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Israel Hamas War

  1. what we know
    NYPD Arrests Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Columbia University: How It HappenedMore than 100 people were arrested after Columbia University requested an NYPD crackdown on the protesters’ encampment.
  2. israel-hamas war
    Pro-Palestinian protest in Teaneck New Jersey outside Congregation Keter Torah
    The Disastrous ‘Great Israeli Real Estate Event’A tour meant to sell homes in Israel and the West Bank to Americans has not gone as smoothly as planned.
  3. israel-hamas war
    Palestinians gather at the site of Israeli strikes on houses, in Maghazi
    Taking Stock of an Unrecognizable GazaWhat Israel’s bombing has wrought.
  4. israel-hamas war
    Statue of Liberty Shut Down by Protesters Calling for Gaza Cease-fireAt the sit-in by Jewish Voice for Peace, which occupied a national monument to demand an immediate end to the Israel-Hamas war.
  5. war at home
    Prayer and Protest in Bay Ridge’s Little PalestineThe mood was mournful and resolute on the day before a Gaza peace rally.
  6. israel-hamas war
    Imagining Gaza Without Borders and Without WarRevisiting urban designs by Michael Sorkin and other architects after the 2014 Gaza War.