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  1. operators
    The Mennonite Airbnb Hustler of Upper ManhattanKonrad Bicher, calling himself “the Wolf of Airbnb,” ran a sublet scheme that made him rich — for a while.
  2. scammers
    The Trump Organization Says Kris Jenner–Fronted ‘Business School’ Is SquattingAn elite scammer-versus-scammer situation.
  3. scammers
    A Fake Developer Scammed 20 Brooklyn Families Out of $4 MillionAfter trusting a familiar face in the Chinese community, they are suing him to stave off eviction.
  4. investigations
    Caroline Calloway’s ‘$3,000’ ‘Murano-Glass’ Chandelier Is Probably Neither“Murano”? Maybe no.
  5. scammers
    A Shady Realty Firm in Queens May Have Scammed $287,000 in COVID Relief FundsAllegedly the money did not go to payroll.
  6. scammers
    The COVID-19 Hotel Scheme That Took NYC For $400,000Five-star rooms for $50, booked through Facebook and paid with Cash App.