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    Design, a Love StoryThe finale of Nice Try! Interior explores how objects enchant us.
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    The Bathroom Gadget Americans Are Finally Starting to Get BehindNice Try! meets the bidet.
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    A Good Mattress Matters a Lot — Just Not for the Reasons You ThinkNice Try! shops for a good night’s sleep.
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    Why Everyone Started Lifting Very Heavy ThingsEpisode four of Nice Try! Interior delves into the history of weight lifting.
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    How the Crock-Pot Did (and Didn’t) Change the Way We EatEpisode three of Nice Try! Interior journeys from the slow cooker to the Instant Pot.
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    The Never-ending Work of Housecleaning Isn’t an Innovation ProblemEpisode two of Nice Try! Interior investigates the history of the vacuum.
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    Listen to Season Two of Nice Try!The second season, Interior, explores how our homes channel the pursuit of utopia.
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    At the Threshold of a Private UtopiaEpisode one of Nice Try! Interior invites you into the home.
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    Theo Henderson Influences L.A. City Policy. For 7 Years, He’s Lived in the Park.His podcast, We the Unhoused, is made from wherever he can charge up his phone.