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  1. hotels
    Who Wins the Plaza?It’ll either be the Four Seasons or the Raffles Hotels & Resorts who’ll end up managing it.
  2. brick and mortar
    Century 21 Is BackAfter three long years, the luxury-bargain flagship reopened. The faithful turned out.
  3. brick and mortar
    Can You Really Sleep During a $75 Nap?Increasingly, hotels hope so.
  4. reopening
    Goldman Hour Is BackAnd our eyes are burning.
  5. reopening
    Office Workers Are Heading Back. Times Square Bartenders Will Drink to That.“We were dead. We were totally dead.”
  6. reopening
    More People Are Moving to New York Now Than Before the PandemicAnd many people who left last year are coming back too.
  7. the jab
    ‘People Are Coming in Crying. A Lot of Them.’Pharmacists on the somber mood at vaccine sites on the eve of the city mandate.
  8. reopening
    Will Our Streeteries Become Siberias?The city is cracking down. Customers are headed indoors. It could be a long, lonely winter for New York’s outdoor diners.
  9. reopening
    Move Over, Fake Vaxx Card — Here Comes an Anti-Vaxx Business DirectoryA new website is crowdsourcing businesses that are flouting the mandate — and New York has the most.
  10. reopening
    Maybe Forcing City Workers Back to the Office Wasn’t the Best IdeaCivil servants are now looking for new jobs en masse.
  11. reopening
    Outdoor Dining Saved My Business. Now We Must Save Open Restaurants.The program has proven itself to be a transformative power for good.
  12. reopening
    Receptionist? Maître d’? Now You’re Also a Vaxx BouncerFive workers talk about enforcing the new vaccine mandate.
  13. reopening
    The Vaccine Mandate Will Not Destroy Your RestaurantScience-defying customers and the pandemic they insist on perpetuating, however …
  14. reopening
    New York’s Central Park Concert Isn’t Ready for the Delta VariantTo see Barry Manilow, only one vaccine shot is required.
  15. reopening
    The Ravioli Shop Was Struggling. A French Neighbor Came to the Rescue.Business is booming at Savino’s Quality Pasta, thanks to an unexpected ally.
  16. reopening
    Neighbors Rallied to Save Their Restaurants. Can They Keep the Party Going?“There have been a lot of happy tears.”
  17. reopenings
    The High-Design Return of Henrietta HudsonNew York’s longest-operating lesbian bar is back in business.
  18. openings
    A Guide to NYC Restaurants That Have Opened During the Pandemic78 new cafes, sandwich counters, cocktail bars, neighborhood bakeries, and plenty more.
  19. reopening
    How New York’s Open Streets Program Will Work in 2021Neighborhoods are gearing up for season two.
  20. reopening
    Who Is Really Dining Indoors in New York City?“At some point, we’re gonna have to take that step.”
  21. reopening
    NYC Bumps Indoor Dining Up to 35 Percent Starting Next Friday“Now’s the time to start doing more reopening,” says Andrew Cuomo.
  22. reopening
    How NYC’s Bars and Restaurants Are Preparing for the Return of Indoor Dining“We’re not thrilled about it.”