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  1. first person
    My Quest to Downsize Without Throwing Anything AwayA big old house full of belongings — could I find them a new life?
  2. technology
    New York City’s Ubiquitous Screens Are Making My Life UnlivableTaxis, gyms, Times Square: Everywhere is equipped with a migraine trigger.
  3. remembrance
    Richard Rogers Never Shied Away From Showing Us the Guts of ArchitectureUnlike his peers, the British architect never diluted the terror and thrill of modern technology and infrastructure.
  4. podcasts
    Design, a Love StoryThe finale of Nice Try! Interior explores how objects enchant us.
  5. How This ‘DIY Junkie’ Dad Is Making His Family’s House Into a HomePhilip or Flop’s advice on creating spaces for work, school, play, and connection.