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  1. getting around
    When the NYC Subway Was Just a Dirt TrenchRare photos from the early 1900s show the 120-year-old system’s pick-and-shovel beginnings.
  2. street view
    The Streets of Pre–New YorkThe New-York Historical Society shows the city through its earliest maps — and it remains, if faintly, recognizable in ours.
  3. street fights
    The IHOP Kingpin vs. the American RevolutionariesWhen Domenic Broccoli set out to expand his pancake empire to upstate New York, he didn’t expect to find a grave site — or start a war.
  4. remembering
    The East Village Standoff I MissedIn 1995, I was oblivious to the drama in my neighborhood. Today, the East Village squatters’ battle for their houses is at the center of my novel.
  5. history
    Harriet Tubman’s Lost Family Home Has Finally Been FoundArchaeologists say they’ve discovered the site where the abolitionist’s family lived in the early 1800s.
  6. slack chat
    How Do We Preserve Artifacts From the Capitol Attacks?And where do we show them to the world — in the building or at the Smithsonian?
  7. precedents
    America Has Had Relatively Few Post-Election Riots. So Far.A little in 1968, more in 1896.