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  1. the business of brokering
    Among the Aspiring SerhantsAt an industry conference in midtown, brokers say they “wake up, bleed, sleep real estate — shit real estate.”
  2. neighborhood report
    Everything’s Bigger in Long Island City Right NowThe high-rise population is booming and rents are climbing as Manhattan expats learn to love the 7.
  3. the housing market
    Define ‘Penthouse’From low-rises to tiny top floors in new developments, brokers are getting increasingly creative with their use of “PH.”
  4. the business of brokering
    I Didn’t Know My Broker Was a BotRenters hoping to meet Brook E. and Emily O. at that Greenpoint open house will be sorely disappointed.
  5. the rent is too damn high
    Get Ready to Spend $5,000 on That Floor of a Brownstone“I get applications and people are making half a million a year in income. One person.”
  6. the rent is too damn high
    Should Landlords Cover Broker Fees?Talking to a broker who thinks Chi Ossé’s new bill will be better for everyone involved.
  7. surge pricing
    The Outer-Borough Bidding Wars Are HereBrokers on receiving 100 emails a day and getting messages while in labor.
  8. our mayor
    Mayor’s Office Proposes Emailing Your Landlord to Solve Housing DiscriminationJust ask them nicely.