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  1. developing
    The Flatiron Building’s Luxury-Housing Era Is BeginningLong, pointy, highly desirable apartments.
  2. architecture
    What Was Trump Tower?His co-star, his political launch pad, his longest-term companion.
  3. street view
    Light-Drenched Offices Fill the Shell of Domino SugarA refinery with a dirty past, spotlessly reimagined.
  4. developing
    Eric Adams’s Big Housing Plan Is 100 Small Ideas in a TrenchcoatA lot of them are good. But can he push them through neighborhood resistance?
  5. street view
    Need Housing? Need a Rail Line? Stack Them Up.Studio V’s proposal for a Borough Park rail cut.
  6. developing
    An Island of Affordable Housing at the World Trade CenterA third of the tower’s residents will have cheap rent and expensive neighbors.
  7. developing
    New York City May Be Getting a Canyon RanchThe spa that practically invented the wellness industry will now have to compete with everything it’s wrought.
  8. developing
    Eliot Spitzer Can Build His Faux-Prewar Condo NowA lawsuit over a ditch couldn’t stop his luxury development with a view of the Met.
  9. developing
    Brooklyn’s First Supertall Gets a Very Breezy Basketball CourtThe SHoP-designed amenity will be on the tower’s “wind floor” and open to the elements 629 feet up.
  10. neighborhood news
    JPMorgan Chase Bets Big on the Revival of MidtownIf you build it, 270 Park says, they will commute.
  11. developing
    Owner of Flatiron Building Buys Flatiron BuildingJeffrey Gural got it on the second try and saved a bunch of money in the process.
  12. street view
    Developing Governors Island in Order to Save ItA plan that aims to preserve both its low-rise nature and the earth.
  13. getting around
    This Penn Station Plan May Be the One Everyone Can Live WithAssuming the Garden doesn’t move, most of the stakeholders are gravitating toward a new scheme.
  14. developing
    Everything We Know About 270 Park AvenueThe JPMorgan Chase supertall is scheduled to open in 2025.
  15. rendering judgment
    Is a Coney Island Casino a Good Idea?Could be a recipe for job growth, could be the next Atlantic City dead zone.
  16. developing
    Related Probably Wishes It Never Uncovered These Archeological Findings“This is legitimately old.”
  17. rendering judgment
    The Casino–Apartment–Ferris-Wheel–Hotel Proposal for Midtown EastIs Stefan Soloviev’s plan a jackpot or a bust?
  18. developing
    The Six-Way Race for One New York Casino LicenseAnd a closer look at the Hudson Yards option.
  19. developing
    Margaritaville Was Supposed to Have a SynagogueAnd now the developer of the Times Square resort is being sued by the 91-year-old congregation.
  20. developing
    Airbnb’s Co-founder Is Building ADUs That Would Make Great AirbnbsWhat a coincidence.
  21. developing
    The Six Senses Is Opening in Rhinebeck Instead of ChelseaThe luxury hotel has traded a Bjarke Ingels building for a biodynamic farm.
  22. developing
    Developers Are Convinced They Can Make the ‘Penn District’ HappenMove over, Sbarro — here comes Roberta’s and condos with “minimalist Mondrian interiors.”
  23. street view
    Morningside Heights Gets That Much HigherTwo seminary campuses monetize their air.
  24. developing
    ‘They’re Destroying an Artists’ Block’: Locals on the Vornado Penn Station PlanA furrier, a circus school, and other shops on the big changes coming to their block.
  25. developing
    When a New High-Rise Means Less HousingA new tower is four times the height of its predecessor, yet it has fewer apartments.
  26. developing
    The Trump International Hotel, Remembered by Yelp“It reeks.”
  27. brick and mortar
    Cheap Meat or Luxury Rentals? Inside the Fight at Western BeefA son’s plan to upscale the grocery’s real-estate empire is reined in by his father.
  28. street view
    Most Green Buildings Aren’t Even Close to Being Carbon-Neutral — YetWith a few exceptions, their claims — at least so far — are built on fuzzy math and borrowing against the future.
  29. the metaverse
    Now You Can Get a Mortgage in the MetaverseIn crypto, of course.
  30. developing
    Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue, Known ‘Canyon of Mediocrity,’ Now Has $5M PenthousesHigh-end developments begin to infiltrate among the gas stations and no-frills rentals.
  31. developing
    How New York City’s Skyline Will Change in 2022The skyline-, neighborhood-, and city-changing projects for this coming year.
  32. developing
    The Site Chosen by Elizabeth Street Garden Supporters Gets Affordable HousingBut that doesn’t mean the garden will stay.
  33. developing
    A Family of Three Making $42,000 Will Be Able to Live in SohoThe neighborhood rezoning, expected to pass Wednesday, will prioritize affordability.
  34. developing
    If This Deal Is Any Guide, New York Rents Aren’t Going to Calm Down Anytime SoonThe buyers of the American Copper Buildings are betting on the numbers rising and rising some more.
  35. developing
    Architects Agree: The Buildings Around the High Line Are TerribleThe black hole of starchitecture.
  36. developing
    Elliman’s Top Brokers Are Selling Luxury Real Estate in the MetaverseTaking the real out of real estate, for fun and profit.
  37. developing
    This Is the Beginning of Gowanus’s New SkylineAn expansive rezoning passed today has developers ready to build, build, build.
  38. developing
    A Billionaire-vs.-Millionaire Penthouse BattleOn the Upper West Side, Bill Ackman wants to build a remarkable glass house. But his neighbors have stones.
  39. developing
    Ben Kallos Really Didn’t Want the Blood Center RedevelopmentBut the City Council is voting for it anyway.
  40. developing
    The Observation-Deck Wars Are HereEdge, at Hudson Yards, offers a tethered outdoor climb 1,200 feet above the street — for $185.
  41. developing
    Farewell to the Half Bean, Tribeca’s Best Unfinished LandmarkThe artist’s mini “Cloud Gate” is nearly complete — so go see it before it’s done.
  42. architecture review
    The Observation Deck at One Vanderbilt Is a Ridiculous Place“Surely there’s a better way than assaulting them with lights and mirrors.”
  43. developing
    A Lenape Tribe Finally Wrests Its Sacred Site Back From DevelopersFighting back the latest threat to the Ramapough people.
  44. developing
    With Google Moving In, Hudson Square Is Trying to Spruce Up the PlaceThe neighborhood is now a major tech hub, so it should probably be connected to the rest of the city.
  45. architecture review
    Manhattan West Is (a Little Bit) What Hudson Yards Should Have BeenIt’s still a corporate simulacrum of a city, but given the history of such gestures, it’s surprising they got it anywhere close to right.
  46. developing
    It Just Keeps Getting Worse for 432 ParkA new lawsuit seems likely to spoil sales at the Billionaires’ Row tower.
  47. developing
    Continuum’s Towers Were Nixed by the City. So the Developer Is Suing.The Botanic Garden fight may go another round.
  48. developing
    River Ring Gets Okayed, With 13 ConditionsSmaller towers, more affordable apartments, and a slew of other requirements.
  49. developing
    The Leaning Tower of Seaport May Finally Break Its Bad LuckBut it’s still tilting ever so slightly to the north.
  50. developing
    The “Horrendous” Luxury Rentals That Need Gut Renovations After Just a DecadeThe life cycle of a high-end building is getting shorter.
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