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  1. my spots
    Maris Kreizman and Josh Gondelman’s Favorite Spots in Boerum HillCinematic skyline views, authentic regional coffee, and the best chairs in Brooklyn.
  2. my spots
    Shahana Hanif’s Favorite Spots in KensingtonWhere the newly elected City Council member goes for sidewalk jackfruit and Bangladeshi chai.
  3. my spots
    Alexandra Kleeman’s Favorite Spots in Staten IslandA restaurant with a New England-like view, the world’s best artichokes, and a tugboat parking lot.
  4. my spots
    Jaeki Cho’s Favorite Spots in FlushingChinese breakfast crepes, old-school Korean fried chicken, and the best salon for scalp treatments.
  5. my spots
    Whitney Hu’s Favorite Spots in Sunset ParkYemeni breakfast, unlimited hot pot, and the perfect parking lot for events.
  6. my spots
    John Wilson’s Favorite Spots in RidgewoodChicken pupusas, a special occasion strip club, and a used bookstore with great coffee.
  7. my spots
    My Spots: Chi OsséWhere the City Council candidate likes to eat (when he’s on and off keto), shop for sweaters, and people-watch in Bed-Stuy