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    The Nation’s Monuments Are Male, Pale, and StaleA new audit makes the case for a more fluid landscape of public memory.
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    New York’s Storefront Plywood Finds a Second LifeFive public art projects transform the material in citywide installations.
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    Lady Liberty Seems to Want You to Draw Her Like One of Your French GirlsShe’s ready for hot vaxx summer.
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    Awol Erizku Brings His Afrocentric Symbolic Universe to NYC’s Bus SheltersCourtesy of a new Public Art Fund exhibition.
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    Murals on 9 City Buildings Will Help You Process Your Pandemic Feelings“How we’re experiencing this time is something we’ll be unpacking for years to come.”
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    At Inwood’s Dyckman Farmhouse, an Illuminating Reminder From Artist Reggie BlackThree blunt words about slavery in New York.
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    Artist Shaun Leonardo Is the New Co-Director of Recess“For change to happen, folks have to move aside and actually allocate power to the people.”
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    Carrie Mae Weems Made a COVID PSANow at Lincoln Center.
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    The Mary Wollstonecraft Statue in London Is Bad Kitsch FeminismThe shambolic mess looks a Rolls-Royce hood ornament by way of a sketchy Disney Fantasia figure.
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    105-Year-Old Artist Carmen Herrera Has a New Mural in East HarlemAnd public school students painted it.
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    See Nick Cave’s New Public Art Project for Election Day“It’s big and in your face,” said Cave.
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    See Shantell Martin’s New Playground MuralIn the Rockaways.
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    The Ooh-La-La Fake Feminism of That Big Naked Medusa Statue By the CourthousesIt’ll certainly co-star in endless selfies.
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    How Do We Create an RBG Memorial That Isn’t Terrible?As Governor Cuomo calls for a Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue in Brooklyn, we asked people with arts-commission experience where the pitfalls lie.