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Loud Town

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    Noise Horror Stories From Our ReadersReaders respond to Curbed’s Noise Week.
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    Redesigning the SirenWhat if the piercing sound of emergency vehicles was replaced by something else altogether?
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    A Woman Screaming Blood of Christ and 5 a.m. ConstructionSix noise horror stories.
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    All the Quiet Money Can BuyTalking to the professional soundproofers for the ultrarich.
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    The Noise Next DoorTyquan Pleasant knocked on his neighbor’s door to ask her to stop the ear-shattering music and banging. Shaun Pyles heard a threat.
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    Arline Bronzaft Will Talk to Your Noisy Neighbor“I deal with sex. I deal with crime. It goes beyond noise.”
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    Floating Away in New York’s Oldest Sensory Deprivation TankSam Zeiger runs the city’s oldest sensory-deprivation tank in his one-bedroom on West 23rd Street.
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    Barely Surviving the Sounds of New York CityHyperacusis is a rare medical condition that can make ordinary noises painful. Rarer still — having it and living in Manhattan.
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    It’s Noise WeekStories about the people who make it, are trying to stop it, and are losing their minds over it.