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  1. brick and mortar
    Shoppers Inside The Atlantic Terminal Mall Ahead of Retail Sales Figures
    The Teens Getting Around the Teen Ban at Atlantic Terminal Mall“We’re just lollygagging.”
  2. business
    Is Target Really Closing a New York Store Over Shoplifting?The company blames shoplifting for shutting one city store. But it’s opening five more.
  3. my city life
    I Waited So Long for This Target Store to Open That I Don’t Want It AnymoreIt took over a decade for L.A. to pave a strip mall and put up a parking lot.
  4. retail therapy
    McQ Pop-up Space Makes for Easy ShoppingWe shop for you, dear readers.
  5. money talk
    Anna Wintour Defies Expectations, Is Pro-TargetAnna’s getting into the recession spirit.