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  1. the real estate
    Why Are There So Many Bathrooms in the Houses on Selling Sunset?Brokers explain the deranged bed-to-bath ratio of ultra-high-end listings.
  2. bathrooms
    The Modular Public Toilets Are ComingA city-run pilot will roll out five prefab kiosks — one for each borough.
  3. bathrooms
    Sagaponack Is Losing It Over a Porta-pottyThe public toilet is across the street from the mayor’s house, and he likes it.
  4. getting around
    The MTA Is ‘Completely Obsessed’ With Reopening Its BathroomsStarting with just eight, to be exact.
  5. bathrooms
    Outsourcing Public Bathrooms to Starbucks Maybe Wasn’t the Best IdeaWhat Howard Schultz giveth, Howard Schultz may taketh away.
  6. design hunting
    Can You Guess Who Renovated This Bright, Bold Tile Bathroom?Clue: The current owner says that a London museum offered him $1 million for the shower. (He declined.)
  7. space of the week
    Inside a Bright and Cheerful Renovation in BrooklynFilmmaker Mollie Goldstein debated whether to sell or upgrade her steadily appreciating condo in Fort Greene. The renovation won out.