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  1. return to office
    What Really Brings People Back to the Office? The Easiest Commute.Forget the rock-climbing wall. People just want an easy commute.
  2. our mayor
    Eric Adams Sort of Relents on Remote WorkThe mayor and the city’s largest union have reached a hybrid deal. But not everyone is eligible.
  3. auctions
    Elon Musk Is Selling Off Twitter’s CafeteriaAnd some Eames chairs too. But the office beds are staying put.
  4. return to office
    The Office Is Half-DeadOr half-alive, depending on how you want to interpret the latest data.
  5. return to office
    Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Offices Win the Amenity WarsTwo Trees is betting that you won’t hate the neighborhood, the commute, or the work space itself.
  6. return to office
    The Junior Bankers Have Made a Startling DiscoveryTheir workplace is “toxic.”
  7. the return to the office
    Billionaires Think a Recession Will Force You Back Into the OfficeStephen Ross and friends smell worker desperation in the water.
  8. return to office
    WeWork Thinks It’s a Good Time to Be WeWorkThe company sees itself thriving as return-to-office plans flop.
  9. return to office
    What If the Office Isn’t the Problem?The debate taking place right now isn’t exactly where the worker is being called back — but to what.
  10. return to office
    The Junior Bankers Are RevoltingThe battle against the return to office has begun (online).