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  1. the real estate
    The Trouble With 23 Cornelia StreetSome brokers are skeptical that Taylor Swift’s onetime rental can fetch its $18 million asking price.
  2. the real estate
    Why Are There So Many Bathrooms in the Houses on Selling Sunset?Brokers explain the deranged bed-to-bath ratio of ultra-high-end listings.
  3. brick & mortar
    Pickleball Is Taking Over Empty Bed Bath & BeyondsThe sport’s rising empire is replacing defunct retail space in malls across the country.
  4. neighborhood news
    JPMorgan Chase Bets Big on the Revival of MidtownIf you build it, 270 Park says, they will commute.
  5. housing
    A Sale and a Suicide on East 12th StreetAfter a private-equity firm bought an East Village apartment complex, one of the tenants jumped. Neighbors say he was right to be paranoid.
  6. developing
    Owner of Flatiron Building Buys Flatiron BuildingJeffrey Gural got it on the second try and saved a bunch of money in the process.
  7. a truly terrific new york listing
    One of the Last Gilded Age Mansions on Fifth Avenue Is for SaleA Wall Street divorce brings it back on the market at $72.5 million.
  8. urban fauna
    How to Turn a Church Full of Cats and Raccoons Into a Coveted Wedding Venue“It was a very non–New York City wildlife smell.”
  9. brick and mortar
    Century 21 Is BackAfter three long years, the luxury-bargain flagship reopened. The faithful turned out.
  10. who’s buying
    MrBeast Is Building a Hype NeighborhoodThe viral stunt philanthropist is buying up a cul-de-sac in his hometown for friends and family.
  11. listings
    Miranda Priestly’s House Is for SaleUpper East Side, seven bedrooms and a private basketball court, $27.5 million. That’s all.
  12. realtor diaries
    The Market for Disney Adults With Millions to Spend“I recently showed a house with 20 hidden Mickeys that came with a spreadsheet of where to find them.”
  13. brick & mortar
    Chaos and Betrayal on Day One of Bed Bath & Beyond’s Closeout Sale“They tricked everyone.” At the Chelsea megastore, customers raged at the lack of deals.
  14. a truly terrific new york listing
    A Rare Corner Loft in SoHoA divorce turned an art studio into a full-time apartment with an uptown feel.
  15. a truly terrific new york listing
    One of the Last Private Townhouses on Washington Square ParkA Greek Revival on “the Row” where Edith Wharton once lived.
  16. the suburbs
    Long Island NIMBYs May Be Winning Housing FightLawmakers fighting for the “right to a suburban quality of life” could weaken Hochul’s density plan.
  17. the real estate
    Is $63 Million Too Much for Logan Roy’s House?Marcia and Connor make one of the quickest deals in history.
  18. and how do you feel about that?
    Manhattan Is Awash in Empty Therapist OfficesPost-pandemic, Realtors are finding them next to impossible to fill.
  19. developing
    Everything We Know About 270 Park AvenueThe JPMorgan Chase supertall is scheduled to open in 2025.
  20. a truly terrific new york listing
    Your Chance to Combine Two Gilded Age ApartmentsAn upstairs duplex has never been on the market; the downstairs suite had the same owner for 35 years. They both listed this week.
  21. a truly terrific new york listing
    A Tribeca Penthouse Where a Man Was Once Allegedly Stuffed in the FloorThe apartment is being sold through bankruptcy procedure, and the board is “beyond excited that a new owner is coming in.”
  22. the real estate
    Compass Gets Upstate CuriousThe mega-brokerage poached the team behind every black house on the market in Catskill.
  23. who’s buying
    Brad Pitt Traded Mansions With Aileen GettyThe actor’s $33 million Hollywood Hills estate was too big, the oil heiress’s too small.
  24. encounter
    Paul Schrader’s Very Paul Schrader Days in Assisted LivingThe screenwriter recently moved into the Coterie to stay close to his wife. He’s never been busier.
  25. bidding wars
    Yet Another Chance to Buy the Flatiron BuildingThe 2nd-place bidders did not want it after all.
  26. brick and mortar
    The Girl Scouts Open Their Own Version of The WingThe vibe is more slime-making and Minecraft than girlboss.
  27. the rent is too damn high
    Good-Cause Eviction Keeps Dying in CourtCities across New York tried to put a bandage on their housing crises. Then came the lawsuits.
  28. bidding wars
    The Flatiron Sale Was a FlopA mystery buyer backed out, and the second-place bidder doesn’t want to pay.
  29. a truly terrific new york listing
    A Greenhouse in the Sky Above West End AvenueThe apartment also has an outdoor shower and a 1,400-square-foot terrace.
  30. housing
    Your Landlord Might Be a BabyParents are buying investment properties for their infants.
  31. out of order
    ‘The Floor Just Dropped and Then Started Bouncing’Talking to someone inside One Vanderbilt when the 93-story midtown tower began to shake.
  32. landmarks
    Who Wants to Buy the Flatiron Building?It goes up for auction today. Here’s what you could get for a couple hundred million.
  33. the real estate
    Deals, Deals, Deals on Los Angeles Megamansions!Brokers are trying all kinds of gimmicks to beat an April 1 transfer tax on homes above $5 million.
  34. upstate
    BjornQorn Opened a Skate RinkThe space will also be a production facility for its nutritional-yeast-dusted offerings.
  35. who’s buying
    Darien, Connecticut, Bought an IslandThe town may build pickleball courts.
  36. oscars 2023
    Everything We Know About the Tiny Sliver of Australia in the Oscars Gift BagsIt is supposed to be a symbol of land conservation. Also there are 30-day refunds.
  37. downtown brooklyn
    Christian-College Students Got Eviction Notices at Their Luxury DormsKing’s College is reassuring students that tenant protection laws will keep them housed.
  38. amenity wars
    ‘Like College or Camp for Rich People’The lifestyle managers hosting mezcal classes and meditation hour at the city’s amenity-packed bubble buildings.
  39. amenity wars
    Dumbo Is Displeased With Its Giant New Building“Olympia looks like a cruise ship. Meanwhile it’s literally positioned next to one of the greatest landmarks in all of the United States.”
  40. who’s buying
    A24 Buys Cherry Lane TheatreAnother studio rescues an endangered venue.
  41. on the market
    The Wing’s Office (and Furniture) Is for SaleThe East Village landmark was listed for $22.5 million.
  42. mysteries
    Vigorous Smudging Almost Burned Down Bernie Madoff’s PenthouseAt least according to former owner and Pokémon magnate Al Kahn.
  43. a truly terrific new york listing
    A Duplex Opens Up in a Coveted Artist’s Studio BuildingIt has a Juliet balcony and a library with a rolling staircase.
  44. royals
    Meghan and Harry Have Been EvictedAnd Frogmore Cottage has reportedly been handed over to Prince Andrew.
  45. the rent is too damn high
    Is Anyone Tipping Their Landlord?Probably not. And yet people keep asking!
  46. celebrity real estate
    Los Angeles’s Conflicted Hype-House KingDeveloper Danny Fitzgerald would like it if celebrities would stop partying in his celebrity party houses.
  47. who’s buying
    Rupert Murdoch Is Returning to Hampshire HouseThree decades and two wives later.
  48. the hamptons
    A Trailer in the Hamptons Sells for $3.75 MillionNeighbors include a hedge-fund billionaire and the co-founder of Vitaminwater.
  49. a truly terrific new york listing
    A Country Home in the Middle of Bed-StuyIt has a finished attic, four fireplaces, and a peach tree in the backyard.
  50. the hamptons
    Nathan’s Famous Exec and Snapple Heir Face Off in SagaponackOver a $14.5 million property-deed typo.
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