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Landlords And Tenants

  1. landlords and tenants
    Landlords Are Tanking Their Tenants’ Credit ScoresAn increasingly popular tactic to pressure tenants to pay rent on time.
  2. lawsuits
    A Deceased Tenant; a ‘Strong, Foul Smell’; and a Police PadlockA New York City nightmare, as seen in one lawsuit.
  3. downtown brooklyn
    Christian-College Students Got Eviction Notices at Their Luxury DormsKing’s College is reassuring students that tenant protection laws will keep them housed.
  4. landlords and tenants
    The Brooklyn Democratic Party Is Being Sued by Its LandlordOver a broken lease and $82,000 in back rent.
  5. landlords and tenants
    ‘If You Can’t Exclude Someone, Do You Even Own It?’New York City’s landlords say they’re fighting for life, liberty, and the pursuit of eviction.
  6. landlords and tenants
    California Has a Brand-new, Very Tiny Renters’ CaucusTalking to the chair of the four-member group about skyrocketing costs, landlord colleagues, and what he pays for a one-bedroom.
  7. landlords and tenants
    ‘That’s the One to Put in a Blender’The secret Los Angeles City Council recordings reveal a real fear of a potential tenants’ bloc.
  8. housing
    Rat Infestation? Leaky Ceiling? Good Luck in CourtTenants say judges are taking too long to order landlord repairs since the pandemic began.