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    An Upper East Side Synagogue’s New MansionThe Altneu, whose board includes bankers, CEOs, and a Blackstone executive, recently bought the Thomas Lamont house for $34.5 million.
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    The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture Mansion’s Not-So-Secret BuyerCity records haven’t posted yet, but that hasn’t stopped brokers from talking.
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    Manhattan’s Trophy Apartments Are Gathering DustThere just aren’t enough billionaires, and no one wants to live in Hudson Yards.
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    Ken Griffin Is Building the Most Expensive House in the WorldAnd it will almost certainly get swallowed by the ocean.
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    Is Bad Bunny Renting the Most Expensive Apartment in New York?The artist’s Chelsea penthouse costs $150,000 a month, and his brokers say he’s paying the full listing price.
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    Celebrities Seem to Like the Brooklyn WaterfrontSprawling apartments, water views, and relatively paparazziproof.
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    The Case of the $13.5 Million Price GapWhy did two nearly identical penthouses at 150 Charles sell for vastly different amounts?
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    Angelina Jolie Had to Have Basquiat’s Former StudioTo open her concept store about tailoring.
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    Adjaye’s Luxury Fidi Tower Will Do Just Fine“Buyers just like beautiful buildings. They don’t even know who designed it most of the time.”
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    MrBeast Is Building a Hype NeighborhoodThe viral stunt philanthropist is buying up a cul-de-sac in his hometown for friends and family.
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    Brad Pitt Traded Mansions With Aileen GettyThe actor’s $33 million Hollywood Hills estate was too big, the oil heiress’s too small.
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    Darien, Connecticut, Bought an IslandThe town may build pickleball courts.
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    A24 Buys Cherry Lane TheatreAnother studio rescues an endangered venue.
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    Rupert Murdoch Is Returning to Hampshire HouseThree decades and two wives later.
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    Now You Will Never Live in the Moonstruck HouseBecause of Amy Schumer.
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    The 11-Bedroom Mansion Your Silent Workday BoughtSlack founder finds a happy, $32 million home in Southampton.
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    The Chinese Buyers Who Were Scooping Up New York Real Estate Have VanishedAnti-maskers and anti-Asian hate attacks are among the reasons keeping the top group of international home buyers away.