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Office Space

  1. openings
    Christopher Wool Turned an Empty Office Into a GalleryThe artist’s team spent months ruling out too-stylish commercial spaces.
  2. fashion
    Fashion Week Gets Breathing Room at the Starrett-Lehigh BuildingEditors, buyers, and influencers should have plenty of space (and enough elevators) at the industrial-scale Chelsea behemoth.
  3. office space
    WeWork’s Own Office Leasing ApocalypseThe company was struggling long before its grim announcement this week.
  4. office apocalypse
    New Glut CityThe city’s mega-office landlords are panicking, pivoting, and shedding what’s worthless. One opens his books.
  5. office apocalypse
    A Typology of Unwanted Manhattan Office BuildingsCertain kinds of properties are more doomed than others. Here, four case studies.
  6. office apocalypse
    Three Bleak Blocks of Third AvenueWhat the office-space crisis has looked like for one stretch of Midtown East.
  7. the real estate
    Compass Is Doing Totally Fine, Okay?It’s just subleasing its headquarters and doing a third round of layoffs.
  8. return to office
    WeWork Thinks It’s a Good Time to Be WeWorkThe company sees itself thriving as return-to-office plans flop.
  9. back to work
    The WeWork-ification of Lever HouseThe landmark office tower’s terrace and courtyard, long seen as limitations, become hip again.
  10. cityscape
    Desperate Office Landlords Are Offering Double Commissions to BrokersAnd it’s working, kind of.