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The Best Of Nest

  1. the best of nest
    Remembering Fort Thunder: 11 Dudes, Two Bands, One Working ToiletJim Drain looks back at life in the Providence punk art commune.
  2. the best of nest
    Norwood Young Got Tired of Being More Famous for His L.A. House Than His SingingHe’s moved to Bangkok, where he is treated like a king.
  3. the best of nest
    Andy Coolquitt’s Austin Art Commune Was Inspired by Duchamp“It’s really an experiment in … learning how to live a sane existence.”
  4. the best of nest
    London Artist Julie Verhoeven’s Favorite Spot in Her House Is Her Toilet“The flat has become a giant collage of precarious layers of stuff.”
  5. the best of nest
    Who Lived in That Farrah Fawcett Place, and What’s Happened to Him Since?Catching up with Raymond Donahue, whose home was on the cover of Nest’s first issue.
  6. great rooms
    A Studio Visit With Nest Founder Turned Painter Joseph HoltzmanHe paints on marble, and the sofa is from 1918.
  7. design hunting
    When Nest Was What’s NextLooking back at the fearlessly eccentric magazine that Condé Nast was too afraid to buy.