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My Week In Zillow Saves

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    Architect Frederick Tang’s Week in Zillow Saves“I have hundreds of saved listings just sitting in there. It’s like collecting trading cards.”
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    Author Danielle Prescod’s Week in Zillow Saves“In New Orleans, I don’t have a car, so I’m always walking. That means I’ve gotten obsessed with certain buildings.”
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    Comedian Aparna Nancherla’s Week in Zillow Saves“I am immediately onboard with an architect’s house, because they’re gonna know what they’re doing.”
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    ‘Chief Pencil Lady’ Caroline Weaver’s Week in Zillow Saves“My three strongest home fantasies are: buying an old Girl Scout or Boy Scout camp, a Usonian house, or a really, really, really old house in Italy.”
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    Author Rebecca Makkai’s Week in Zillow Saves“The one thing that I look for in all these listings is the closet that’s the size of an entire room.”
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    ‘Catfish’ Host Kamie Crawford’s Week in Zillow Saves“You gotta manifest positivity in your home-buying process.”
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    Tech Reporter Taylor Lorenz’s Week in Zillow Saves“I literally know every house in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.”
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    Novelist Rumaan Alam’s Week in Zillow Saves“Listen, I’d probably do bad things to get this house.”
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    Ashley Nicole Black’s Week in Zillow SavesAshley Nicole Black hates intricate doors and can appreciate a soulless West Hollywood listing.