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Traffic Deaths

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    It Was One of the Deadliest Years for New York City CyclistsBut pedestrian traffic deaths are reaching historic lows. What’s going on?
  2. street view
    Making Headway on the Perfect New York StreetTwo years after our last close look, real signs of progress.
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    ‘It Wouldn’t Bring Back My Son, But Other Lives Would Be Saved’For the third year in a row, the mothers behind Sammy’s Law are proposing that the state allow NYC to control its own speed limits.
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    It’s Already Been a Deadly Year for New York CyclistsAnd we haven’t even reached peak riding season yet.
  5. street view
    The Upper West Side’s Zone of Pedestrian DeathThe area around 96th Street is dangerous. And it’s hardly the worst in town.
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    New York’s Halloween Streets Plan Should Be in Place Year-RoundIt shouldn’t be this dangerous for kids to walk around their neighborhoods.
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    Can You Make Drivers Pay Attention to Cyclists?Automakers are betting that a series of built-in alerts will help save lives.
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    Should It Be Easier to Take Away a Driver’s License?It’s not a right, but we often treat it like one.
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    Bring on the SUV CrushingIf New York City wants to do safety spectacle, let’s go big.
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    Hoboken Hasn’t Had a Traffic Death in 4 Years. What’s It Doing Right?For starters: Street corners rebuilt for visibility, and decisive politicians.
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    Ann Coulter Discovers the War on CarsHer math checks out.
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    Bring on the Concrete Bike LanesThey’re not always pretty, but they work.
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    The Very Intentional Way the U.S. Became a Nation of “Accidents”Jessie Singer’s book argues, persuasively, that we’re doing this to ourselves.
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    We Graded Pete Buttigieg’s Road-Safety PlanPromising policy, with questions about implementation.
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    The New Department of Transportation Commissioner Is a Clear ImprovementYdanis Rodriguez has a long track record of pushing safer streets policies in New York City, unlike his predecessor.
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    Grim New Numbers: Traffic Deaths Highest Since 2007Speeding, mostly, seems to be the cause.
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    Sure, Laugh Away. But Every Big Vehicle Should Look Like the New USPS TruckWe admit it’s goofy-looking, but it’s a much safer design for crowded cities.
  18. streets
    This Spring, We All Drove Much Less. Yet Traffic Deaths Went Up. Why?The lure of the open street.