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  1. rendering judgment
    The 2024 Streetery Is All About Light and AirA look at the new renderings from the city.
  2. streeteries
    Outdoor Dining Is Officially Here to StayNew York City lawmakers voted to approve a bill that makes sidewalk (and street) eating permanent.
  3. open restaurants
    The Permanent-Outdoor-Dining-Shed Bill Is Finally HereBut the design regulations are still up in the air.
  4. streeteries
    What Happens to All Those Temporary Dining Sheds Now?In the twilight of the city’s emergency Open Restaurants program, Chinatown’s small businesses are preparing their dining sheds for the long run.
  5. street fights
    Plywood GourmetHow thousands of restaurants speedily, messily, and probably permanently took over the street.
  6. streeteries
    We’re Getting Closer to Permanent Outdoor DiningThe State Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit that threatened the program.
  7. 21 questions
    Architect Michael Chen Sneaks Fluorescent Yellow Into Every ProjectThe Design Advocates co-founder answers Curbed’s “21 Questions.”
  8. streeteries
    The Wildest Conspiracies From the Marathon Streeteries HearingIn case you didn’t know, it’s all a plot to take over the city.
  9. streeteries
    The DOT Wants to Kill the Streetery ShedIn place of plywood shacks, the agency envisions barriers in roadways with tents or umbrellas for protection.
  10. design edit
    Lunar New Year Ceramics, ’80s Hip-Hop Flyers, and Other Things I Liked This WeekPlus reissued postmodern Bodum glassware from MoMA Design Store
  11. streeteries
    The Era of Experimental Streeteries May Soon Be OverBrace yourself for blandmarks.
  12. reopening
    Will Our Streeteries Become Siberias?The city is cracking down. Customers are headed indoors. It could be a long, lonely winter for New York’s outdoor diners.
  13. streeteries
    Garbage Truck Drags Dining Shed Down Sixth Avenue With Diner InsideOh, no, nothing scary about that.
  14. streeteries
    The Second-Story Streetery Is a No-GoIzakaya NYC tried to build up to get more outdoor space — but higher structures are not allowed.
  15. c.b. minutes
    ‘Outdoor Dining Is Home Invasion’: Scenes From Manhattan Community Board 3The city wants to make streeteries permanent, and the East Village is not having it.
  16. close calls
    A Speeding Driver Obliterated an Empty Streetery in a Dramatic Midtown CrashEight people are hospitalized, including two kids.
  17. street fights
    On an LES Block, One’s Got to Go: Streeteries, Construction, or CarsGuess which one the DOT picked.
  18. streeteries
    A Look Inside the New Uber Eats–Funded Streeteries in HarlemLocal designers and artists teamed up to create custom structures for six Black-owned businesses.
  19. streeteries
    This NYC Streetery is Going to Clobber BicyclistsIts many doors open directly into a bike lane.
  20. streeteries
    A Full Taxonomy of New York’s Winter StreeteriesBundle up and dig in.
  21. streeteries
    Industry City Has the Biggest Streetery YetHow will they keep it warm?
  22. streets
    Anatomy of a Streetery: Guevara’sIt’s Cuban-inspired and stands solidly on the corner of Clifton and Grand.
  23. streeteries
    Oh, Great: The Wind Flipped a Streetery Into the Middle of First AvenueThis doesn’t bode well for the winter, does it?
  24. streeteries
    What Happens If Outdoor Dining Pauses in New York?People need spaces to gather. Do we want to see what happens when those go away?
  25. streets
    Anatomy of a Streetery: RangoonIt’s kinetic and inspired by Burmese design.
  26. streeteries
    What Happens When Snowplows Meet StreeteriesRestaurateurs brace for the bleak winter ahead.
  27. the cityscape
    Meet NYC’s First Professional Streetery BuildersOutdoor dining isn’t going anywhere, so construction firms are getting in on the action.
  28. streeteries
    Is It Really an Open-Air Restaurant If It Has Walls and a Roof?And other questions about winterized streeteries, answered.
  29. the great outdoors
    Are Any Small Shop-Owners Excited About the New ‘Streetail’ Program?Some are more skeptical than others.
  30. streeteries
    Inside the Bubbles: Everything You Need to Know About Those Plastic Dining TentsDo they count as outdoor dining?
  31. looking
    The Surprisingly Innovative Design of New York’s StreeteriesGive people room to create, and things start to get interesting.