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The Housing Market

  1. the housing market
    That $8,000 Two-Bedroom Comes With a Week of Summer CampA newish twist in the Brooklyn amenity wars.
  2. the housing market
    2024 Will Be a Better Year for HomebuyersBut not exactly great.
  3. the housing market
    Define ‘Penthouse’From low-rises to tiny top floors in new developments, brokers are getting increasingly creative with their use of “PH.”
  4. the housing market
    There’s a West Village Frankenmansion on the MarketIt involves two 1840s townhouses and a former auto shop behind them.
  5. the housing market
    The Spring Housing Market Is a Miserable Game of ChickenSellers are aiming high. Buyers are content to wait them out. Better luck next year?
  6. the housing market
    Manhattan Rents Went Up Instead of DownThe January median reached $4,097.
  7. the housing market
    New Yorkers Never Came ‘Flooding Back.’ Why Did Rents Go Up So Much?Getting to the bottom of a COVID-era real estate mystery.
  8. the housing market
    What Should New York Homebuyers Expect in 2023?Fewer bidding wars, but also fewer options overall.
  9. the housing market
    Your $100,000 Down Payment Is Now Worth $80,000Interest hikes mean buyers, especially entry-level ones, can’t afford the same house they could a few months ago.
  10. the housing market
    New York City’s Rent and Wage-Growth Gap Hits Record HighWe’ve hit another miserable milestone.
  11. the housing market
    Manhattan Rents Broke Another RecordAverage rents reached more than $5000 in July.
  12. encounter
    What Happens to the Listings Project When There Are No Good Listings?Stephanie Diamond’s ethical apartment site runs up against a “disgusting” market.
  13. the housing market
    The Average Rent in Manhattan Is Now $5,000Congratulations!
  14. the housing market
    Somehow, the Rental Market Is Only Getting WorsePrepare for a hellish summer.
  15. the housing market
    New York Now Has More Airbnb Listings Than Apartments for RentEven though Airbnb’s listings count has dipped this year.
  16. boom time
    Despite $405 Million Write-Down, Zillow Is Just FineiBuying debacle aside, it turns out that it’s hard to screw up in this real-estate market.
  17. developing
    If This Deal Is Any Guide, New York Rents Aren’t Going to Calm Down Anytime SoonThe buyers of the American Copper Buildings are betting on the numbers rising and rising some more.