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  1. who’s buying
    Ken Griffin Is Building the Most Expensive House in the WorldAnd it will almost certainly get swallowed by the ocean.
  2. surfside collapse
    The Surfside-Condo Disaster Site Will Be a Zaha Hadid TowerMany of the victims’ families wanted to turn it into a memorial.
  3. realtor diaries
    The Market for Disney Adults With Millions to Spend“I recently showed a house with 20 hidden Mickeys that came with a spreadsheet of where to find them.”
  4. florida
    DeSantis Has a Plan to Thwart Disney’s King Charles PlanThe governor says he’ll use the Florida legislature to regain power over a special tax district.
  5. florida
    Point Goes to Disney in the Ron DeSantis Land BattleThe company has invoked the British monarchy to retain power over a special tax district.
  6. florida
    Every Petty Detail of Ron DeSantis’s Feud With DisneyDisney is canceling a $1 billion Florida development.
  7. florida
    Disney Is a Kingdom Within a StateUndoing its self-governance will be more complicated than Ron DeSantis thinks.
  8. getting around
    There’s One Thing We Can Learn From the Villages’ SuccessThe fastest-growing town in America is also one in which golf carts replace a lot of car trips.
  9. disaster
    Hell by the SeaWhat it’s like on the pile that was once Champlain Towers South.
  10. politics
    New York Will Lose Seat in Congress Because 89 People Didn’t Fill Out the Census2020 census reapportionment data showed seven House seats changing hands, but a net gain of just three in states carried by Trump.