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Rich People

  1. who’s buying
    Celebrities Seem to Like the Brooklyn WaterfrontSprawling apartments, water views, and relatively paparazziproof.
  2. mysteries
    The Case of the $13.5 Million Price GapWhy did two nearly identical penthouses at 150 Charles sell for vastly different amounts?
  3. rich people
    The Merely Wealthy Can No Longer Afford West 11th StreetIts transformation into full billionaire enclave is nearly complete.
  4. rich people
    Richard Gere’s Cell Tower Is Upsetting Rooney Mara’s MotherThe wealthy town of Bedford is in absolute disarray.
  5. getting around
    The Status Submarine’s Time Has Come“If you’re just going on a yacht in some fancy place, that’s one thing,” says Ray Dalio of going bullish on submersibles.
  6. rich people
    Libbie Mugrabi Has Mansion ProblemsThe socialite is facing eviction on the Upper East Side. Her Water Mill compound is an even bigger mess.
  7. upper east side
    ‘Once I Decorate a House, It Becomes a Competition on the Block’Talking to the man who makes the Upper East Side’s Halloween extravaganzas.
  8. the hamptons
    Sag Harbor Worried About Becoming Port JeffersonAnd a group of residents is suing over an affordable-housing development.
  9. oligarchs
    12 Gay Street Has a Lot Going OnThe quaint brick facade conceals: a Russian oligarch, his just-arrested estate manager who is Helena Bonham-Carter’s cousin, Howdy Doody, and a ghost.
  10. on the market
    The Most Hamptons House in the Hamptons Is for SaleThe $150 million estate features a vaguely menacing number of white sofas.
  11. rich people
    Palm Beach Is Facing a Devastating Private-School ShortageAnd it’s ruining wealthy New Yorkers’ plans to move there.
  12. rich people
    How New York Ruined Its Summer VacationOptions include: Floral displays, TikTok influencers, and Alan Dershowitz.
  13. rich people
    Simply Stop Watering Your LawnThey’re gonna run out of water. And the Southampton Fire Department is nervous.
  14. rich people
    Secret Staircases and Gold Everything: A Tour of Russian-Billionaire New YorkIf the government seizes any of it, we call first dibs.
  15. the market
    There’s a Shortage of Luxury Rentals AgainThe glut is gone.
  16. rich people
    And Just Like That, Peloton CEO Buys Big East Hampton EstateIt’s worth about a dozen times as much as the place he’s selling.
  17. squatters
    Did the Chrome Hearts Family Forget They Owned a Townhouse?It’s been empty (squatters aside) for eight years.
  18. rich people
    Does Succession Sell Mansions and Luxury Condos?The real life of the Roys’ real estate.