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    Curb Your Enthusiasm - 2000
    Good-bye to the Enduringly Beige Interiors of Curb Your EnthusiasmThrough 12 seasons, Larry stuck with what he liked: wrought iron, stone, an overstuffed couch.
  2. on set
    How to Build a House for Leonard BernsteinMaestro production designer Kevin Thompson on filming in the conductor’s actual Connecticut home (and going through his junk drawers).
  3. on set
    A Chat With the Designer of The CurseBuilding passive houses and start-up-inspired sofas for Benny Safdie.
  4. on set
    How Do You Rebuild a Nazi’s House?For The Zone of Interest, a crew meticulously studied Rudolf Höss’s actual house, then created a replica down the street.
  5. on set
    Leave the World Behind’s Apocalyptic AirbnbA modern farmhouse in Old Westbury, Long Island, was just what the design team wanted for the collapse of civilization.
  6. on set
    Beef Gets the Design World RightFrom its bland, beige Calabasas minimalism to gloopy vases.
  7. on set
    The Watcher in The Watcher Is (Probably) a Trad-Arch GuyThey don’t just have strong opinions about your countertops.
  8. on set
    The Best Part of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is the Set DesignMid-century Palm Springs stands in for a utopia that devolves into something sinister.
  9. on set
    Building the Corporate Menace of SeveranceSaarinen’s impeccable Bell Labs campus conveys the terror of utopian office design.
  10. on set
    What Went Into Building The Gilded Age’s 19th-Century New YorkSometimes it’s CGI. Other times it’s a soundstage. And it can also be another city that stands in for the long-lost Upper East Side.