastore, customers raged at the lack of deals.
  5. operators
    The Williamsburg Hotel’s Drawn-Out, Chaotic Bankruptcy Process“I do have some concern that he’ll do something really stupid here.”