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  1. advent calendar 2021
    Gift of the Day: A Spotty Ceramic VesselRecommended by a self-described ceramics aficionado.
  2. advent calendar 2021
    Gift of the Day: Jill Singer’s Favorite Lumpy Goblet“They’re highly impractical and honestly superfluous, which is exactly why they’re such a fun gift.”
  3. advent calendar 2021
    Gift of the Day: An Architect’s Favorite Black-Paged NotebookIt comes with jelly pens.
  4. advent calendar 2021
    Gift of the Day: The Simplest, Handsomest SocksAs recommended by a Canadian with a substantial cold-weather collection.
  5. advent calendar 2021
    Curbed’s 2021 Advent-Calendar Gift GuideOver the course of the next 25 days, we will be doling out, one by one, the gifts recommended by dozens of design bigwigs with extremely good taste.
  6. advent calendar 2021
    Gift of the Day: A (Somewhat Strange) Fruit TreeIt produces funky-tasting calamondins.
  7. curbed catalogue
    The Best Gifts for Design-Minded KidsFrom a Keith Haring play mat for babies to a highly adaptable jumpsuit for teens.
  8. curbed catalogue
    Nice-Looking (But Still Playful) Kids-Room PiecesA maplewood floor bed, a Calder-esque mobile, and a gigantic pillow.
  9. curbed catalogue
    15 Space-Completing Side TablesIn all manner of materials.
  10. curbed catalogue
    Some Under-$500 Architect-Approved Side ChairsA cousin to the popular CB2 Gwyneth Chair, a crushed velvet swivel, and more.
  11. curbed catalogue
    10 Elegant (Yet Still Utilitarian) Trash CansFrom open-top bins for the bedroom to semi-closed wastebaskets for the bath to tall cans for the kitchen.
  12. curbed catalogue
    15 Especially Well Designed Bedside LampsWe asked designer Ming Thompson to share her favorites across all price points.