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Set Design

  1. on set
    How to Build a House for Leonard BernsteinMaestro production designer Kevin Thompson on filming in the conductor’s actual Connecticut home (and going through his junk drawers).
  2. 21 questions
    David Korins Keeps a Hand-Drawn Sketch by Alexander Hamilton in His ClosetThe creative director of Beetlejuice and Hamilton answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  3. scene report
    Everywhere and Nowhere All at Once at BravoConThousands of fans descended on Manhattan for BravoCon, but they could have been anywhere else.
  4. on set
    The Best Part of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is the Set DesignMid-century Palm Springs stands in for a utopia that devolves into something sinister.
  5. on set
    What Went Into Building The Gilded Age’s 19th-Century New YorkSometimes it’s CGI. Other times it’s a soundstage. And it can also be another city that stands in for the long-lost Upper East Side.
  6. in the heights
    In the Heights Made Its New York City Sets ‘a Great Playground’The movie’s production designer and set decorator tell Vulture about translating the hit musical and all its intricacies to the big screen.