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    Farewell to the Half Bean, Tribeca’s Best Unfinished LandmarkThe artist’s mini “Cloud Gate” is nearly complete — so go see it before it’s done.
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    The Observation Deck at One Vanderbilt Is a Ridiculous Place“Surely there’s a better way than assaulting them with lights and mirrors.”
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    A Lenape Tribe Finally Wrests Its Sacred Site Back From DevelopersFighting back the latest threat to the Ramapough people.
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    With Google Moving In, Hudson Square Is Trying to Spruce Up the PlaceThe neighborhood is now a major tech hub, so it should probably be connected to the rest of the city.
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    Manhattan West Is (a Little Bit) What Hudson Yards Should Have BeenIt’s still a corporate simulacrum of a city, but given the history of such gestures, it’s surprising they got it anywhere close to right.
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    It Just Keeps Getting Worse for 432 ParkA new lawsuit seems likely to spoil sales at the Billionaires’ Row tower.
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    Continuum’s Towers Were Nixed by the City. So the Developer Is Suing.The Botanic Garden fight may go another round.
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    River Ring Gets Okayed, With 13 ConditionsSmaller towers, more affordable apartments, and a slew of other requirements.
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    The Leaning Tower of Seaport May Finally Break Its Bad LuckBut it’s still tilting ever so slightly to the north.
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    The “Horrendous” Luxury Rentals That Need Gut Renovations After Just a DecadeThe life cycle of a high-end building is getting shorter.
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    Why Throgs Neck Homeowners Are Up in Arms About Two 8-Story BuildingsIt’s not just the height, or the number of units — it’s who might end up living there too.
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    Dreams, Demolished: Grand Prospect Hall Will Be Torn DownThe 129-year-old former opera house is being razed to make way for a new development
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    So Long, 666 Fifth AvenueIts past lives included Noguchi art, a cigar lounge, that satanic address, and Jared Kushner.
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    Adams’s Office Gives a Thumbs-Down to Towers by the Brooklyn Botanic GardenThe greenhouses win out.
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    The Brooklyn Skyline Is About to Change Forever with 9 DeKalbEverything we know about the borough’s first supertall.
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    Developers Will Finally Have to Assess Who Gets Displaced by RezoningsNew legislation will require racial-equity reports for many major developments.
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    The Bronx Could Get a Salsa Museum in the Kingsbridge ArmoryThe borough, where the genre was born, would be a perfect home.
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    The UES Battle Over a Blood Lab Is Not About BloodPreservationists and elected officials fear pathogens could escape into the neighborhood.
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    What’s a Crown Heights Supermarket Worth?It’s a lifeline to local residents. It’s also a valuable development site. You can guess where this story is headed.
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    A Brooklyn Building Is Screeching. We Asked an Acoustician Why.Wind is creating an effect like “when you blow over the top of an empty soda bottle.”
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    Hudson Yards Has Landscaped Out the Food Vendors“I’m not selling drugs. I’m a hot-dog guy.”
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    Lawsuit Against Zoom Meetings Could Derail the Gowanus Rezoning (and Much More)The challenge, if successful, could create a legal opening to stall developments.
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    Build a Tower, Save a Museum?That’s the gamble in the Seaport historic district.
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    Queens Megaproject Passes With Barely Any Affordable HousingOut of 1,725 apartments, just 90 will be below-market-rate.
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    Will You Someday Want to Live on Rikers Island?Once new jails rise elsewhere, the island could become a built-from-scratch neighborhood.
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    Flowers Win Over Towers (for Now) in Shade LawsuitA judge has paused plans for two 39-story buildings that would starve the Brooklyn Botanic Garden of sunlight.
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    Will Queens Activists Flush Yet Another Luxury Development?There’s a new fight over a swath of undeveloped waterfront land in Flushing.
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    Where Could the City Squeeze New Housing Into Soho?The exclusive neighborhood could see thousands of new apartments — some of them “affordable” — if the city gets its way.