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The Cityscape

  1. your ad here
    The Zombie Billboards of Locked-Down New York“My industry is called outdoor advertising and people were being told not to go outdoors”
  2. the covid memorial project
    A Glass Teahouse for All Seasons in a Year of UpheavalPart 3 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  3. saturday night fever
    Greenpoint’s Disco Ball Rite-Aid Is About to Be DemolishedThe beloved pharmacy, originally a vaudeville theater, will soon be replaced with apartments.
  4. the big screen
    Less Popcorn, More Distance: How Indie Movie Theaters Are Gingerly Reopening“We wanted this to be an inclusive experience and not just for the fearless.”
  5. spooky
    We Spoke to the NYC Woman Who Found a Whole Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror“I was kind of expecting there to be somebody.”
  6. the jab
    The Vaccine Selfie: Encouraged at Javits, Tolerated at Medgar EversDon’t let the ‘no photography allowed’ signs confuse you.
  7. on tv
    First Pictures of the Original ‘Real World’ Loft, 2021 EditionRevisiting the apartment where things started getting real.
  8. on tv
    The Cecil Hotel Docuseries Is a Crime Story in Search of a CrimeCops, web sleuths, and other unreliable narrators drive the show.
  9. shots
    Giving Vaccines to Prisoners Won’t Be Enough to Get Prisoners Vaccinated“We just don’t want to be the lab rats.”
  10. license to fill
    4 NYC Street Food Vendors on Finally Getting a Shot at Their Own PermitEven the waiting list to get one has been closed since 2007.
  11. houses of worship
    The New Pastor at Hillsong Is a Former NYC Real-Estate BrokerJohn Termini is leading the megachurch following the Carl Letz scandal.
  12. hudson riviera
    There’s Going to Be a Beach in New York’s Meatpacking DistrictSunbathing at the end of Gansevoort, coming 2023.
  13. wildlife
    There’s a Snowy Owl in Central Park for the First Time in Over a CenturyIt’s been hanging out by the ballfields with some crows.
  14. preservation
    L.A. Doesn’t Need to Save Every Unremarkable Little BuildingWhen NIMBYs sneakily invoke nostalgia for something that’s neither old nor architecturally significant, it’s time to say no.
  15. it’s our own damn fault
    A Margaritaville Resort Opening in Times Square in a Pandemic, Sure, Why Not?Here’s everything we know about Jimmy Buffett’s high-rise paradise.
  16. wildlife
    New York City’s Rats Are Doing Just FineThe ratpocalypse came and went.
  17. infrastructure
    Biden Declares the Border Wall Dead on His First DayAnd not a moment too soon.
  18. lead
    Sure, Rick Snyder’s Been Charged — But Does Flint Finally Have Clean Water?Nearly seven years later, the crisis still isn’t over.
  19. hudson yards
    I Knew the Vessel Was Going to Have a Suicide Problem Years Before It Was BuiltHow a private design process created a public space that is dangerous, even deadly.
  20. tragedy
    After a Third Suicide, the Vessel at Hudson Yards Closes IndefinitelyCalls to raise the structure’s railings have previously been ignored.
  21. brick and mortar
    I for One Will Miss the 70 Duane Reades That Closed This YearAnd the city’s 26 Jimmy Jazzes and 43 Modell’s. A wistful look at a new “State of the Chains” report.
  22. my spots
    My Spots: Chi OsséWhere the City Council candidate likes to eat (when he’s on and off keto), shop for sweaters, and people-watch in Bed-Stuy
  23. wildlife
    New Owl Drop! A Stately Long-Eared Spotted In Central ParkThere’s a new avian star in town.
  24. public art watch
    At Inwood’s Dyckman Farmhouse, an Illuminating Reminder From Artist Reggie BlackThree blunt words about slavery in New York.
  25. relief
    New York Needs a Place to Pee in Public So BadIt’s a decades-long problem.
  26. better put that out
    Will SF Really Fine You $1000 for Lighting a Cigarette In Your Apartment?Probably not the first time.
  27. streeteries
    Oh, Great: The Wind Flipped a Streetery Into the Middle of First AvenueThis doesn’t bode well for the winter, does it?
  28. street fights
    People in COVID Testing Lines Are Turning on Each OtherLine-cutters, it turns out, aren’t treated kindly by those waiting six hours for a nose swab.
  29. the people’s princess
    That Time I Walked Princess Diana Through the Henry Street Settlement in 1989“I didn’t get a chance to be nervous.”
  30. taking a cut
    Howard Wolfson Among the (Unlikely) Investors Keeping Astor Hair OpenThe 75-year-old barbershop will no longer be family run.
  31. ho ho ho
    The Rockefeller Center Tree Is Just Fine. It Starts Out This Way Every Year.In previous years, it was just as janky-looking till the lights went on.
  32. streeteries
    What Happens When Snowplows Meet StreeteriesRestaurateurs brace for the bleak winter ahead.
  33. the cityscape
    Meet NYC’s First Professional Streetery BuildersOutdoor dining isn’t going anywhere, so construction firms are getting in on the action.
  34. neighborhood news
    Waiting for the Amtrak President, Covid on Staten Island, and Other NewsWeekly roundup of the important — and unimportant — NYC news you should know about from this week.
  35. looking
    Curb Your Dog! Save the Tomatoes!New Yorkers make the most out of sidewalk green spaces by planting everything from formal hedges to vegetable gardens.