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  1. politics
    Eric Adams Was Missing During a Natural Disaster — AgainThis is becoming a pattern.
  2. design
    ‘We ♥ NYC’ Is Here. Why?No one asked for this.
  3. debt
    A Long, Strange Year of Rent ReliefIt was a tedious, administrative nightmare. It also (mostly) worked.
  4. bad santa
    The Worst of SantaCon: A Miserable Holiday Roundup From Years PastIt’s the least wonderful time of the year.
  5. getting around
    A Bunch of Ivermectin Peddlers Put Up That Anti-Vaxx Bus Stop AdIt appears that the Brooklyn bus shelter ad itself was a guerilla operation.
  6. bureaucracy
    It Takes How Long to Fill NYC Affordable Apartments Through the Lottery?We now know just how slow the process is.
  7. moving on
    New Yorkers Are Trying to Get Rid of Trump’s Name Anywhere They CanA small highway sign was the latest victory.
  8. politics
    Did Ranked Choice Voting Community Education Efforts Work?More research is needed, but exit-poll analysis indicated no racial disparities in understanding ranked-choice voting or how to complete the ballot.
  9. Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan Reveal Their Whimsical Greenwich Village HomeIt’s like a grown-up fun house.