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Columbia University

  1. what we know
    NYPD Arrests Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Columbia University: How It HappenedMore than 100 people were arrested after Columbia University requested an NYPD crackdown on the protesters’ encampment.
  2. mysteries
    Why Is My Apartment So Dusty All the Time?It took several air monitors, a Ziploc of my own hair, and two scientists to find out.
  3. developing
    When New York’s Biggest Private Landlords Are Columbia and NYUA new bill proposes the schools start paying taxes accordingly.
  4. mysteries
    What’s in the Subway Water That Drips on Your Head?A semi-scientific inquiry.
  5. street view
    The Start-up Aesthetic Defines New York’s Two New Ivy CampusesThey say they want to engage the community, but that outreach is self-limiting.