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New York Jobs

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    Someone Had to Build the Giant Mushrooms for the Candy ForestDesigning the hallucinatory spectacle of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
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    An Out-of-Work Prop Maker Will Build Your BookshelvesAs the strikes continue, New York’s set decorators and prop makers are making the awkward adjustment to building real walls and houses.
  3. new york jobs
    The Hardest-Working Santa in Northeastern QueensMy day with Dana Friedman, a 63-year-old Jewish civil litigator and Kris Kringle for hire.
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    The Doormen of Park Avenue Got Their Deal“I don’t think anybody is going to get their own mail.”
  5. new york jobs
    How Kenny Rivero Went From Night Doorman to Armory Art Fair ArtistIt was a snooty building near Gramercy Park. Not everybody was nice.
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    The Seed Collector Who Roams the City’s MarshesPatrick Over works to conserve New York’s native plants.